Good Things Utah Likes My Stupid Twilight T-Shirts


In case you don’t know, I have an amazing squad of angels that follow me everywhere and regularly kick down doors for me. They were in top form today, I tell you. Listen to this.

I’ve been thinking this week about trying to get my Stupid Twilight T-shirts on the Good Things Utah morning show, since all the girls there are big Twilight fans. As I was mulling this thought over a few days ago, my cute SIL Tiffany magically called me up and said, “Hey, do you want to go sit in the audience of Good Thing Utah with me on Friday?” Seriously, it doesn’t get more magical than that. Presto. 

I decided a few freebies might pay off and took a handful of shirts down for the talent. They LOVED them! Not only did they love them, THEY PLUGGED THEM!!!! Every T-shirt got a close up, and they even talked about my cute husband in Georgia. 

The best part? My website shopping cart got so many hits it actually crashed. That’s right, kaboom. I should be sad about this, but since that means people like my shirts (and by proxy I’ll assume they like me because this is how I look at things), I’ll probably sell enough T’s to pay off my Stupid Credit Card Bill from my trip to Georgia. So YAY! 

To top it off, this morning the scale said that I’m down three of the five pounds I gained while in Georgia. It just keeps getting better.


  1. Annie, this is awesome! Even if you had to whore yourself out to those super obnxious women.

  2. Can you spare an angel or two???

  3. Yeah for Annie. We ordered a bunch of your ‘Stupid’ shirts here in Oregon, via Sarah I. I can’t wait to get mine and wear it to the midnight showing with about 40 other crazy Mormon Oregonians!! I ordered the ‘cold hands make me hot’. I am not telling my husband, he may get a little jealous!

    Good for you, and we were all so happy you got to go see your man. FYI, cute little Christine I, is my neighbor three doors down. She has some funny stories from EFY about you!!

  4. Wow, that’s so exciting!
    I can’t believe I missed it, because I usually watch that show like everyday.

  5. YAY! Congrats on the success! Sorry for the crash! We all knew you could do it!

  6. wouldn’t it figure though…I turned my DVR recordings of Good Things Utah off like two weeks ago. I wish I had seen the episode!

  7. Camille Machen says:

    Yeah for you! I’m picking up my Tee’s on Monday! Woo hoo…my mother in law will love it

  8. I wish I could have seen you. Heather called and was way excited. It would have been fun to see you four on TV!!! And on Jane’s birthday?!?! So fun! My mom was yelling for joy for you (she was on the phone with me when it happened).

  9. Yay! That show has some serious power. The heavens are smiling on you, definitely–but you were mucho smart to bring along your shirts!!!

  10. Wow- everyone’s day is so much better than mine….. I’m not reading anymore blogs tonight. You people with your squad of door kicking angels, and good days. hmmpff.

    Ok, actually that’s way super cool. Except the crashing, because that’s not so cool in a really cool way. I’m really happy for you, but I still have to hate you for having a good day. Sorry, that’s just how it goes.

  11. OH, and I still haven’t figured out how to order a hoodie, and the premiere is in a week!!! HELP ME, I’m ordering-challenged.

  12. Annie, you are just so sweet! I love reading your adventures. I’m here at home with almost no face left and practically live in my pjs because the medication on my cancer is an huge oily mess. But guess what? My dr. didn’t tell me until yesterday, my face will be a NEW face…minus the freckles that I thought were freckles and were bad, bad, stuff. No wrinkles. 58 and no wrinkles! I’m now a bright red beet face at this stage, but it’s almost done! Sometimes you think things are going turn out really bad, and do hurt, but there’s a silver lining out there! A Big One. It cost me a whole $20.00 to get a face lift. I’m now going to the Twilight Movie when it comes out, without sunglasses, a hat, and all that. If Andee McDowell can do this procedure, me too! I think I want curly hair. You’ll have to remember this when you get old like me. However, do wear sunscreen, until then!

  13. Wait a second; this must mean that you live in Utah! Why did I think you lived in Oregon?
    And why do you never come to the blog parties? I know you read Kristina’s blog. You better be there Friday.

  14. I would be bitter about how everything works out for you and you live some kind of charmed life and blah blah blah but the fact is you totally deserve it!

  15. Yay!! Here’s your t-shirt big break not to long after your writing big break.

    People whose husbands are away for months at a time deserve many good breaks.

  16. That’s wonderful news! I hope you make enough money to rack-up your credit card again 🙂

  17. Yay Hoo for You!

  18. Hip Hip Hooray for you. I love it when that happens. Good for you girl.

  19. Are you kidding me? This is WAY better than the IKEA rug story. I actually had no doubt that something this amazing would happen… for you. It’s always happening for the other person in my case, but HEY! at least it’s happening to someone. I’m sure your hubby is super proud of you and glad that about the CC. This definitely goes in your “stories of how I exercised faith” folder.

  20. Whoo hoo! Banner day for Annie! I’m more excited for you about the weight loss because it helps me think I can undo my McDonald’s damage this week, but good on you for the shirts, too!

  21. You are seriously my hero. I’m so excited for you! I sent all of my friends a bunch of emails about your shirts. I’m so excited for you – and so happy you had such a wonderful weekend with your awesome man!

  22. Awesome for you… sucks for me! I thought I was going to be all original when I wore your shirt to the premier with my 14 year old… now everyone will have one of your stupid twilight shirts…

    Lucky for you! :oP

  23. Yeah Annie!!! I emailed all my friends about your t-shirts cause… maybe they crashed your site! I love the shirts… you’re amazing!

  24. Hey, that’s exciting!

    I’m really happy for you because debt stinks. But seeing hubby’s is worth it!

    Plus you’ll be famous.

  25. You never write, you never call!

    Now I have to cruise over to your blog in order to ooogle pictures of you.

    Does your husband know you’re hot?

    Drop a line, check out the blog.

    We miss you.

  26. I have been so busy getting back into the swing of work that I missed it! AND I missed seeing you on it! HOW SAD!!! Picture me waving to you now!!