Hot Georgia Nights

From the moment I pulled out of our driveway last Friday morning things were different. It actually felt like every mile took me further from mommyhood and closer to attractive girlfriendhood. I had completely forgotten what it felt like to be someone’s girlfriend. Too much puke and stinky diapers can seriously hamper a woman’s view on life in general. 

Upon arrival, I found myself as skittish as a schoolgirl, checking my hair and tripling up on my lipstick as I waited for Jason to pick me up from the airport. When he finally pulled in I think my knees actually shook a little at seeing him. Call it low blood sugar or call it love, they actually shook. 

Let me quickly sum up the weekend events (minus a few details). Dinner with a group of his classmates (lovely fellows to be sure) then salsa dancing. That’s right, my super hot special agent husband took me salsa dancing.

In case you don’t know me in human form, this girl loves to dance–any kind of dance. When I hear the opening lines to “Ce—le–brate good times, come on!” I just can’t make my feet behave. Dancing was fun, Jason is hot. 

Saturday morning we headed to Savannah, GA, officially my new favorite city on the east coast. A little secret about my man: he loves to shop. We window shopped and in-store shopped and browsed and tried on vintage clothing and took trolly tours and went to jazz bars at eleven o’clock at night–amazing.

The trip was magical, perfect, exactly what I needed. I seriously love Savannah. Go. Take your mother, your lover, your sisters or your friends and go shop Savannah. We ate up two full days walking around in the warm East Coast sunshine.

Sunday night we headed back to Brunswick. Jason had class all day Monday and I laid around reading The Time Traveler’s Wife (fantastic book, go find it). Between chapters I casually blew a small sum of money at the local TJMAX which unfortunately was located within walking distance of the hotel (I’ve discovered that I love trendy little hats and scarves, bad, bad addiction). 

Then Monday night arrived. 

I have this little problem. You know how some people wear their emotions on their sleeves? Mine are more like a bright pink hooded cloak. 

Monday evening I was kind of a wreck. It had been such a wonderful trip, and Jason kept saying things like, “Only three and a half more weeks!” which to me sounded like, “This is never going to end!” The sinking realization that I had to return home to house and kids without him seriously put a damper on my mood.

The entire evening I was like a bobble head Annie who’s head wasn’t secured on right so it kept flying off and landing on the floor of the car. Poor Jason kept retrieving it and carefully attempting to right the situation with phrases like, “You’re so pretty,” and “Have I told you that you’re cute today?” and “Are those jeans a size seven? You’re just so skinny!”

None of these worked (except the size seven comment, that was good). 

Because when push comes to shove, I wanted to be upset and sad. I didn’t want to be reminded that we ONLY have three eternal, lonely, cold, long-distance weeks apart. Yes, I’ve been great. Yes, the weekend rocked. But sometimes a girl just needs a good pout, you get me? 

The sushi was good for my soul. We spent dinner once again with his comrades and the next morning (this morning) I was back to my chipper self, blowing kisses to him as I traipsed through the metal detector at the airport. 

So, I’m home. My babies are sleeping soundly in their beds and Tivo is loaded with shows to distract me from missing him. In some ways seeing him makes this so much worse, but it’s like a drug that can’t be denied. I PDA’d him up one street and down the next this weekend, holding his hand, kissing his cheek. I was a walking declaration to the world that he’s mine and I’m keeping him. 

And hey, remind me to tell you about my girdle incident. One for the books (or the paper).


  1. If only everyone could have such a hot romance with their own spouses. You’re a good example to us all!

  2. I love Tivo. and Diet Coke. and Twix bars

  3. annie valentine says:

    And this is why Kristin and I are friends.

  4. Oh, I’m so sorry it had to end. . .I’m sure it felt like a HUGE amount of time when you first got there and it flew by. . .back to life, back to reality (remember than horrible song from the 80s?) Oh, I’m just sorry and I know 3 weeks will not fly by the same way. I’m sorry. I’m glad you got to have a moment of wonderful-ness, though!

  5. Sounds like you had an absolutely terrible time. Sorry, maybe if you were at all in love with your husband it would have been a lot more fun.

  6. Seriously, it’s good you didn’t include those edited details or the internet might melt. Good for you!

  7. So glad you got to spend time with your husband! I hope the next three weeks fly!
    And also, if I go to Savannah…I think I’ll take Christina Aguilera:)

  8. Thanks for the update! Soooo romantic….it’s putting me in a dreamy mood…Savannah, salsa, lotsa hotsa….mmmmm……..

  9. He knows about women’s jean sizes? What a keeper!

  10. I told you the book was good. I’m excited to see the hats and scarves and I’ mpretty sure you’re the only person that I actually know who could have a “girdle incident.”

  11. Glad you had a great time! I LOVE Savannah also. My honey took me on a business trip there with him (no kids). I spend my days wandering those quaint squares, visiting the historical sights and we even took in a “ghost tour” on Halloween night! They take their ghosts seriously let me tell you. I couldn’t get over the live oak trees and their hanging moss, absolutely gorgeous. Did you see the square where Tom Hanks filmed some of Forest Gump? Fun, Fun.

  12. Annie, size 7? Those aren’t even women’s sizes, those are misses sizes. I wouldn’t even dare try to find my size in the “odd” numbers!!!

  13. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. I agree, sometimes as a mother you forget what it feels like to be a girlfriend. Sometimes I don’t feel attractive at all. I’m so glad when we can get dressed up and go out, I wish my husband was a dancer, but alas I can’t have everything can I!

  14. diana banana says:

    i love that my sister recommended the book to you…because it is the best book ever!

  15. Ahh, the curse of the day-before-the-end-pout! And logically you know there’s no use to be wasting any time in a bad mood but you just can’t help it – sooo been there, glad there was sushi for the out:) And OH SAVANNAH – if I could just roll it up and smother it with chocolate I would. Nothing really does it justice like being there. Sounds like a fantastic trip – and enjoy that Tivo. Jared and I were apart for 2 monthswhen I was pregnant and we were in transition to Brasil – and week before he came home he offered to buy me a ticket to come out for a few days, but I couldn’t do it. If I had to say good bye one more time – especially in my 7 months huge state – I would have never gotten off the plane:)

  16. I doubt my husband would know what any size registers as. 🙂

    Sounds like a great trip–even if the return is a bit of a crash landing. Can’t wait to hear the girdle story.

  17. Sounds so heavenly! I miss that squirmy and nervous at the sight of him feeling.

  18. Sounds like so much fun!! Sometimes seperation is good for the soul. Otherwise our knees would never shake.

    I’m so glad you’re back. I missed you!

    And ONLY 3.5 more weeks, girlfriend!!!

    He’ll be home by Christmas.

  19. Sounds wonderful. Especially the salsa dancing!

  20. wow- I need to get away with my hubby- you sound like newly weds! by the way I just got my twilight shirt in the mail and I LOVE it. Thank you!

  21. I am so glad you had so much fun. Glad you got to go. But I totally get that sometimes it is just time to be sad.