Please Don’t Squish The June Bug

Our house is a war zone. Two boys = a continual stream of kung fu/ninja/boxing/WWF moves that rotate from room to room, depending on where I am sitting (since they follow me everywhere). Sometimes I think these antics are aimed at squishing my little June Bug since she’s often on the bottom of the pile. It’s a good thing she’s practically made of rubber, otherwise she’d never make it. 

Tonight I heard her whimpering from under someone’s elbow and realized she might not survive this time. I yelled frantically at the boys to move. This was casually ignored. I am starting to realize that mother’s instructions are often confused with “white noise”. The match continued and I began to worry that my only daughter might actually die. 

I finally snapped, put down my book, and peeled the boys off of her, swatting both bums on the way. Harrison took this personally–he was pretty ticked off that I’d dare spank him now that he’s five. I composed myself and tried to hug him. It was like hugging a shrieking cactus. He was mad and yelling and Rex came running to his defense. 

Rex got right in my face and said, “Hey, he’s a good guy, Mama! He’s a good guy!” What can I say? They’ve got each other’s backs.

And FYI: My eleven-month-old daughter loves necklaces. She knows how to put them on and has been wearing them for the last week. I don’t think my boys even know what necklaces are for, since I’ve seen the boys use them as whips, jump ropes (not successfully), and belts.

I love having a girl, she’s totally worth protecting.


  1. Hey Annie,
    I just opened my Ensign and saw you published another story in there! Congrats! (I’ll go and read it now!) 😉

  2. annie valentine says:


  3. Fighting between siblings must be going around…we’ve had a horrible case of it at our house for a while. Wait until June stops wearing the necklace and starts weilding it…then the fun really starts 🙂

  4. I love that she is already wearing necklaces. Very girly.

  5. I love the “he’s a good guy” that’s my favorite part!

  6. Welcome to my world!

    (And if she’s any kind of a woman, she’ll have fighting moves by the age of two).

  7. I can’t convince myself that I want a girl. So much drama! Boys are easy. Angry? Smash something? Love something? Smash it, too. See? Easy.

  8. But they all lived so no lessons were actually learned here. Sometimes I wonder if I should let one die, just once, then they’d learn their lesson.

    Can you tell I’m done with my kids today?

  9. It’s a little daunting trying to protect three of them. I’m exceedingly grateful that their big brother isn’t too much into smashing stuff. He’s on the calmer end of the Y-chromosome.

  10. Well I just had to stop one from poking another with his fork at breakfast…and that’s just the most recent battle. My little Anna got caught in the crossfire earlier between her big brothers…they claim they were just playing, yep that is usually how it starts! 🙂

  11. So cute! “He’s a good guy!” 🙂 I love it!

  12. That is too cute. I love how Rex and Harrison have each others’ backs. Don’t worry—they’ll add June in there some day:)

    I’ll tell you the same thing I told Melissa. Elementary school through end of jr. high-ish=not so much fun being the only girl. After that, it freakin’ rocks. My brothers that were horrible when we were younger are now my heroes. I guess it’s no surprise I’m 24 and single since every guy I meet is compared to them:)

  13. I’ve no doubt she’ll learn to defend herself. I guess that’s what happens when you’re #3. Especially when you are the girl; following up two boys. I know how you feel. And the girl IS worth protecting.

  14. Yep, girls just seems to gravitate to anything girly! Any bag with a strap, and she parades around like it’s a designer hand bag, and lipstick, well, just hide it now!

  15. We had three boys and finally a girl, my wife says our daughter saved her sanity……..