Stupid, Stupid Twilight T-shirts

I have gone completely insane.

Okay, so my T-shirt sales haven’t been so great (even though people claim to love them) and I’ve had this goal of making enough money to pay for both my trip to Georgia, and if possible, tickets for Disney World in December when we go get Jason.

In a desperate moment of idiot craziness, I decided to throw caution to the wind and BUY 300 shirts to sell this weekend. On the streets. With my red wagon. 

I am an idiot. 

So here I am, with no one to watch the children tonight since every elligible female and her mother will be at the midnight showing of Twilight, and a crap load of super duper cute T-shirts. I’d love to go to the blog meet and greet tomorrow in Sandy, but unfortunately I’ve sold my soul to the T-shirt devil and will be peddling my wares until my wagon falls appart or I keel over spent and exhausted from shouting things like, “Get your STUPID Twilight T-shirts here!” and “Please buy my STUPID T-shirts so I can feed my family!” and “Get them while they’re hot, I’ve only got 287 left!”

So if you are at the Layton Hills Mall this evening and see me wandering aimlessly around with my red wagon, please make a big scene and pretend like you think my shirts are The Bomb. Hey, I’ll reserve one for you.


  1. I will buy some from you tonight. What time will you be there? Seriously. My teen is DYING for one… DYING I tell you. {{kicks the teen to see if she kicked the bucket yet}} she’s still breathing barely, so I guess I better get her one. Or two.

    I’m serious…

  2. I wish I were going to be there. Make lots and lots of money. You can come to the next one!

  3. Wow 300…I wish you the best of luck! Our little Medford Crew is going to look hot, hot, hot tonight at the big Premire! But I wish we could help you out more while you wonder the halls of the good old “layin” hills Mall. Maybe run to the training table and try and hit up some more people there!

  4. I’ll be there, just to meet you! I’ll be wearing my Cold Hands are Hot shirt! I need one for a friend of mine anyways….when will you be there?

  5. Oh Annie, I’m so so sorry. I thought you sold a lot because of the whole good things utah escapade. And I’m taking credit for one of your sales (even if the guy who actually took the order had no idea who I was when the wife of one of my doctors called and ordered it).

    You’re going to be fine, and you’re going to sell every one of your stupid twilight t-shirt tonight.

    PS You’re kind freaking me out that I have to be the positive one here.

  6. Ha ha ha ha. Girl, you are so dang funny. I can just picture you with your little red wagon.

    I so hope you sell those 287 shirts. And I hope you find a babysitter too!


  7. Not a bad plan. I’d bank on impulse buys by vampire-crazed movie goers. I hope you find a sitter. Can’t you just dress the kids up in the small size shirts and use their adorableness as a marketing gimmick? (Just kidding. But seriously.)

  8. A group of friends and I already bought some, and girl, they ARE the bomb!! I love it and I’m wearing it RIGHT NOW! How’s that for creepy huh?! You’ll sell tons, because they are cute and because people’s heads are gonna explode over how hot Edward is and they’ll buy anything Twilight related! haha Good luck!

  9. Wait-this may be totally stupid…but you’re going tonight? Doesn’t it open tomorrow?
    Or is it one of those mid-night showings? Are you selling stuff at mid-night? You are crazy!!

    Then again, so are people who go to movies at midnight so maybe it’ll work out great:) If you have the desire to come to a Utah Valley movie theater there’s no chance I would miss coming to meet you/buy a t-shirt.

  10. If only I lived there…I would watch your kids for you. And buy a shirt. I wish you the best of luck! I’ll tell my cousins to look for you. They all live in Layton. Heck, I’ll talk up your shirts to them too!

  11. Deanne Jacobs says:

    Oh Annie, I do wish I could be there. Most of all I’d love to see the dang show with YOU. If I lived a bit closer and I didn’t have a herd of my own I would so take your kids. Good luck.

  12. I hope you sell a ton. I thought you must’ve been a Good Things Utah millionaire too… No dice?

  13. Good luck! I’d buy one except….well, I don’t like Twilight. But I’m going to wish good karma for you so that the t-shirt issue works itself out!

  14. Annie, only YOU would go out and buy 300 t-shirts. But hey, chin up ol’ gal! What you really should be grateful for is that your husband always backs your maniacal plans — even if you fail to inform him BEFORE jumping feet first. It’ll happen. Good things always come to you.

  15. Everyone knows you are the luckiest person in the world. How can you have anxiety? Of COURSE they’ll all sell.

    (You’ll look like an idiot selling them, but that’s okay – just think of the cash).

  16. I so totally wish I was in Layton just to spy on you!!!

    You should have come down to the District in South Jordan Area…Westside!

    They had EVERYONE of their theatre’s rented out for the premiere tonight! Crazy!

  17. if i saw you i would totally make a scene and get a bunch of people to buy them! hope you do good!

  18. annie valentine says:

    Where were you all yesterday???

  19. Jenny Wartnaby says:

    I’d totally buy one, but I live in the UK…

  20. …any left?

  21. Twilight shirts? Mom, my teenage red headed step-child and I went to the midnight at the theater in Auburn. Clairese (red headed step-child) and I have finished all of the books and Mom is ready to start the third. So proud of her for even finishing the 1st. She’s not much of a reader, but can’t get enough of Twilight.