23 Pounds of Pink

Today is the June Bug’s birthday. Just think, one year ago I weighed 197 pounds. Wow.

As you can see, she's already extremely musical. She wanted to watch this movie because she's working on memorizing the "It's A Hard Knock Life".

She’s constantly pestering me to put this movie on so she can memorize the dances from the orphanage scenes. And she can read my name on the front and thinks it’s really cool.

She's into pearls. Such a classy dame.

 What woman doesn’t love pearls? She’s such a classy gal.

Sometimes we accidentally dress alike (on purpose). Please don't throw up.Sometimes we on purpose accidentally dress alike. Please don’t throw up.  

She went gaga for her new pink BYU hat from her birthday party.True blue just like her daddy, she went gaga over her new pink BYU hat.

Apparently, so did her brother. Apparently, so did her brother.

What woman doesn't love chocolate? What woman doesn’t love chocolate?

And it goes down the pants. Funny girl. I guess it's going to end up in her diaper one way or another.And it’s down the pants. Oh well, it was going to end up in her diaper one way or another.


  1. Aw . . . what a cutie. (Her, too.)

  2. Cute, cute pics. Every mother should have at least one daughter don’t you think…and I like the matching thing. I know some people don’t, but I do and so do my girls 🙂

  3. What a cutie, and Oh, she has such good taste! and btw- is that your kitchen in the background? Cause it looks fabulous!

  4. So cute, mom and baby.

  5. Aaargh! Annie has too many stick-in-your-head songs!

    It’s a hard knock life….aah! Make it stop!

  6. Happy Birthday, June Bug! I hope you guys have a fabulous trip!

  7. My little Man had his 1st birthday yesterday. Wow, where does the time go??!!

    Your little Lady is a cutie!

  8. You ar eboth so beautiful! And I sort of hate you right now. 🙂

  9. She is so darling! Love the matchign outfits:)

  10. How cutie. I’m so glad that someone else gets close to the 200 lb range while pregnant! You 2 are so cute together. Have fun with the hubby!

  11. I love mother dauther matching. That’s what daughters are for. A few weeks ago my daughter and I had matching hair dos, it was way fun. Loved the pearls, and the chocolate. Happy Birthday June!

    And may your travels be meltdown free.

  12. Oh, she’s so cute, and what a smartie pants than she can read at one! Wow. You raising evil geniuses over there?
    You are a hot mama, and your kids are darling!

  13. Cute Pictures. . . what a little doll. . .I hope she learns those dances. . .

  14. Oh I’m sad I didn’t get to meet her the other day! Hey aren’t you suppose to be leaving today, hot mama? GO git yo man

  15. hee hee hee. Cute. Today you are off to Disneyworld.

    Have the best time ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can’t wait to hear about it in your next RS lesson.

  16. I was thinking that today was your big Disney World debut?! Have loads of fun…

    Happy Birthday Junebug… today is my boys birthday too! Yippee!

  17. Happy birthday to the Junebug. Try not to ignore her too much even if you do just want to suck face with Jason.

  18. She is a doll Annie! Wow! One year! The time goes by so fast!

  19. Congrats on picking up your UBER secret husband and Disney World

    and that last photo of your little girl eating cake is so adorable!

  20. Love that grin on her face in the last photo. What a cutie. Happy Birthday June Bug!

  21. Annie, these are such cute pics. And did I see you standing in front of your new and fashionable skinny fridge? 🙂 I want one, too.

  22. Beautiful Beautiful Baby!!! Aren’t daughters the best?!?!?!

    I do so love the movie “Annie.”

  23. Yeah, you’re skinny now.

    And Junie’s very cute, but I can’t believe she’s one.

    And what did you decide about the falsies?
    (Oh – was I not supposed to bring that up? Dang it.)

  24. Jen’s cracking me up again. Wait, did you have Junie on Conan’s b-day? That’s cool.

  25. Cake in the pants!! I love the look on her face!! Totally made my day. You’ve really posted WAY too much this week, I haven’t had a chance to comment! I’ll get to it:)

  26. I love that last picture of her. She just looks so happy. What a sweet heart annie.