The End

Well, we’ve almost made it. Gone since July, my man is almost done. We’re flying out to Georgia on Thursday and are spending a week at Disney World before driving across country in our close cab pick-up truck with all three children nestled (crammed) in the back seat. 

I’m so excited for it to be Thursday that I went to bed way early last night and kept going back to sleep this morning. It makes the time go faster. To be totally honest, having him back in my arms sounds way more wonderful than Disney anything.

For more information on this topic, click on my face to read my real non-Hugh Jackman Thanksgiving tribute from last Thursday’s column.


  1. That is so exciting, Annie!

  2. Hooray! What a great Christmas present!

  3. YAY!!!!! and PHEW!!!!!

    And HAVE A NICE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Halle-freaking-lujah!

    Just in time to start shoveling the snow for you!

    You deserve a gold, bronze and diamond star. The last one should be real.

  5. That tribute is so sweet. I’m so excited for you…
    Go get him! If I could dedicate a song to you it would be Hello Again by none other but the great Diamond himself….

  6. You really put the best stuff in those weekly articles, I love that one. Very sweet and made me wish my hubby was home right now. . . although one more hour he will be and so don’t feel sorry for me. I’m thrilled you get to have some Disney magic. Want to take my babsitter, so you can stay in your hotel with your man and ditch the kids? She was great on our Disney vacation last week!

  7. I totally love your sleeping plan. It makes time fly! good thinking.

  8. Wow, you were right it is good. Yay for you!

  9. Wow, that went fast!! For me, anyway. Maybe time goes faster in Poland or something. Or maybe it goes faster when it’s someone else’s husband?

    So happy for you!

  10. So glad you’ll be reunited soon. Your column was a sweet tribute to the man you obviously love so much. Here’s hoping you have a great trip (although I am questioning your sanity with the cross-country drive thing. Hope you still love each other by the time you get home!)!

  11. YAY! Have so fun being reunited with your hunky hubby. I’ll miss your posts while you are gone…but I’m happy you’ll be having fun!

  12. annie valentine says:

    Thank you, everyone!

    But who said I wouldn’t be posting? You know I can’t stay away…

  13. I’d say to spill all the details but then you’d probably have to slap one of those advisory labels on your blog, so instead I’ll say, Yay for you!

  14. Hooray! Oh, and how romantic that you’d rather be with your honey than go to Disney World!
    So sweet!

  15. Congratulations!!!! (And I am done with school a week from Saturday–we both survived!!! Though your challenge was definitely the harder one–I will take going to school any day over being without the husband!)