Christmas Shoes

We were in the car listening to Christmas music the other day and that horrible song came on about the Christmas Shoes. 

“What is this song? This is stupid,” Jason said after the first few lines, flipping the radio off and rolling his eyes. 

“Have you listened to the words?”


“It’s about a little boy who’s mommy–”

“Yes! Fine! I’ve listened to the words and I hate this song!”

“Did it make you sad because I could die?”

“Shut up.”

I love it when big men cry.


  1. Ug, I have to say I’m in the hate-that-song camp. It just manipulates me so – like that awful story that used to be said in jsut about ever sacrament meeting about the train guy who had to decide whether to shift the tracks to all the people on the train would live OR leave it and let the train run over his dumb kid who went running on the tracks at night. AK! I’m on meds to try and keep me from bawling at everything, that song tries to mess up the delicate balance of sanity!

    And yes, big men crying is awesome.

  2. I hate that song! It’s not necessarily that it makes me cry, which it does, everytime, even while I’m thinking about how stupid it is and how much I hate it, it’s that it’s so emotionally manipulative. The whole point of it is to make you cry. I’m fine with a story that’s a good story that also makes you cry but I can not abide a story whos whole existance is intended to pull tears from your eyes.

  3. I’m not sure if I know what song you are referring to. Off to Google it!!

  4. I hate that song. All of it. If his mom is dying—why isn’t he with her? He can buy her shoes before she’s buried.

    I know-I’m heartless.

  5. Add me to the list of people who hate that song. I hate the words, the tune, and his stupid voice. Seriously one of the worst songs of all time.

  6. That song is outlawed in my house, car, etc. It’s awful.

  7. annie valentine says:

    In other words, that song makes Sue cry.

  8. Yeah, I’d like to say amen to Alison Wonderland’s remarks. Ditto all of that.

    And that so sounds like Jason.

  9. That song doesn’t make me cry, it makes me gag. So I guess I’m with Jason.

  10. Such an awful song, usually I change the channel pronto…although sometimes I listen to it to see if I can get through the whole thing without bawling.

  11. I don’t understand the “haters” in this group. I like to imagine myself as the mama, hooked up to IV’s in the hospital, taking my last breaths…then little Timmy enters, in his little worn out clothes, and the soles of his shoes flapping away…then he gives me the gift, with tears in my eyes I open the gift and sitting there *gasp* are the most beautiful shoes in the world, I start bawling, Timmy is bawling, the nurses are bawling…I go to give him a hug…slump over and die….
    (it was hard to even write those last lines, I was crying so hard..)

  12. I’m going to start working on a Christmas short story….I’ll go for emotion!

  13. Ok…you and Jason really need to hear this version:

  14. oh sure you probably make your kids watch “I’ll build you a rainbow” on Mother’s Day too, don’t you?