My Vicious Little Caterpillar

The strangest thing has happened. My sweet little June Bug has suffered a massive personality switch. It apparently occurs every time she gets near her father.

For the past year, she’s been the happiest, sweetest, and basically loveliest girl in the world. But the moment she gets around him she turns into the bossiest bit of goods you’ve ever seen, demanding that he bend to her every whim and obey her every command.You’ve heard of being wrapped around a finger, right? She’s kind of wrenching him around hers. He now calls her, “The Boss”.

I don’t know where she gets it.

I do have to add that she’s also kind of brilliant (this she gets from her father). I left a bowl of mac and cheese on the coffee table in our condo with a fork and went to get a drink. When I turned around, she was EATING WITH A FORK. Not just once, repeatedly. The kid’s never held a utensil (because I’m way too lazy for that) and yet she was spearing those noodles like a pro.

And she can now say “Harrison”. Who is this wonder girl?


  1. She’s been saving up her skills to impress you!

  2. Clearly, she gets this from you. “)

  3. Oh! I miss her! Teach her to say Tricia before you get home!

  4. Where on earth would she get that bossiness? Completely mystifying.

  5. Clearly she was saving up all of her tricks for her dad’s benefit! What a smartie pants and soooo cute too. Say hi to Jason for me, so glad you are all together again.

  6. The racoon… wow… awesome. And the pooping with the Disney and the bossy baby? Love it all. You crack me up.

  7. Kids have a habit of amazing us…and they grow up so fast too! I still can’t believe my baby is 4!

  8. Oh what – are you still alive down there and blogging? Amazing. I had a nightmare that you called and woke me up this morning at some hideous hour, but I’m sure it couldn’t have really happened. Especially since you never answer the dang phone.

    But seriously, I hope you’re having a great time, and I hope Jason bosses back a little more effectively than Rusty, because Meara pretty much tells him where to go and all he does is laugh. Girls definitely have a bossy gene.

  9. Regrettably, my baby just hit the “feeding himself” (and I use that phrase VERY loosely) stage. I’m bracing for a very dirty six months.

  10. She is growing up perfectly and filling her role in the world! 🙂