Ta Da!

I would like to write about our cross-country voyage, but it was so bad that I’m going to have to save it for the column. Here’s a short preview:

No diaper bag. I crossed the country on a 12 hour journey with two diaper cladden kidlets and NO DIAPER BAG.

Kill me now.

In other news, Junie survived her first birthday and is now so attached to her father we might as well rename her Velcro. You know he’s loving it.

Have I mentioned that we’re finally together as a family and it so totally rocks? I don’t think I’ve been this happy since ever. My arm is covered in bruises because I keep pinching myself in delirious happiness to make sure this is all for real.

So we’re off to Orlando today, but before I go I have to say something.

I could have never done this without the help and support from some critically placed people. First, my mom and sisters/in-laws, who have answered almost every phone call with, “Annie’s help line, how may I be of service?” over the past months. And to Jason’s family who watched the kids during my trip to Georgia, you totally rock.

Next, Jason’s amazing sister Tiffany who came every single Tuesday afternoon to give me a full night off. I lived for that, thanks Tiff. And to the Fristrup Family for farming out their underaged daughter to help with my kids when crisis called, you’re the best.

To my dear dear friend Tricia. She’s been surrogate parent to my children and closer than family to me. We’ve ran tandem errands, she’s never said no if I needed to dump the children, and she’s always there to laugh/cry with my daily list of “stuff to lament about”. You have been an angel to me, thanks.

And lastly, my blog family. I call you family because so many of you have listened to every snivel and whine, laughed me through my dramas, and held me up when I didn’t think I’d make it. Thank you for every single comment of love and support, you don’t know how much it strenghthened and entertained me when times were tough.

Okay, enough with the weepy gratitude. I’ve got kingdoms to conquer.


  1. NO diaper bag? The horrors! (So glad the fam’s back together again!)

  2. I’m sure the trip back in your truck will be even more memorable. I could tell you some stories, but you should make your own in that department! Glad you’re all together. I know that’s awesome!

  3. Congrats on getting Jason back…condolences on the trip sans the diaper bag. 🙁

  4. Wow, you are amazing. And I’m so happy for you! Have a great time!

  5. I’m so happy for you! Have a great time!

  6. No diaper bag but you made it in one piece (apparently) and I’m so glad for you.

  7. Soak it up some more! Awesome.

  8. Enjoy your time as a “complete” family! So nice you made it safely.

    Hey, do I owe you some money? Email me!

  9. Hey, YAY, and stop your thank you’s, you silly goose. Go enjoy Disneyworld with your happy ever after family.

  10. Yahoo – I’m so happy for you. Have fun in DisneyWorld. :>

  11. I wanted to tell you about an experience I had today. I was reading an article in the Ensign and when I read this line: “He knew shepherds sometimes held the baby lambs in their arms, standing watch while waiting for the darkness to pass”, the tears began. After I finished the article and mopped myself up, I looked to see who had written something that had touched me so deeply. Imagine my surprise to see the name, “Annie Tintle.” You have made me laugh and today you made me cry. Thank you for sharing your talents with so many.

  12. I hope you have an amazing time Annie! !!

  13. So happy for you that you are all back together again. The axiom “absence makes the heart grow fonder” is so true!!

  14. *Great* column this week. Sometimes I have such trouble swallowing the “validation” psychology. I just have to say it like it is. Sometimes kids act mean. Sometime kids do bad things. Call it like I see it, I must (Yoda Speak) or who will?

  15. How’s Orlando? I wouldn’t know, because since you got your husband back you don’t call anymore.

    (Besides, I was so busy with the $#@!#! Christmas party I wouldn’t have been able to talk anyway, so there).

    (And you know I’m happy for you).

  16. Mmkay-I know you’re busy with your reunion and all…and I want you to keep doing that. BUT-I just watched the Biggest Loser and I’m SO angry! Ed is the biggest doormat in the entire world. Who GAINS weight in the final week to protect someone?! Lame.
    Sorry if you haven’t watched yet. I just know that you love this show like I love this show…so I wanted to vent to you.