You Are Not The Biggest Loser

I hear these words from my three-year-old regularly these days. I’ve been so loyal to the show that every time he tells me I’m not a loser, I feel bad about myself. So warped up here in the head.

First, let me say that being thin does not make a person pretty. If weight loss and a makeover was the compilation of attraction, Vicky would be on her way to hottness. I made myself really scrutinize her last night from an impartial, “let’s pretend I’ve never heard her speak” stand point, and I had to admit that the girl has some fantastic hair. 

But pretty is as pretty does, and that woman does not do pretty things. And what was with her whole, “Oh please give me attention, I can’t jump into the water!” act? That was possibly the lamest attempt to make people feel sorry for you I’ve ever seen. 

I don’t think there is a soul in America who wants to be that woman’s friend at this point. I (being the evil person that I am) get great satisfaction knowing that she’s watching every episode and SEEING just how awful she is. What do you bet she comes to the finale all sweet and gooey, hugging Amy C. and the poor bald guy, pretending to have a heart that isn’t five sizes too small? 

I really hope Michelle wins.


  1. I just like reading your reviews. I am totally missing out this season!

  2. I’m so sad Renee went home! I wanted her and Michelle there together.
    Is it just me—or does it seem like the producers are trying to make Vicki less nasty? I mean, I’m not fooled-but if I were just seeing the show for the first time, I might be…
    I saw this article on MSN about how awful she is, and how she’s the opposite of what Biggest Loser is about…I’m glad that America is getting to see that normally the show is uplifiting not irritating.

  3. I wanna scream everytime she’s on the tv. Honestly, what is up with Vicky? Last night she just wanted some attention. She’s starving for it, evidently.

    I want Michelle to win, too. And I think she could.

    (this is my tot fav show evah!)

  4. I like reading your reviews also because I have never gotten into this show. I am not allowed to add another reality tv addiction to my life right now. Hope your vacation is fabulous, just like you.

  5. Wow, maybe I should start watching that show.

  6. I haven’t seen one episode yet after reading this I’m yearning to know what is going on!
    Your sweet boy is right, you are not a loser. You’re hot! Sizzlin’!
    (so am I, thanks to your secret! I’m the hottest babe in the PUH-lanet!)

  7. My eleven year-old was watching with us last night and she was actually a little touched by the whole crying “I’m just a scared, weak person” thing. She didn’t like it because she wants to hate Vicky just like the rest of us. But it was nice to hear her and my husband have a genuine talk about the fact that maybe she’s really not a totally evil person and maybe it’s weakness and insecurity that makes her act so terrible. I, for one, am going to keep rooting against her, but maybe nobody is all bad……?

    I do hope they go back to having nice people who are good and kind to each other again next time. Last season was so much more enjoyable than this one.

  8. annie valentine says:

    You know they were totally trying to give her a chance to save face. E, I’m with you. She can’t be totally evil, just almost totally. But as far as entertainment goes, any show that makes me want to exercise and gives me enough motivation to actually scream at the television is just good viewing. I secretly don’t mind the drama.

  9. Sorry, I don’t watch the show,either, but I agree that you are not a loser.

    Neither am I. I am a gainer. Mostly because it involves eating chocolate and not exercising.

    (Hey, I want to know the secret…)

  10. I have never seen this show. Like ever.

    But, this person sounds wretched.

  11. I so need to get TV

  12. Well, it sounds like America can vote her off the final four next week. Boy, is that retribution for making us all watch her Cruella DeVil act for the last couple of weeks. I sooooo want to vote!

  13. I think it’s easy to judge a person and belittle them, but the true test of character is to be able to rise above the their behavior and to show love for that person in spite of their short comings. A lot of people vilify Vicky for her behavior on the show, and call her names and attack her character, but the true question is, is that behavior any better? Ahh hypocricy one of America’s greatest contributions to the world.