Here Comes Obama and Joelle

I heard we got a new president yesterday. Since I was busy chasing five children (under the age of five) around my house the last two days while simultaneously potty training Rex and avoiding washing my hair or brushing my teeth, I kind of missed it. But if you want to see the best Here Come’s Obama post I’ve read, check out Wenderful. She’s possibly the smartest mother on the planet (with the smartest children).

Have I mentioned that I was there for Clinton’s first inaugeration? I was in 8th grade and went in search of cute boys. Seriously, I didn’t listen to a word the tour guide said the entire time, I was so busy trying to see if there was life outside of Elma.

Some things never change.

As for The Biggest Loser, Joelle is INSANE. I am serious. She should be handled with kid gloves and a straight jacket. But I do think the best way to get through to her is to constantly tell her how good she’s doing. She’s not a girl who performs well under “you suck” pressure and that seems to be all she gets.

I feel for her, the best way to get me to do anything is to tell me how talented I am at it. Clean the toilets? Try lavishing me with “Best Toilet Cleaner” awards and watch me scrub. Jason likes to call me his Little Peacock. I don’t think he fully appreciates my feathers.


  1. I am so glad for blogs! Without them, I would have never known what was going on!

  2. That’s too funny!
    I love The Biggest Loser, but they almost lost me last season with the Vickie drama. This is just a whole new kind of drama. But sheesh! What’s up with Bob?

  3. Holy Toledo! (blushing) Thanks for the shout out.
    I don’t think Joelle will last much longer. But then again, that’s what we thought about Vickie last season. Love that show!
    Thanks again and I hope you got around to the shower and the toothbrush today. 😉

  4. I heard something important happened yesterday but with all the diaper changing I do, I did not have time to turn on the TV. Thanks for the heads up. Now I am DVRing Biggest loser because you talk about it and I really hate to be out of the loop.

  5. Joelle makes all the crazy people in my life look normal, including myself!

  6. I purposely avoided the news on both Monday and Tuesday, probably will avoid it this evening too.
    Caught a few minutes of the show last night, which one is Joelle again? Maybe next week, I’ll see more. I’m trying to get into it and figure it all out; but I’m playing catch-up.

  7. Camille Machen says:

    Hey peacock I have some toilets here that needs some scrubbing by the world’s best and hottest toilet cleaner in the world. I want to see you work it! and then my floors needs a scrubbing and I’ve seen your kitchen floors, can I say HOT-CHA-CHA! You are the best, is there anything that Annie can’t do?
    Anything else you want me to point out about you, your royal HOTNESS?

  8. I’m so bummed. I had high hopes for this season—and the fact that there is already team vs. team mentality…not cool.
    And what’s with Tara getting immunity again?!
    Also also, I kind of love Kristin.

  9. annie valentine says:

    I love Kristin too. She was incredible last night. Can’t wait to see how last night’s vote plays out next week.

  10. Hey I heard something about a new president too. What’s that about?

    And in DC for several inaugurations, completely missed all of them.

  11. I am Wendy – BUT not the Wenderful Wendy so as not to be confused. I think most of us could use a little “feather fluffing”. Mine are droopy and grey ——ahhhhhhhh.
    p.s. For a Black fellow, Obama is not much of a dancer. (tee,hee)

  12. OH. MY. GOODNESS. Joelle is a special kind of crazy! I was so mad that she didn’t go last night, though I appreciate that it isn’t fair for Carla, I think it’s Carla’s own fault for going home week one! She could ALREADY SEE that Joelle was not pulling her weight. I will be super surprised if that friendship lasts to the end of the season… I laughed pretty hard when Joelle was pretending to want to be here, but cried when she wasn’t sent home. Ca-RAZY!

  13. I still haven’t seen The Biggest Loser. Dangit! I need a Tivo.

  14. Watched biggest loser for the first time this season, I’m with you Joelle needs lots of, ‘You go girl!’ but all I wanted to do was beat her with a rolled up newspaper. Good thing she has Bob not Jillian as a trainer.

  15. An award for “Best Toilet Cleaner” wouldn’t make me want to scrub the bathroom. Probably a sign reading, “This site is hazardous and about to be condemned” might motivate me, though.