How to Give Yourself a Really Good Headache

The June Bug is currently in the throw-myself-back-onto-whatever-hard-surface-is-behind-me-and-get-a-concussion stage. Hello, 14 months. So far this week, she’s made contact with my hard stone kitchen floor (about seven times), the piano, the front door, back door, both couches, and two toilets–not to mention my shins. That lump on the back of her head? She’s not deformed, just spoiled.

She did get wise this morning before hurling her body weight south and paused to look behind her first. Such a smarty pants.

Okay, I have to clock in on The Biggest Loser last night. Did you see what happened? This is exactly why NBC is stupid and mean. If they hadn’t come up with that ludicrous ratings ploy (the one where they sent nine deserving people home), Dave would be finding success instead of bailing out.

They brought back the banished partners last night, and it was heartbreaking to see a kid (cause he’s really young) who needed to be there avoid his issues and basically ask to get voted off. The thing is, these people need way  more than a diet and a treadmill, they need a counselor. Someone like Bob and Jillian to help them conquer the mental mountain, not just the physical one.

That’s what Dave needed, without it, he was like a sad little boat, bobbing around in a really big ocean of hot fudge and french fries. Even if he does lose something for the finale, he’ll never be successful because he doesn’t believe it.

So sad.

Rex just came in and said, “Your father’s not crazy Mommy, he’s a genius!” Guess the movie.

ps – June just hurled herself against the leg of my chair. Nice.


  1. So, I was watching Oprah on Martin Luther King’s Day, of course, and they had one of the winners from the show who was fat again, and came back and talked about it.

    That’s why I hate the BL. It’s not realistic and it makes me want to eat more.

    And of course I read your comment this morning!

  2. Camille Machen says:

    Tristan is also hurling himself about, he’s very, VERY dramatic. I just tell him to suck it up and take it like a man…he’s not clear on that concept, being 18 months I’m sure it’ll take a while to let that sink in.
    I also have my own issues at this time where I need my own personal counseler, drowning my sorrows with Henry Weinhard’s Root Beer is not quite doing it. I miss my blog……..

  3. So many people don’t get how psychological it is–that obesity is just a symptom of a tangle of emotional issues and ADDICTION.

    I have a relative who won a big huge national weight-loss contest. She got a make-over, a big cash prize, a new wardrobe, exercise machines, and TWO trips to New York. A year later? She’s gained it all back and more. She was all puzzled. But I knew it would happen, because competing in a contest didn’t address the reasons she was fat to begin with.

    Sorry–this is a sensitive topic for me–morbid obesity is something I deal with daily. Not me personally (even though I could stand to lose 25 pounds like a lot of women), but for loved ones who are killing themselves with their addiction to food.

    I wonder how many people realize that family members suffer as much as or more than the fat person themselves–addiction is NOT an island, and this is definitely an addiction. Just a socially acceptible one.

    Okay–shutting up now . . .

  4. I’d like to say I will stop watching the Biggest Loser if they try and pull a stupid stunt like that again…but let’s be honest, I’m hooked for life. I really hope Dave does okay—and it looks like he had lost a little weight at home. Hopefully he keeps it up.

    Also, my nephew used to have a helmet he wore (something about neck muscles) and when they took it off the poor kid bonked his head on EVERYTHING. He was so used to not having to deal with it he forgot to be careful. Maybe get your little girl and helmet till she’s old enough to quit with the head knocking:)

  5. When they showed Tara’s rant about how Dave needed to be there, I thought that’s how it would turn out – Tara really gets it. But not to be. I agree, the tricks they are pulling this season make it clear that the ratings come before the overall well-being of the contestants.

  6. Beauty and the Beast is the movie.

    And I felt bad for Dave. He’s just not getting there. Dan is doing awesome though!

  7. I think your daughter is practicing to become the first female Ultimate Fighter. She’s knocking herself around for the practice!

    Myself and my two sons were considered obese 5 years ago. It was hard. We are all in a healthier place emotionally and physically. You have to treat both in order to make a permanent change. Besides, who can workout for 6-8 hours/day like they do on BL? It’s not reasonable.

  8. I appreciate the fits. My 14 mo old at least throws himself forward, thus avoiding the big huge bump on the back of his head. i think he’s getting the idea that mommy really doesn’t go for the tantrum thing, so he does the adorable thing instead. BTW, I love that you have a june, my baby girl’s middle name is june and it is what she’s called half the time and I love it!

    I felt really bad for the contestants cut off the show, the jerks.

    Love your blog!

  9. I’ve never watched the Biggest Loser. I’m not feeling so bad about it.

  10. Yeah, I agree with you about Dave, but at the same time, I would have been super sad if the dad and son went home because they were working hard. I just didn’t have the patience for someone who was all like, “I’m so trapped.” Erg.

  11. I haven’t ever really watched the Biggest Loser, so I can’t even comment with any conviction….

    The head banging, though – I get that.

  12. Oh the head banging. The Baby started that but he stopped after hitting too many hard things. Maybe his head is harder than hers, or maybe just the opposite.

  13. I just realized you never sent me a Christmas card. What’s up with that? I’m like your closest relative – literally. (Get it?) I feel so neglected.

    And again, I never watch BL, so this means nothing to me. But like Melissa, the head banging I get.

  14. annie valentine says:

    Um, I so sent you a Christmas card. What do you mean, you didn’t get it? Rusty probably tossed it.

    Annette – Great comment today. I so agree.

    Morgan – Spot on.

  15. I tend to look now before I “hurl” myself in a fit of frustration, tizzy fit. So much safer. June Bug will get the hang of it.
    Stinking biggest looser show.

  16. Me on the treadmill, wimping out, thinking of Dan…feel shame…pushing harder and harder. Later…totally exhausted. How do they do it?

  17. I know Mary is back, she’s inspired me!! woo hoo…
    and would you come and visit me and my new blog? Bloggy and I talked and settled our differences and now we’re best of friends (and I promised it that I would stop murdering it.)

  18. I am a BIG fan of BL. It’s hugely motivating! I love watching the pounds just melt away. And all those challenges. It’s totally fulfilling to watch each episode…
    on my couch…
    with a bowl of chocolate and peanut butter ice cream…
    With real whipped cream…

    May I suggest a helmet? They make them in a luscious shade of pink I believe. 🙂
    and a cherry!
    Yes, I love BL!

  19. One season they brought in Julian’s mom who was a counselor of some sort to speak to one of the girls. I so have to agree that that is exactly what they all need. Once the weight is gone they will face different circumstances. They will get attention they are not use to and that creates a whole nother set of problems. I know I have been there.

  20. My boy is really into slamming his head on the ground too. It must be the age.