Regarding Clueless Husbands – Weekly Column

This has been the busiest week of my life. I feel like I haven’t even had time to call my ailing mother (who is now one breast shy of a set, thank you modern medicine). And what, you ask, have I been doing? Crafting. Cleaning. Cooking. Corresponding. Okay, not corresponding, but I like the illiteration.

So go clicky click on my face and read this week’s column. Regarding domesticity. And marriage. And men.

Sometimes they’re just so stupid.


  1. Yes, yes they are. And if he won’t eat delicious fettucine, I will be over and eat it for him.

    P.S. Numb inside. Hahaha!

  2. oh I so get you! What is up with men? No appreciation! I totally empathize with that woman who went on strike and sat on her roof for weeks (maybe a couple of days), a while back. I’m sure it had something to do with her husband and him not liking her fettucine. Next time he complains serve him the kids leftover grilled cheese sandwich. Super spy or not, he needs to appreciate his wifee!

  3. My husband broke my will a long time ago. Now if he wants a clean house and a home cooked meal, he better help out with it!
    I love your writing, so clean, so fun, so TRUE! 🙂

  4. You cook for your husband? I thought that the husband was to cook for the wife and kids? That’s the rule in our house. Well, that BECAME the rule in our house after one too many of those comments from all of my boys! Now I don’t have to cook! LUCKY ME!!!

  5. My husband is a little more subtle than that. He says, “I don’t PREFER that.”

    That leaves me free to say, “I don’t prefer it either… which restaurant are you taking me to?”

  6. LOL, oh man, you are awesome! I love little “glimps” into your life. Some times I feel like I’m reading about myself. I love that Heavenly Father has NOT placed us here on earth alone. My hubby always asks me this, “soooo…what are you doing tomorrow?” I get so irritated because I do alot everyday. And non of it ever includes leaving the house, having people over, earning money, blah blah blah. It’s all the stuff that our sweet men don’t even think about.

  7. I love the sucking in part….so true!

    I would have thrown the spoon at him…no joke. Then put pizza in the oven.

  8. Too bad you hadn’t been driving down the road with the fett. when he made his offending statement. Then you could have pulled a Koni, and opened the door and chucked it – hopefully doing better than her and missing the side of the car, but still, what a move!

  9. My husband will eat whatever I fix. My kids, however, can be quite picky. No matter what I serve, there’s always one who won’t eat it. I might have to try that “spit in the eye” thing.

  10. annie valentine says:

    Royce, I’m PMPLing at your comment.

  11. I can attest to how busy you were that day! I can’t believe how much you got done! (and you did great with my strays, BTW) If he doesn’t eat your fettucine next time, call me and I’ll come eat some, tell you how amazing you are, and then we can go to a movie and leave the guys with kids, pizza and tv. That’s all they really want . . . and a happy wife, so we best stick together.

    P.S. I used to have an early AM cardio instructor who would take it out on us every time she had a night like this. WE were the ones sweating bullets when she was through with us. YIKES!

  12. I could have written that column. Well, not as well, as in, I’m not the writer you are- only that I have experienced the same thing because I’m married with three kids, too.
    Oh yeah, and I also married a MAN.

  13. Earlier this month, I was verbally reflecting on Christmas and New Years and made the observation that there is no such thing as a Holiday for a mother if her children are anywhere within shouting distance.

    My husband, who is normally thoughtful and kind, let slip with this little gem:

    “Everyday is a holiday for you, now that the kids are all in school.”

  14. I decided a long time ago that it is almost not even worth the constant cleaning and fabulous meals. I just make whatever I feel like and if I look like crap when he gets home then what the hell!
    I am not saying I never try, I just don’t expect the gratitude that all us housewives deserve. Men just are not built that way.
    I personally only know one man that compliements his wife as soon as he walks through the door, and takes on all the wifely duties that follow in the evening. That man is my brother. Don’t know where he learned it but he rocks!

  15. annie valentine says:

    Oh Lisa, is he still around reap the consequences of that statement? That one actually made me guffaw out loud.

  16. I was struck utterly speechless. He is so rarely rude that it always catches me by surprise.

    You can be sure that ever since that day, I haven’t worked a bit while my kids are in school. And the house shows it. I’m just waiting for him to comment on the clutter, and then I shall have my revenge!

  17. annie valentine says:

    Nicole, they weren’t yours, they were Tricia’s!

  18. As uncomplicated as you think women are, men are even less complicated. Being the knuckle draggers that we are, we would rather have a simple cheese burger, over an expensive sounding italian dish. I’ve been caught in the trap you described so many times, you’d think I would learn. But no, I’m just another boneheaded husband. Did you go to the market and get the chips and dip for the Superbowl? Yes, I know it’s on Sunday.

  19. If I made fettucini alfredo for my husband, he’d never come home again. He’s a no cheese guy. But I’D devour it!
    We once had a heckuva argument over meatballs. I feel your pain.

    I’m writing a column in our local paper every month starting in February. I’d love any tips…

  20. First let me say I hope mom is feeling better. As for husbands and what we cook for them, it remains a mystery to see what they want. I love to try different things sometimes, and hubby doesn’t even need to say anything—-he’s got these self expressive big brown eyes THAT SAY IT ALL. So I hear ya on wanting to dump the fettucini on his head. There are days – Lord Love him, I’d like to deck him with the frying pan.

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  23. I love you!

  24. Yeah… considering that making rude, unappreciative comments is sort of Dustin’s MO, I really GET this. He means well. He’s just got some sort of Tourette’s or something. His thoughts just blurt out and he’s a SUPER picky eater. I blame my weight gain on him (okay, I’ll take SOME responsiblity) because he’ll pretty much only eat nachos, hamburgers, and pizza and I’m such a people pleaser that I can’t stand cooking stuff he won’t like. So, I’m either a short order cook and make make my own food while envying and resenting his, or I just give in and eat pizza with him.