Something Divine I Highly Recommend

sweet-and-smooth1Okay, for all those Sensaria/Spa junkies out there, I have to post this month’s special because it’s sooo good.

Spend $75 and you get a FREE Sweet and Smooth.

Since most of my friends are highly addicted to the Sweet Orange chunky sea salt/sugar exfoliating magic of this intoxicatingly delicious stuff, I thought I’d pass on the link for anyone interested. Plus, Sweet Orange is a natural anti-depressant, so if you know someone who gets the winter time blues, have them check this out. Believe me, the second this hits the steam in your shower, you’ll think you’re in sweet Cabo heaven.

And if you live in Utah and want free shipping on anything (their skin care is nothing short of magical, especially for people with sensitive skin), email meĀ  at regardingannie dot com and I’ll hook you up. Because I’m thoughtful like that. Go HERE to order, or try sensaria dot com and type in my rep number “10235”.

PS – Tell your husband that this stuff makes the best Valentine’s Day present ever. Seriously, there’s nothing like using the sweet orange oil from the sweet and smooth to shave your legs. It’s so good and moisturizing, you’ll be saying bye bye to lotion for a week.

And no, I’m not selling/doing parties/signing people into my pyramid of terror. Just in it for the discount, people.


  1. I always get excited about stuff like this, and then I NEVER use it! What is wrong with me? Don’t answer that.

  2. annie valentine says:

    Kristina – try having a few kids. You’ll find locking yourself in the bathroom with facewash is the highlight of your day.

  3. I have this in my shower and love using it. I pretend I am at the spa.

  4. That’s too bad you’re not signing people up for a pyramid of terror. I would have joined.

    (And wouldn’t that make a great reality tv show?)

  5. Ahhh… Sweet & Smooth… LOVE it! Thanks for the reminder to get it out & enjoy it! Being winter & all, I’ve been wearing the long black skirt or jeans with knee boots more times than I can count. Time to freshen up for Valentine’s!

    My hubby says thanks!

  6. Wow. You are nice just to be nice? NICE!

    I better try it.

  7. Sounds heavenly——–I can almost smell it now (oh, wait it’s the orange I am eating while typing this), dang the juice is spilling all over the keybord. and WHAT —you shave your legs. guess I’ll try that. (j/k)

  8. Ack! You reminded me I need more toner. My husband really needs a job so my skin can feel soft again.

    I going back into my land of denial. Where everything is perfect and fine.

  9. I love this stuff so much that I never use it because I want it to last… then it gets old and nasty and I have to chuck it and I NEVER USED IT!

  10. Oo but your pyramid of terror. That actually sounds pretty interesting.

  11. Aaaaaaaaah! Smells good. (at least that’s what my “smellovision” computer tells me)