Strip Tease Aerobics, Anyone?

If you poke me in the eye with your mouse, you can read this week’s column.

Have a thoroughly fantastic weekend.


  1. Hee hee, Your columns are so fun to read….thanks for sharing.
    Made me giggle.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I remember trying to exercise with little ones crawling all over me. I would usually give up.

    Now, I don’t have little ones and I don’t exercise. It just works out better that way.

  3. I loved the part about your hair committing mass suicide!! Your words painted a picture of exactly why I don’t exercise. PERIOD.

  4. Annie,
    First of all you’re hilarious. I flipped to that once too and thought the same, “should I try this?” thought. But I just couldn’t see doing it with my 5 year old around…lol, so I didn’t even try.

    But hey, I’m curious about someting- I’m been trying to follow your dieting advice (although since I’ve became vegan/vegetarian I’m opting out of the salami but choosing peanuts instead) and am curious about your exercise regimen. You haven’t mentioned much about exercise. How often? For how long? Cardio? Strength training? I want your details! Please.

  5. Flippin’ hilarious. Love. Lovelovelovelove.

  6. are too funny. You kill me. You know what I love even more?? Just the thoughts of Jason really knowing what he was in for when he married you. This stuff is great!! I’m going to call my mom right now and read the article to her. You know you are her FAVORITE!!!

  7. I loved your article. You make me giggle! I am not brave enough to try strip cardio, or maybe I’ll just tell myself that I don’t think that is appropriate. Then I don’t feel like such a wimp.

    BTW- I think I have a similar workout outfit, pimples and all!

  8. annie valentine says:

    Tiffani – I will post about this on monday, just for you.

  9. Miss Gray’s Harbor – no wonder your a beaut. When I was at Ricks College (formerly known as) I was in the Canadian Club and they voted me in as their representative for Miss Ricks (HA HA HA HA ) I think there were on ly 6 of us girls to choose from and the others looked like they trained Moose or mushed huskies —so it isn’t as flattering as it sounds. ANYWAY, I want to take pole dancing !!!! That sounds so fun (ouch) but so cool . I need to feel sexy

  10. I am very impressed. Not that you work out or that you can get pimples to show up overnight. I am impressed that you have a 12 month old and you’re a size 2.

    That right there qualifies you for some award… shouldn’t it?

  11. I wish I could have been a fly on your wall. My hair is committing suicide too. It’s rather sad, actually. I’m not THAT mean….

  12. girlsmama says:

    Fabulously funny! My hair is just recovering 19mo later…

  13. Maybe Mr. Spy Man HAS seen your striptease… you never know what secret espionage equipment he may have set up during one of your shopping sprees…

    As per the hair suicide… mine did the same thing, but thanks to PCOS, it’s not coming back. Too much testosterone. Ask me to flex sometime…

    So, thin on top is the only place I’m thin… that is, unless I take a certain medication recommened by an endocrinologist. This Miracle drug sounds like just what I need! My *male-pattern baldness* would correct itself, & the extra *male-pattern body/facial hair* would go away!

    The only side effect would be that if I happened to get pregnant whilst taking said miracle Hair-Correcter, my male child would be a female. For sure, he’d be XY, but not really…

    I really don’t want a Pat (remember from SNL?). So someday, when I’m SURE that no more babies are coming, I’ll probably try it out. Stay tuned… I’ll update you in another 6 years or so…

  14. I love poking people in the eye so I had to click and peek at your strip tease.

    hee hee heee heee heee

  15. I don’t think I’ve told you yet how completely crazy you are and I love it! You make me laugh so much. Yeeee—aaaahhh. Belly dancing! There isn’t enough space in my house. I watched it a couple times and thought, do they have another life?

  16. YAY! Thank you mucho!

    I did the Jillian Michaels workout today and THAT ONE IS THE BEST! It’s hard but really good and only 20 minutes.

  17. You crack me up! Keep on keeping on. 🙂

  18. LOL! i totally laughed about the hair commiting mass suicide. thats been my life! for the past 2 years. it won’t stop coming out!!!

    I’ve wanted to get the flirty fun girl workout dvd. this post put me back in reality!

    thanks annie 🙂

  19. I was BORED doing the Carmen Electra workouts! Way too slow & repetitive. I expected better out of Carmen!

  20. I didn’t know you have a column! I loved your piece about the girdle. That’s something that would happen to me. At least you were able to laugh about it and invite the rest of us to laugh along with you!
    I’ll be back to