Children are like laundry piles…

I’m going to spend ten minutes on the computer, and then I must get my lazy February Funk rear in gear and do something productive. I’ve been pushing the laundry piles around my house and–IF THAT BABY TURNS OFF THE MOVIE ONE MORE TIME I’M GOING TO SCREAM–puttering around after my very messy children all week (and re-tiling the basement and scouring the apartment). Somehow I feel flat. Maybe it’s the lack of caffeine (I’m giving it up for Lent. When does Lent start?) and carbs, but I’ve got to find a little motivation.

SHE DID IT AGAIN. Why? Why must she torment Rex and me by constantly turning off the DVD player? Do you know how irritating it is to restart a DVD after a power failure? I kind of want to shoot myself in the knee so I’ll have an excuse to remain seated.

And what’s the deal with kids, anyway? I’ve been trying to do more than co-exist with them these last two weeks, like, actually go out of my way to parent here and there (but not too much, I don’t want them to get too used to it in case I die). I’ve been horribly aware that they’re going to grow up and make all their own choices, and if I miss this chance to teach them how to do that then they’re in trouble.

I think sometimes as moms our kids seem more like laundry piles than future fantastic adults. Always dirty or dirtier, usually in the way of whatever big people stuff we’re working on, impossible to ignore because they just keep growing.

I’ve got to be better. Yell less, hug more, look them in the eyes when they’re talking to me, and pray (a lot) harder about this whole parenting gig. It’s short and I have this feeling my salvation is going to be partially determined by how well I do my part.



  1. You’re doing Lent, too? (PS-it started last Wednesday…). I’m going of sweets/junk food. It’s possible that it’s making me ornery.

  2. Oooh, that irks me too. My youngest can just reach all of the buttons so he likes to change the channel and record things on the DVR. I have to go through about every other day and delete all the new programs he’s recorded.

    His other favorite is to turn off the power strip that powers the modem/router. Oy, that takes forever to reboot itself.

  3. I’m in the same boat as you, where’s the doctor?

  4. Kids. Who needs ’em? Hmmmmm.

  5. Aww- this is sweet and inspiring. Thanks, Annie!

  6. Oh that is so true! I feel ya. I have been thinking these exact same things.

    It’s good to see you again. I’ve been pulled in a million directions this month, but I always love reading your posts. You da bomb!!!

  7. Never thought about it, but you’re right they are a lot alike. I love your thoughts at the end…I need to do the same.

  8. Mmkay-so my Aunt makes Lent a religious thing as well, like your Mom. I probly should…mostly I use it as a challenge. Ya know? Plus, if I pray about it, I’d probly just get mad that I loved sweets so much… That might defeat the purpose, right?

    And heck yes I’m coming for The Biggest Loser finale! I can’t wait. And what’s with voting Dane off?!

  9. When my son went with the cub scouts to the historic catholic church in town on their historic sites field trip, they discovered it was ash Wednesday. So, lent is in full force, and I am already behind on more resolutions.
    (And don’t boys learn so much at Cub Scouts?)

  10. I have a feeling you’re doing better than you give yourself credit for. But yeah–I totally get the feeling of “holy crap–I’d better not muff up THIS job!”

  11. (I just noticed I’m on your blog roll! Woot! Thanks!)

  12. Oh I hear ya. I hear ya…
    I wish though that if I just yelled at the laundry enough it would fold itself…that would be AWESOME!
    (I totally get that there’s something wrong with me, don’t worry.)