Evil Angelic Angels

Okay, evil father-loving aliens swooped in and possessed my children’s bodies this weekend. Seriously. Is it too much to ask for bad behavior while I was gone? Is it bad that I maybe kind of prayed that the kids would be rotten so Jason could see what my life is usually like?

But were they? No. My girlfriends and I even went as far as to concoct force-Jason-to-stay-home-with-the-kids pre-scheduled activities, thereby keeping him and the children from running off to his relative’s house for child care support. 

But even with two full days flying solo, he still managed to take ALL THREE KIDS to the mall and find himself a new pair of shoes. They called to let me know how much fun they were having. Stupid fun kids.

Because let’s be honest, he wasn’t supposed to have fun. This weekend was supposed to be a “See how amazing my wife is” weekend, not a “Wow, you have the best job in the world!” weekend. How am I ever going to play the empathy card if he doesn’t feel sorry for me? And what’s up with my children going all angelic in my absence? 

And me? I’ve been home for twelve hours and apparently my lap is hot property. Since the power’s out at my house (Utah welcomed me home with seventy-three feet of snow last night–I’m over at my girlfriend’s) I don’t have anything better to do. 

Such is life. 

Is it bad that I wasn’t ready to come home?


  1. Fun dads ruin everything!

  2. Don’t be too mad—I was once one of those father-loving children. But I fully appreciate my mother now, too-so one day you’ll be good to go:)

  3. Hee hee. Oh Annie, you are so dang cute. Love this post.

  4. I hat it when that happens! Not that I would know, I wouldn’t leave my kids alone with their dad for a popsicle on a hot day!

    Just kidding! haha

    Why are kids better for other people–the jerks. 🙂

  5. Oops, I meant HATE not hat! Whatta dork…

  6. My kids do that to me too and it drives me nuts!! How are our husbands supposed to appreciate us and know they have to bring home chocolate if they don’t experience the madness? Not fair indeed.

  7. annie valentine says:

    You’re just wishing you could have hung around long enough for another shopping trip.

    And next time make it five days. No one’s kids are angelic for five days. Plus, five days means laundry and grocery shopping if you plan things right.


  8. Oh, that always happens. Like when you take your car in to get that “sound” figured out, or that “twitch (do cars twitch??)..and the mechanic CAN’T FIND A FREAKING THING. How dare they say that –why do you think I am here, I HEAR IT!!!! Same with hubbies when we leave them with the kids….they think it is a cake walk. BUT, I say, give him the job on a more full time basis and HE WILL FEEL your pain. I think it is a conspiracy theory between kids and fathers. The evilness of it all. Hope your heat comes on soon——-UCK

  9. I love how you log yourself onto Mom’s computer, and it thinks I’m you. Especially since I ALREADY LOGGED YOU OUT!

    Nice. I’m claiming my comment now.

  10. That’s just not fair.

  11. Annie, my youngest daughter is 20 and still is Daddy’s angel. She plays this mommy-daddy game and she has it down to a science. Well, Daddy said…
    The older siblings are all over it! Dad likes me best. What am I, Mommy Dearest?

    Okay, Bree I know you read Annie’s blog in far, far away Arkansas. Dad misses you the most.

  12. crap…Kiely came home from school to check on her baby lamb and is NOW saddle-soaping her daddy’s boots. Gasp! I inhaled a gnat.

  13. I am always afraid to leave my children with there father. They will either end up dead (j/k), or he will ask me what the big deal is to clean the house, make dinner, and keep track of the kids. I am just afraid he will be a better parent then me.

  14. AMEN! You know they just hold in all their needs and wants and whininess (is that a word? It’s for really whiney kids) and crankiness until mom is there. Deep down they know dad can’t handle it, so they hold it all in until there is someone there who can handle it. Her name is mom.
    I used to knock myself out making freezer dinners and cleaning the house and catching up on laundry before I left town. No more. I purposely leave things really bad. And even if he ends up taking the kids out to eat for every single meal, I can show him how much better I am with the food budget than he is.
    You got to take your superiority hits wherever you can.

  15. I hear you. Kids are so mean like that. Why can’t they figure out WHEN it is that they’re supposed to be bad?

  16. Seriously! This always happens!

    I go to a quilt class for a few hours, stress the whole time that my hubby is going to kill my only child because he had been whiny the day before….come home to find out they went grocery shopping with no fit and Connor taking a nap!!


  17. Nothing makes me madder than seeing happy children, a clean house and hot dinner when I get home.

    Like it’s EASY or something.

  18. I believe the problem is, that Daddy’s do not have to be the bad guy very often. Therefore the kids feel like, Oh we don’t have to be bad because dad is the good guy.
    Did you come home to a clean house? I find that even if I go out for a couple of hours it looks as though I have not spent the last week cleaning. It looks like I have never cleaned anything, ever!

  19. “Stupid fun kids” I love you!

    I keep think ing I need to go on vacation long enough to miss my kids. But I’m afraid that it would take a long LONG time.

  20. You totally need to trash a remote place in your house, with permanent pen or something, then you can say,”How did you let this happen on your watch?” l say sabotage. Either that or take more advantage of fun dad and go do some fun things by yourself.