My Terrible Dentist

I had a horrific dental experience. If you didn’t get the chance to read about it, click here for my weekly column before it’s gone (Friday).

I’m off to scour our appartment before our new unsuspecting renters move in. If they only knew about the herd of elephants we keep upstairs…


  1. Have fun scouring. The only good thing about the dentist office is when they give you laughing gas.

  2. My dentist, the other day, filled a cavity that according to him on a scale of 1-10 was an 11. He was pratically straddling me to get that sucker filled. So I plopped down 149 bucks to buy a fancy shmancy do everything toothbrush, that even gives massages, to prevent any further cavities, because I don’t want to place my dentist in that position anymore.

  3. Oooooh bad dentist! BAD! I don’t get jokes when I’m all worked up either. Like when I had a flat tire and the AAA guy said, “well its only flat on the bottom!” I thought that meant something bad, etc. etc. Then he laughed at me. 🙂

  4. Ok, am I still a friend if I tell you I think that’s really, really funny?

    And who really knows how many teeth are in her face? Enough to eat a lot of popcorn, natch.

    (My sister called me from Detroit last week to ask how many cups were in a quart. I told her to look at the back of her Pyrex measuring cup. She was a little embarrassed. Sort of the same principle.)

  5. Oh man!…you had me going. I’m rather (used to not be) sensitive with the dentist now. I had TWO root canals and crowns done at the same time. E-X-P-E-N-S-I-V-E!! And then 4 years later, I had to have a re-do root canal on one of them. I was NOT happy. I (for the first time)…well, my penny pinchin’ hubby…shopped around for the best price out there.

    Once in my life I was not afraid of any medical superior at all. Now, I’m afraid of the Dentist, Eye doctor, and Family Doctor. Hmmmmm, it’s gonna take a while to get over my fears. It’s the money I tell you, THE MONEY!!! Just a few crazy bed-side manner mishaps. But it’s the money. Ok, enough Rachel. Love ya Annie!!

  6. annie valentine says:

    Rachel, one thing we learned the first year of marriage was NEVER GO TO A CHEAP DENTIST.

  7. I -HATE–THE –DENTIST. (yes, we are twins, but not maternal——-cause you got all the looks, damn you) You have elephants in your apartment !!!!!! Keep them OUT of your “stinky salad”

  8. I’m not going to read your dentist story. I haven’t been since, like, 2005. I don’t need another reason not to go! :p

  9. Shoot! Dang! Annie…I tried to tell my husband the same thing, but nope. Wasn’t havin’ it. Now I’m all freaked out. I should no better, my parents taught me the same thing. My dad once taught me to never buy “quantity over quality” in furniture and shoes. He should throw in dentist as well.

  10. You rent out your basement? How does that work out?

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