Tatiana del Toro

Tatiana del Toro. Do not try and tell me that that girl is not a plant. Please don’t misunderstand, I’m all for self-planted individuals on American Idol (like Norman Gentle whom I LOVE), but Tatiana? She’s about as over the top as a brazier that’s three sizes too small.  (This is the spot where I’d really like to rant about her flesh-toned dress and serious need for a girdle last night, but I shall keep that opinion to myself.)

I finally got around to watching The Biggest Loser yesterday. Can you believe that good people still exist on reality television? The teams had to vote someone off, and one of the guys up for elimination has a three-week-old baby boy at home–he also has three older children.

When most of Bob’s team disobeyed his voting instructions (to send the other guy home) and shock of all shocks, did the right thing, I nearly wept for the guy’s wife. Flying solo with three kids and a newborn? That would probably send me three sheets deep into the twinkie box, balancing out the household weight loss/weight gain scales. And I have to admit, when the Pink Team tried to justify voting for the other guy (despite the dad begging to be sent home so he could be with his family), it kind of ruined them for me. No longer a fan of pink.

Okay, I’m off to help Harry make his Valentine’s for the kindergarten party tomorrow. This is what happens when you wait until the last minute and the only Valentine’s left at Walmart are Winnie the Poo. So not cool.


  1. yeah, that chick is SOOOOOO annoying. America is going to vote her off right quick, if they are smart.

  2. I was SO.MAD. when they let her through. Seriously!?!?

  3. i hate tatiana. and i’m mad that she’s through and cute frankie was sent packing. what are they thinking?

  4. annie valentine says:

    You now, something about Frankie bothered me, so I wasn’t sad when they sent her home. Maybe it was her Hollywoodness coming out to Utah and taking one of our spots. Because I’m territorial like that. Besides, the girl really needed a better bra.

  5. The only thing worse than waiting until the day before Valentine’s Day is making your kids use the left overs from last year that you got off the clearance table for $0.25. Yep. They hate me right now.

  6. Tatiana. Must. Go. That is all.

  7. Ahh! I didn’t watch last night’s show yet. But AMEN about Tatiana. I can’t figure out why she’s still on there.

  8. I have a great fear. Tatiana = Sanjaya. Then I won’t be able to watch again this year.

    Dang it, I just looked and she’s the top of their list. Fetchity frick flip.

  9. What I’m wondering, is why the Osmond kid didn’t make it very far. I thought he was great. A natural talent. Maybe he was too good, and they knew he would win.

  10. I agree wholeheartedly. Tatiana will stay far longer than she should. Frankie needed some more clothing. Norman? Not sure if I love him. He needs to sing sans costume first.
    Good luck with the valentines. We just finished ours.

  11. TATIANA…….I wanna puke. Is there seriously a more irritating person in the world. It will be interesting to see how this breaks down. I think they advanced her just for controversy……maybe they are afraid of her. (sorry, haven’t been keeping up with Biggest Looser, just little snippits here and there.

  12. I hate that they keep putting her through!!! She is mentally unstable (HELLOOOOO???) and even if her voice was good enough to make it to the end, which it’s not, she’d end up like a chubby Britney!

  13. tatiana, ugh, she is just, ugh, I CANNOT STAND HER! and her stupid laugh. What’s with the Miss America/I won a Grammy speeches?? I also cannot understand why emotional boy is still on there. Whine much?

    My fave of all faves is Danny. I love his voice, they should cancel everything and just hand him the title:)

    I feel ya on the bottle thing. My 2nd was attached to sippys and needed one to go to sleep every night. we finally just went cold turkey on him and lived through a couple nights of you know what. I couldn’t get over visions of his teeth turning brown because he slept with a sippy full of milk in his mouth. lol.

  14. I don’t even watch and I know about Tatiana, which tells me one thing. She was let through to give people someone to talk about. If everybocy loved them all then there’d be no buzz and a show like that needs buzz.

  15. She is completely INSANE.

  16. Tatiana is like the girl clown they HAVE to have so we collectively groan when we watch the show. Collective groans bring better ratings. They need one boy clown and one girl but this year they’ve got two boy clowns. Norman and Nathaniel Marshall. That kid is such a drama queen.

  17. Tatiana is seriously crazy. I actually knew a girl in high school who was completly loved herself as much as her. It is seriously the most out of control thing I have ever seen. Every time I would talk to this girl, she would be sure that my back was to a reflective surface so that she could talk to me without taking her eyes off of herself. It totally reminds me of Tatiana, that crazy little freekazoid!

  18. I.cannot.speak.about.her.

    I am angry Jamal didn’t make it.

    I agree about Frankie and the bra. That’s exactly what I said to my husband about her.

    Drama boy has to go, too.

  19. Tatiana has a really good voice; IMO she was tied for #1 female vocalist last night.

  20. I’m with you on Tatiana as a plant. They’re only keeping her because they know she’ll up ratings with some shenanegans later in the season, in my opinion. She’s the most annoying person on the planet. I can’t even let my kids watch her on TiVo the next day because she uses OMG as every 4th word.