Annette Lyon: The Dark Side (okay, it’s kind of beige)

Ladies and gentlemen, I am about to interview the super duper famous LDS novelista, Annette Lyon. This woman is incredibly successful in the world of writing; we have been given an exclusive interview to find out what makes those keys click.

Watch as I uncover the experiences that helped build her new book, Tower of Strength, and gawk at the inside workings of a fictional author (or author who writes fiction). She is experienced. She is brilliant. She has been published mui mui much.

1. Now Annette, have you ever worked in a mine before/experienced a blast powerful enough to blow off a body part? 
I’ve seen pictures of mines. Do fireworks count as a powerful blast? 
2. Are you, or have you ever been, a thief? If so, when and what did you steal?
At the age of six, I believe I stole some quarters from my father’s dresser. I have since reformed.
3. Have you ever owned or worked with a newspaper, specifically one used in the 19th century?
I’m seriously experienced on this one. I did a few newspaper articles and book reviews for a now-defunct paper. It died in the 1990s. Not QUITE the 19th century, but maybe it counts.
4. How many times have you been to Manti, UT?
Three: Once as a kid too tired to remember the pageant, once as a 14-year-old going with a youth group to see the pageant (which I don’t think I watched much of because I had heat exhaustion), and then once for a research trip for the book, which consisted of driving around, snapping pictures, hanging out in the cemetery, and wandering the temple grounds. Real in-depth stuff.
5. Have you ever been bitten by a rattle snake? If so, where? Did it hurt?
I know someone who saw a rattlesnake in the wilderness once.
6. We hate to ask this, but are you a widow?
Alas, no. We’ll be celebrating 15 years of marriage in about a month.
7. Do you have a thing for British Accents or men who are really bad with animals? Are they good kissers?
What woman doesn’t have a thing for British accents? Actually, my husband spent a lot of time as a kid with animals on his grandparents’ farm, so he’ spretty good with them. When it comes to me and animals, the farther we are apart, the better. (He may lack a British accent, but for the record, my man is a good kisser.
8. Tell us about your equestrian background.
You’ll be way impressed here. When I was twelve I took pony riding lessons for few months. About the sum total of what I remember:  1) even in boots, toes WILL freeze in the winter 2) those beasts were freakin’ huge and scary and 3) I looked kinda cute with the little black helmet.
Well folks, there you have it. The passion and the romance all stems from the life and times of Annette Lyon. Fascinating.


  1. Annette is a thief! I am so disappointed. And by disappointed, I mean proud.

  2. Fabulous interview. Really gets to the core of the authoress.


    I love this review. LOVE it. I think having read the book makes it just that bit more interesting. And hilarious.

    And I’m pretty sure Annette’s a real person. At least she doesn’t seem fictional to me

  4. Wow, you are a pillar of journalism. Well done.

  5. annie valentine says:

    Thanks so much LisA, I bet that was driving Annette nuts.

  6. Loved that interview! I Learned soo much about Annette!

  7. Okay, Okay I get it. You were referencing “Little Women” with her book. Like, write about things you know. She wrote about stuff she knows, but it’s just somewhere in her head.

    Dangit! I really thought Stephanie Meyers knew some Vampires. That just lets me down, especially this evening…hahaha (((hugs)))

  8. You should do more interviewing.

    I know even less about her than I did before.

  9. I think this may be the best Tower of Strength post I’ve ever read (and that is actually saying something since they’re all over the web). Awesome!

  10. As your sister, I’m worried your going to get a big head with all this praise. Therefore, it’s my sisterly duty to bring you back to Earth.

    Remember those pictures of you in your green riding clothes? When you were thirteen? And you had that REALLY BIG bob?

    There. That should do it.

  11. Way to get to the meat and potatoes. Everything we were dying to know about Annette.

  12. Why hasn’t CBS picked you up to replace Ms. Couric? Really, you should be the one asking the hard hitting questions…I’d so watch your show.

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  14. Annie,
    It was so great to meet you yesterday. (And yes, your hair really did look fabulous!) It was really fun getting to know you. Be on the look out for the moving van. I’ll be there to stalk you soon. J/K

  15. I’ll just bet she was the cutest thing in a black helmet ever to grace the equestrian park for those three weeks. GREAT interview, Annie. Three cheers for google which makes up for all that we lack!