Attack of the Frozen Robin

100_2654100_2656_2 Do you see this cute little robin? This bird landed outside the window by my front door.

“Rex, Harry! Quick! Come see this robin!” They came running and we stood there quietly, talking about birds and admiring it’s breast (why does that sound so odd?).

Two minutes later we were still staring at it and it hadn’t moved a muscle. Not even to blink it’s eyes.

“Um, kids? Why don’t you tap on the glass a little, I think it might be sleeping.”

So my kids start pouding on the glass.

Not even a twitch.

At this point I was kind of starting to freak out. Was it dead? Was it stroking? Did I need to call 911?

I went to the front door and opened it. “Hey, Robin! Wake up!” Holy Frozen Bird, Batman, I think it’s dead.

And if it’s dead, how am I going to dispose of it? Jason is out of town for a week. That means for the next week, we could have a creepy frozen robin peering into our house, because we all know Mama isn’t touching it.

“Okay, kids, everyone stay calm!” Because obviously this robin is a terrorist, staking out my house and launching a suicide mission right outside my front door.

I grab the broom and sneak back to the front door, careful not to let it see me.

I have to add here that I was totally terrified. Of a bird. A frozen, possibly dead bird. Take a look at the photos again. Scary, right?

Cautiously opening the door, I yell at it one more time, just in case it’s revived itself. “Hey! You! Get offa my cloud!” Nothing.

So, moving slowly, with the broom, I nudge it in the chest. It’s little head turns toward me with this look on his face like, “Oh, were you talking to me?”

Um, hello? Do I look like Mary Poppins? Scram! Beat it! I nudge it two more times and it suddenly bursts into flight and zooms away. Gone.

So. Creepy.

And I’ve now counted five fat robins outside my windows. I’m going to get our 72 hour kits ready, in case they launch an attack.


  1. what a nutso bird!

  2. Huh. This is a whole new take on tweeting.

  3. Fascinating. And hilarious.

  4. That is very creepy and a little bit funny. I attract stray cats, so maybe you are unknowingly emitting some kind of phermone. Just a thought.

  5. Have you seen “The Birds”, because YIKES MAN! Seriously, that is creepy I would’ve been all weirded out too!

    On a side note, I was at a camp meeting last night and there was a woman there that totally looked like you, I could not stop staring at her all night. I’m sure I completely creeped her out. Maybe she was your sister…do you have a sister in YW who lives in AF?

  6. I can never see a wheeling flock of birds with out wondering if they’re about to attack.

    Thanks Hitchcock.

    (But I think I’d have been okay with a dead robin. You’re kind of not-so-gutsy).

  7. laughing my buns off! Glad everyone’s still safe and sound while your hubby’s gone. 🙂

  8. That is crazy. I wonder why it did that.

    Are you coming to WA this summer?

  9. It’s the return of The Birds.

    They are plotting. Robin’s are evil buggers. Given half a chance they’ll … umm … they’re …. well … I’m sure that they … can …. ummmm ….

    Alright I’m not too sure WHAT they’ll do but they are still evil bastards 😉

  10. Are you auditioning for the part of the crazy bird lady in Mary Poppins?

    Time to rent some Alfred Hitchcock.

  11. This is hilarious, I would have reacted the same way!

    Good luck with those 72 Hours kits, where did I put mine?? I sure hope we aren’t attacked by frozen robins here in Oregon, I’d be in trouble!!

  12. Reading felt like deja vue. I’ve had some pretty creepy bird encounters recently too; it’s nice to know I’m not the only one!

  13. I can see why you would be scared, Batman did choose “Robyn” for a sidekick for that reason – the intimidation factor is huge! I’m so proud of your clear-headed thinking, the broom was a wise move. How else can you defend your family against a half-frozen little Robin? Way to take a stand, you don’t want to be one of those saps who smears peanut butter on pine cones and rolls it in sunflower seeds to help them survive the cold winter.

  14. WATCH OUT –I’ve seen the show the BIRDS ——–they frighten me. fooey on little robin red breast —get your booty off my porch (I hear ya)

  15. I saw the pictures and stopped reading, that’s one scary looking bird.
    Or something.

  16. Even though your posting is quite humerous, I really don’t get the bird thing. Can’t relate to that one. Hey, I know my blog is lame but did you have to remove me all together, I am your sister. Feeling a big wounded here. K

  17. You don’t get it do you? He spotted you from the sky and came down to admire your beauty. Of course, you killed that dream…

  18. I had a snarky remark to share with you, but I decided against it because I’m trying to be unsnarky…which is not working for me.

  19. It’s just trying to thaw out…like the rest of us. Hope you had a good weekend.

  20. Jenny mentioned once that you have a lot of “blogworthy” things that happen in your life…

    seriously. weird.