Building Character

My five year old is kind of a liar.

Today he told my girlfriend, “When I grow up, I’m going to marry a girl and have two tramplines!” Because obviously the best way to measure your success is by the number of trampolines peppering the backyard.

Yesterday she took him to the car wash.

“I’ve never been to the car wash before!”

“Yes he has,” I said over the phone.

“Harrison, your mom says you’ve been to the car wash plenty of times. What are you talking about?”

“Oh. Well, actually, I think I’ve been there…five times. No ten. No, maybe it was more like…thirty. No, a hundred. Yeah, a hundred times.”

And today when his teacher got him in trouble for back talking? “It’s not my fault! I just have a really big imagination!” She thinks I need to write a chilren’s book SERIES about Harry going to school.

That’s her nice way of saying he’s got character.

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  1. It’s like that like in Newsies–he gives the truth “scope.” 🙂

  2. It’s not like liars ever grow up to be drug addicts or serial killers or anything. Oh, wait.

  3. Love it! When Noah was in Kindergarten he told his teacher that Dallin died (because he forgot to draw him on his family picture and wanted to be done!)
    Sounds like Harrison has a great imagination…maybe you should write some books 🙂

  4. Michelle says:

    I just think this might be a case of the apple not falling far from the tree! O.K. not that you are a liar- but you have a GREAT imagination, and you do make the truth sound more interesting than about anyone else I know.
    (And I can’t remember, are you bad with numbers, too?)

  5. My kids are liars too. Like that one time when my oldest told me I was ugly—hello?! TOTAL LIE. Don’t worry I set her straight.

  6. Ok Annie, you’re funny but Mel, I think you get today’s prize.

  7. Cute entry. Love it!!! It put a smile on my face.

    (I know…my comment is generic sounding, but it’s genuine. I promise.)

  8. Totally reminds me of a short story by Shirley Jackson, called “Charles.” I have a feeling you would totally relate.

  9. My son is 6 almost 7 and he’s still like that…should I be worried?

  10. I’ve decided that since I didn’t keep all the cute sayings my 6 children came up with…and my grandchildren are now saying weird stuff. I keeping a notebook handy. My daughters and son do not keep track…and they THINK they’ll remember. Believe me, it won’t be much.

    My favorite all time “reliving the moment” is Kiely, my 19 year-old, is teaching the grandchildren really funny stuff. It is such payback! The teachers at Mupu School are not amused, as most of the teachers that work there recall Kiely said or did that..they all went and even most of the grandchildren are going to the same tiny school.
    (about the largest 8th grade graduating class was 9)

    One of my most embarrassing moments is that the older ones, probably my son, taught my little sweetheart to say, “No way, butt-head” when she was 2 years-old. She said it clearly and used it as just, “no.” So, one Sunday the Stake President was with his wife in the nursery helping. And Pres. Bryce said, “Come over here Kiely and see me.” She said extremely loud, “No way, butt head!” He used that in a talk at stake conference about pride. I almost slipped off my folding chair.

  11. Oh Yeah Annie – you’ve go your hands full. I love it. One time (a long time ago now as my daughter is 31) when she was 5 and we were standing in line for her immunizations for school —she turned to the lady behind her and said ‘ “MY MOM IS DEAD YA KNOW” —He–llooo – I am standing right here.

  12. I was a huge liar in school. Maybe because my mother didn’t pay enough attention to me. Something to think about.

    Disneyland was a blast! Thanks for coming to the bach par’tay!

  13. Camille’s comments always crack me up!

    Oh, and Annie, my daughter is a liar too. I think it’s something about that age group (I hope.) Every Monday they have to write a short paragraph about their weekend. Let’s just say her weekend always seems more interesting in print than what we really did.

  14. Okay, this is my mad attempt at driving your comments up. I just read your article. You cracked me up again. The funny thing is that my DH is both similiar and opposite. He’s different in the sense that he has NO problem taking sick days. Like he used all of his sick days up and started in on the vacation days because he’s sort of a hypochandriac. You didn’t hear that from me though. He’s the same in the sense that he makes a big deal out of letting things “run their course”. I offer Pepto, Imodium, you name it… and he gives me a lecture on the importance of “cleansing” the germs out the old-fashioned way that God intended. And I’m sure that he would LOVE me talking about this too. 😉

  15. At least the term “character” was used, I mean think about it, he could be called lots worse!