Forget Clearance

I should be working on my manuscript. I should be doing laundry. I should be feeding the children. But am I doing any of those things? No.

Instead, I have spent the last two hours looking online for dresses to wear to my SIL’s wedding in June. Dresses, I might add, that I have not the money to pay for (yet). It will take me six weeks minimum to save up for a dress that I will feel fabulous and fantastic and not-at-all cheap in.

See, usually I have no problem with disposable clothing. I like picking up a dress for $14.99 at Ross or Target. I feel good knowing that the kids can muck it up with chocolate and snot and in reality, it doesn’t matter because the dress wasn’t expensive to start out with.

But when it comes to special occasions, I want to feel like something special. I don’t want (foot stomp) to wear a dress that’s “affordable”. I do affordable every single day, is it too much to ask for something that’s a little extravagant? Elegant? Designer?

I feel instantly guilty for even considering something full-priced. I was programmed at an early age to buy a bargain; it was hardwired into my shopping soul. I’m the girl who instinctively bypasses everything new and seasonal and sprints for the clearance rack. I do all my kid’s shopping off-season because it’s the only way I know to shop.

But just this once, I would like to ignore the sale racks.

Because I don’t care what anyone says, when you slip into an expensive, well-made dress with a zipper that doesn’t stick, grab, or jutt out, it feels gooood. Fabric that doesn’t ball up when you hold the baby on your lap, collars that fall perfectly around your shoulders, material that DOESN’T WRINKLE during your four block trip to church–just this once, I want these things.

And just this once, I want to wear what the display mannequin is wearing.

And so I will save. And save and save and save. And in six weeks, I will pay cash for something fabulous.

Then I’ll post pictures.


  1. I’m really sad that Issac Mizrahi is no longer doing his line for Target. He had some really great, beautiful dresses, that were under $50. I’ve purchased a couple that I’ve worn to weddings.

  2. I have an email I can send you where stores like Ann Taylor and JCrew list their sales—it might help you buy something quality that isn’t grossly expensive. Shoot me an email if you’re interested. bdayton07 at yahoo

  3. You go! I grew up with the same mentality.

    The weird thing, though, is that now that my parents are empty nesters and aren’t on quite as tight a budget as when we were kids, Mom manages to find serious bargains on designer stuff. We’re talking eel skin pumps and cashmere, here. She looks FANTASTIC and still got the bargain. I hope it’s genetic.

  4. That’s right. You’re gonna look good. Too good. For your own good. Good.

  5. I think you should totally go for the designer. We always spend tons of money on our kids, right? Can’t you spend money on yourself? I mean, the government spends money they don’t have, why can’t you? HMM?

  6. AMEN sistah! I am totally a clearance shopper! And while I love finding good deals (and totally get shopper’s high from it), every once in awhile it would be REALLY REALLY nice to have something gorgeous! I’m glad you’re saving up for it, thats fantastic! 🙂

  7. I’m excited to see what you buy. I can’t find an Easter dress anywhere and I can’t find one anywhere. Perhaps it’s because like you, I’m a Ross-Target girl. ( =

  8. I couldn’t agree more. In our house, I am the cheapskate & Dustin is not at all frugal. So, I wanted to kill him when he payed FULL PRICE for a skirt at Macy’s just because he thought it would “nice” on me. To tell the truth though, now that I’ve worn it, it’s by far my favorite and I wish all of my clothes were nearly as nice. There’s something to be said for high quality. I’m still too cheap to pay for it most days though.

  9. Ahhh, you go girl! Every now and then (today, actually) I totally feel the same way. Definately check out Shabby Apple for some modest, uber-cute, splurge worthy dresses.

  10. I just bought a Shabby Apple dress online that I love. I checked around online and found a discount so I was able to get the dress with shipping for less than the original price. Score!

  11. Too bad the Lacey Community Market isn’t before your event in 6 weeks. Otherwise you could come and set up a booth next to mine and earn some not-so-fast-cash. lol. Good luck with earning money. You deserve a night dress. Especially if you always have shopped like you say you do. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. Sheeeeeesh…….!…..I meant NICE dress. sorry.

  13. annie valentine says:

    I’m all over the Shabby Apple dresses right now, they have a couple that are adorable.

  14. I agree! Get yourself something fabulous and damn everything else 😉

  15. Michelle says:

    Wait- I won’t be there in 6 weeks to help you go shopping! (But at least when I get there in June, you’ll know exactly where to take me! Since I will be down to 1__)
    I’m checking out that Shabby Apple site

  16. This is where I have to differ with you – because slipping into ANY dress is pure torture. But if you’re going to have to wear one, you might as well look good. (My personal theory on dresses is that if I were born in a time period where women were required to wear them, I would probably have to run away and live the life of a pirate, masquarading as a puffy chested cabin boy, no doubt, and therefore don’t really have a REAL theory on dresses…)

  17. Whooops – I commented logged into my husband’s account. Tee hee, I’m sure he’d love to know that people thought that he wanted to be a puffy chested cabin boy….

    This is Melissa.

    Melissa Bastow.

    Not my husband.

    Just so you know.

  18. you go girl!

    {can’t wait to see pictures!}