Kids are so stupid.

I was just visiting Wenderful’s blog in which she tells a story of being 15 and stupid. Was I ever stupid? Let’s see…

One time when I was 13 I was going to sneak out with the neighbor kids (Micah and Cale for those of you who care) but I accidentally fell asleep. They snuck into the house to get me, but all I could say was, “I forgot to take my bra off…” and then I proceeded to pull it out of my shirt.

Yeah. That was a good moment.

Then there was the time we decided to vandilize Montesano’s high school with sidewalk chalk (cause we were such rebels). Unfortunately, Carleen took a piece of permanent paint chalk from her dad’s stuff and wrote some obscene comment about a boy she’d recently broken up with.

That one didn’t go over so well. When they called us in for interrogation, I folded like hot piece of laundry. (Not that my laundry is ever hot when I get around to folding it. It’s usually two days old and stale.)

And I won’t go into getting kicked out of girls’ camp, or nearly being fired from EFY for being a little too  loose laced. Suffice it to say, I’ve had my moments.


  1. You know, I was so afraid of getting into trouble, that I never really did anything crazy. My brother took care of that all on his own.

  2. Permanant sidewalk chalk? That’s just wrong on so many levels.

  3. I want more stories.

  4. I think as a kid I just focused WAY too much on relationships (or my lack thereof) instead of just having fun. I probly should’ve gotten into more trouble than I did—-such a goodie goodie:)

  5. I was totally a stupid teenager! I didn’t really get in a lot of trouble, I mean I literally just acted STUPID. Like wearing my friends glasses because I thought they looked super cute, but I COULDN’T SEE OUT OF THEM. Yes, stupid.

  6. This is great! When I saw the title on my sidebar, I thought you were calling your kids stupid. It was very redeeming when I realized you were sharing stuff about yourself. What’s not to love about that?

    I wish I had only almost snuck out but wasn’t able to wake up. I’m not making excuses, but I think I may have been looking for male attention because of my sadly lacking relationship with my dad… my stories of being a stupid kid are far more stupid & dangerous than yours.

  7. I wasn’t all that much of a rebel…but I definitely did stupid things…like try to LIE about going out past curfew, and KNOWING they knew I was lying…

  8. I only wish I had the gutzpa to have lived an exciting teenage life. Evening after evening was spent lying on my bed, listening to soft rock, making out with my pillows and playing with my pimples. 🙁

  9. I wanna hear more about this almost getting fired from EFY. That sounds funny.

  10. I snuck out far too many times. My parents should have alarmed the house, but after that initial run in with the police, I got “wiser” and they never knew. Dumb, Dumb, Dumb kid! My poor kids will have no chance at escape. I’m onto them already. 🙂

  11. I want to hear the fired from EFY story.

  12. Definitely need a recap on the EFY story. I’ll be checking your blog tomorrow for all the details- Annie style.

  13. What Jessie said; I want more stories!!

    (reading your shortened stories makes my memory come back hugely on all my “stories”)

    (You couldn’t PAY ME to ever EVER be a teenager again)

  14. I’m all about these Girls Camp and EFY stories, lady. Spill!

  15. I remember that night. It was fun and no one expected it was us, until you folded. Takes me back to our “Cheerleading Days”

  16. I would not want to be a teenager again. Wait annie your time is coming with June bug. She will ask well mom what did you do as a teenager and your whole perspective will change. I can’t wait to read about it on yoru blog.

  17. dude, i so missed out on these things. i seriously have maybe – just maybe – two stories that could compare. i was way too good of a kid. teenager.