My Poor Abused Husband

So one of my sisters asked me the other day if it bothers Jason that I write about him.

“No!” I said. “He’s such a good sport about it, he never complains. Besides, I try to give him equal coverage–the bad and the good.”

Then Jason came home and saw the title of my article in this week’s Vidette.

“Everybody must hate me,” he said. “Why can’t you write about someone else?”

Next week I’ve decided to give the guy a break, I guess everyone deserves a week off. And hey, at least I don’t refer to him as “Fang”.

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  1. Annie, have you seen “man cold”? It is so perfect for this! I got you the link if you haven’t seen it…
    my husband is the only person I know who doesn’t appreciate this video, I don’t know why, all my girlfriends seem to love it!

  2. somewhat voluble says:

    I read the article, and I agree about men. The office I work in is mostly men, and they’ve all been sick! They won’t take days off, though, so they contaminate every one else.

  3. I *just* asked Que “Do you mind if I blog about the time you got propositioned by a hooker?”

  4. Maybe our husbands can start a blog support group.

  5. I’d wondered about this too. I just assumed that he wasn’t as sensitive as Dustin is. Considering the fact that our worst fights ever have been about me letting an innocent joke slip out at his expense (just a couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog that was in my opinion HONORING him and he thought it made him sound like a putz and threw a fit) I know that he would KILL me if I had a weekly article and he made it in. I think I’d have to write under a fake name or something.

  6. I must have a bug too. I always want chocolate chip cookies. 😀

  7. Can I call him Fang?

  8. See…you need to just encourage him, that it is because he is so wonderful you CAN write about him and still be married to him. Turn it around on him, Men are all about ego. Go ahead and boost it up. Then keep on writing!!!!

  9. My husband rarely let’s anything bother him. Unless it was that one time when we drove by a strip club and his mom wondered what it looked like in there and I said “Oh, why don’t you ask your son?!” (Maybe it was a low blow, but hey, he DID go in there, and it slipped. SLIPPED I tell you!) Thats about the only time I’ve seen him really embarassed. 😀

  10. Hey, I have a tip for your Husband, if you will be kind enough to pass it along. On your next date, a nice walk, a little shopping, and some dark chocalate (all for you of course). Works like a charm. By the end of the night he’ll be a happy camper.

  11. Michelle says:

    Hey, if he gets all the perks of being married to you, he has to take a few cons with it! ( Or a little public attention. )
    That’s just marriage

  12. Okay that was funny. I’m the same way. I work through the Christmas holiday, coughing all over Christmas shoppers. I actually enjoy it if is less then a week before Christmas.

    “Cough, cough” I hope you get this. It is your punishment for waiting until the last minute to get presents.

    Two summers ago I got that pool bug and I had to take Imodium because my milk was drying up. And my baby needed that milk. Tell Jason it is a wonder pill. I totally recommend it. Although, I’m not even sure if he knows who I am, so this probably wouldn’t help.

  13. Having just “supported” my husband through the flu, I can totally relate. I blame his mom. She’s an enabler.

  14. Your last comment on my blog had me doubled over with laughter. Oh man, that was funny!!!
    And sick husbands ——they are the WORST. Anytime my hubby gets sick he thinks he’s DYING———DYING folks.

  15. Hee hee hee. You are so darn talented. Loved it!

  16. I think there are two types of sick men – the tough ones like your Fang, and then the whiny little babies which I own -I mean- am married to. Pregnant with my fourth in a matter of 5 years, so you know, I’d been puking for like 5 years straight, and my husband got a small flu and threw up once. ONCE. It was like the world was ending. I almost beat him with a sledgehammer (lucky for him we don’t own one.)