Someone has to go…

How is it people stuck on reality TV can’t see what’s actually happening?

Before I vent about American Idol, let me say a word about TBL.

The Biggest Loser is being completely and totally undermined. For the past few weeks it has been painfully clear that if Brown doesn’t die soon, they’re going to take the whole kit and caboodle and everyone else might as well go home and have a donut.

Everyone wants to win the money, but the scary thing is that Ron only wants it for his son. That means little Mikey has two votes for every one of his. Ron will do absolutely anything to see that his little eighteen year old child wins the show.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never met an eighteen year old kid who’s smart enough to manage a quarter of a million dollars. Hey, before the show this kid couldn’t even manage his lunch. He can’t even go get drunk to celebrate the win because he’s JUST A CHILD. What was NBC thinking? Obviously, eighteen year old boys have a higher metabolism and a faster burn rate than, oh say, a fifty-five year old woman. It’s not that hard to see where the odds are stacked.


Someone on American Idol needs to go home, and it’s not one of the contestants. All I can say is MY RECORDER MISSED ADAM LAMBERT because the judges don’t know when to shut their traps. I actually had to go here to see him sing. If he goes tonight, so do I. Down with the judges, I say. The producers were idiots if they thought everyone would shorten their monologues this season to make room for a fourth opinion.

At least they finally called Lil Rounds on her performance inability in general, to which she replied, “I am an artist…” That’s like telling people you’re classy. Classy people never use that word, neither should true artists. Well, except for me. I mean, I can’t help it if I’m a classy blog artist now, can I?


  1. I don’t understand why I haven’t started watching BL yet. AI I couldn’t care about at all.

  2. “Classy blog artist”!!

    Now THAT is a title to be proud of! hahaha

  3. Yikes–I hadn’t thought about Adam getting the boot because of that. We had to dig up the tape later too–even though our DVR always records a little extra for AI. We still missed his entire performance.

  4. hee hee hee on your last line.

    I better go check and see if my recorder caught Adam. He really ROCKS my world.

  5. I have yet to see an episode of TBL.

    I am however, baffled at Adam Lambert. I don’t get him. I like his voice except when he gets his screech on. Who is he?? Is he Elvis, Pete Wentz or Liza Minnelli? Cause right now he seems to be an unholy combination of the three.

  6. Ron is *almost* worse that Vicki. No one can be as bad as her. But he’s more conniving cuz he still seems nice. Dirty Ron. He is definitely not classy!

  7. You totally are classy- are completely right about Idol. I’m still waiting for Randy and Paula to get kicked off. Can America vote the judges off?

  8. annie valentine says:

    Okay Bee, that is the best “sum up” I’ve ever heard on anyone in my entire life. Kudos.

    Kristina, you’d better start watching TBL so you can come to my finale party…

  9. OK, Adam in no resembled the pictures of him growing up. At. All. But I still love him.

    And isn’t it about time for the TBL finale already? It’s about run its course for me.

  10. The judges drive me CUH-razy, I used to like Simon for some reason or another, but now he just seems annoyed that he even has to be on that show, and what’s up with the love/hatin’ relationship with Paula and him? Something is up with ‘dat…and KARA! Now she is a classy lady……she KNOWS what she is talkin’ about, she’s the real deal, the WHOLE package baby.

  11. I was just writing on another blog…I’m not a fan of American Idol. It was good for the first few then Simon really got to me and Paula just….oh heck. I don’t like it.
    TBL is always stacked. I wish it wasn’t though cuz I really like the show!

  12. I completely agree with you on Brown Team.

    He pulls out the tears “Please save my son”

    and I’m just ready to strike him down. He totally needs to go! Blue tried but missed and they’ve gone down.

    I don’t think I’ll be happy with any of them winning at this point. I think Felipe has become a butt head and Tara and whats her face make me mad… ugh!!! I don’t like any of them that are left.

  13. annie valentine says:

    shelli, you really need to come to my
    TBL party.

  14. Well indeed you are a blog artist. Duh. I didn’t get to see Adam last night either. But Danny is my favorite. Yes, and 4 judges is too many–they make me crazy sometimes. I generally love american idol though.

  15. I won’t lie, I hate reality tv. I never watch it. I’m bored. Some people on tv think that just because they’re televised, they have a right to be rude. I don’t put up with rudeness in real life, why should I do it on tv?
    Anyway…sorry for that rant.
    And you ARE a blog artist. Declaration deserved.

  16. Nobody’s DVR caught AL’s performance, but if you follow Seacrest on Twitter, he posted a link for it.

    Allllllso, thank goodness the judges have their vote thingy to save him if the cutoff has damaged his votes for tonight!

  17. annie valentine says:

    Did everyone notice Paula’s classy comment?

  18. yeah, ours didn’t catch Adam either. There are people on there that need to go, definitely! I think the judges are a wee bit deaf at times.

  19. Yea…I got jipped and missed Adam’s also!!! So thanks for pointing me in the right direction! I’m happy with who went home…and sorry, I don’t watch Biggest Loser…I should, it would probably help me, but I don’t! 🙂

  20. Why are all of the people on BL so short sighted?
    Clearly Brown needs to go. Poor Sione missed the opportunity big time. The ladies neeed to band together and make it happen, they were to busy eating cupcakes this week.

  21. I totally agree about brown. I liked them the first like three weeks and then dad started to annoy me. I hope Kristin wins… they made it seem like all she ate at the temptation was a pretzel before she realized she was making a mistake! Love her.

    Oh, and Helen. Don’t even get me started on her. Her daughter should be there, not her.

  22. I don’t watch BL. Like ever.

    AI? That’s another story. Totally jipped on the Adam performance too. I like what someone else said: Can’t we vote the judges off? Cause they are buggin’. Big time.

  23. I don’t watch Idol, but I do watch Loser and I feel the same. These people are killin’ me though. Loved your quad-nipple story.

  24. I watch TBL on the DVR… that way I don’t have to get caught up in the soap opera. Opening, fast forward, reward challenge, fast forward, immunity challenge, fast forward, weigh in, fast forward, here’s the loser of the losers showing how much weight they lost.

    Besides, half the show is showing you what they showed you before the commercial and just before the commercial.

    Here’s a new idea for a reality show;

    “Find Your Way Home” a show for dimentia and alzheimer patients to see who can find their house first. You can include all of the people who keep watching what just happened again.

  25. Me and all my classiness came unglued when we missed the last singer on AI the other night!!! I was ticked!!!

    Ron has GOT to go! I feel bad for Felipe and Sione, they tried to get rid of Ron and fell flat. Ron had no business being there and neither does Helen. She should have let her daughter stay. What mother puts herself over her daughter???? Now THAT is classy!