Sorry Mother

I owe my mother an appology.

For years I scoffed and scorned at her constant reminders to keep myself looking clean and put together. She’s always been a big advocate of hair brushes and lip stick (not to mention the occasional teasing comb and mascara). My sisters and I roll our eyes to this day when she offers to let us borrow her lipstick.

And then, it happened. I realized something horrible about myself today. I like my daughter better when she looks cute.

Seriously. If she’ll only leave her piggy tails in I will do just about anything she asks: fetch juice, put on Barney, get her a piece of salami–her every cute little wish is my command. But the moment those little pig tails are yanked out and her diaper smells, she might as well be someone else’s kid.

And so, Mother dear, I promise to keep my face fixed and my hair clean as much as possible.

Well, at least when you’re around.


  1. OH MY GOSH! You have totally nailed it on the head Annie! It’s true. I like my daughter better and will do anything for her when she’s cute. just the other day she was throwing a horrible tantrum and usually I’d get so frustrated but this time she had a tutu on and leg warmers and her hair was in pig tails. so I just smiled and laughed!

  2. This doesn’t work as well with boys. Oh, it still works (like when Bug is wearing his Sunday clothes and gives me a cute, little snuggle, I just melt). Just not as well. Darn our societal norms that makes boys so daggone boyish.

  3. I’ve suddenly decided Miss Two needs a tutu and leg warmers. Maybe then I could overlook her sassy ways and bossy attitude.

  4. I am the same way. It’s a battle with my daughter and as soon as she’s home, she takes her hair out, because she likes it to be LONG!

    Vain much?

  5. annie valentine says:

    Um, Jen? Hate to break it to you, but you let her get away with it no matter what she’s wearing.

  6. Kim Haynes says:

    First of all I must say your mom always looks good and I wish I was more like her, but I’m not. I must say I think its great when Summer has her makeup on and hair done, but she also has such a natural beauty about her and looks good with no makeup and her hair in a pony tail. Also some of the best times in life is when you find a kid covered in mud and a big smile. Or in the morning with pink cheeks and messed up hair. I guess I’m odd.

  7. Wow, I totally thought my mom was just thought I was ugly…thank you for saving our relationship, it could’ve been an UGLY battle! baah haha ha

  8. I guess I can’t blame me being ignored by my mother because of “middle child”syndrome. I have to face the facts I was the homely one.

  9. Ah, the reason is revealed. That’s why my mom doesn’t hang around much!

  10. Um, we must have the same moms. Or at least the same kind. 🙂