I am a horrible person

Okay, to those of you who were offended by my last post (where I pointed out that Anoop looked kind of like a terrorist with his scrubby facial hair), please remember that I suffer from severe hoof and mouth disease. I can’t help it, I think that kind of thing is funny and the government let’s me use the internet. It doesn’t make me a racist, it just makes me insensitive. But you already knew that, right?

So, shifting gears to what might be equally offenseive material, I got a new swimsuit in the mail. Check out this week’s column for the whole sorry story.


  1. If you just carry around that picture of Hugh Jackman with you as you wear your new suit…it’s doubtful anyone will notice your so-called speed-bump:)

    But I’m with you on not being able to hide any weight gain. When your 5’1″—a pound on you is like 5 on someone else. Grrr.

  2. Everyday is a holiday at my house!! No wonder my holiday weight gain is 0-60 pounds a holiday.

  3. I hope you don’t think I was offended about your article. There is nothing offensive about Hugh Jackman. I would only be offended if you don’t continually update us with more pictures.

  4. I meant…I would only be offended if you didn’t continually update us with more pictures. And if you don’t I will feel obligated to on my blog.

  5. I must be the most ignorant of all- because I thought that Al kyda was a terrorist group- not a race. Does not liking terrorist groups make me racist?
    Because I seriously don’t like them. They do mean things. Facial hair or not.

  6. It’s torture enough to buy a bathing suit at the store where I can try them on & have (statistically speaking) a chance at actually finding one that works if I just keep killing myself in the dressing room long enough. There’s no way that I could gamble on something working by mail order. I wish I could though.

  7. If they do stare at you will you let me know? Because I was wondering the same thing. . .

  8. Totally wasn’t offended by the terrorist thing, erally peple were? I totally don’t get why?
    I bought a bathing suit a couple months ago, I still haven’t tried it on…I’m terrified.

  9. I’m so happy he went too!

    I lOVE your new profile pic. I was laughing so hard when I saw your post with the three choices. hahahahah You are so brave. It’s just makes your beauty so much easier to bear.

    Okay I just caught up reading all the past posts. Just a reminder that I love you even when I’m too busy to show it. I’m a blogger slacker right now.

  10. Oh and how funny ! When I clicked on your site from Jen’s Jingle it said “Pimp my profile” and “Find a Booty Call”

    ha ha ha ha You better fix that link.

  11. Just read your swimsuit article. ha hahahaha too true!

  12. Maybe it’s a baby bump? 🙂

  13. Funny Whit, she’s gonna love that one. And I’m all about supporting the idea that terrorists are undesirables, hence looking like one on a popularity contest could also be undesirable.

    Is that so wrong? If he’d come out wearing a swastica and you’d have said he reminded you of a Nazi, would you be considered racist?

    Just wondering.

  14. That swim suit story –fuuuuny. Speed bumb (still laughing) You know about moguls on ski hills—well, that’s my body. I think the flesh colored girdle is sounding pretty good right now.
    Hey your not a horrible person –we can’t be responsible for every little thing that comes out of my mouth —(at least that’s what I tell myself) I still love ya —-and once again, your new photo IS AWESOME.

  15. I’m sorry. Any comments/writing BEFORE that picture of Hugh Jackman was totally forgotten after it. I’m not sure I can remember any of the words altogether. I think that picture deserves a 3rd post.

  16. I hope you know that Hugh Jackman is a terrorist.

  17. For those of you who don’t understand why the terrorist comments were offensive, I think you are kind of missing the point. Yes, terrorists do horrible things, and that is why comparing someone to them solely because they appear Middle-Eastern and grow a beard is a little insensitive. It would more like hearing someone speak with a German accent and accusing them of being a Nazi, a part of their past that many Germans still remember. (a better analogy than the swastika comment) That would be in pretty bad taste, right? I’m not trying to be mean about it, in fact this site is pretty much the funniest thing I have found online in months, so I can easily forgive! Seriously, Annie, you are an awesome, funny writer. It just seems like most of you may not have any foreign friends to not know why this joke was kind of crossing a line. Sorry for being all serious, but just felt I should share 🙂 We all say things without always knowing how they will come accross, me included! I’ll still be reading your awesome posts 🙂

  18. annie valentine says:

    Ah Sara, I appreciate your opinion (especially the part about thinking I’m funny). For what it’s worth, I never compared him to a terrorist or called him a terrorist. I was not accusing him of terrorism on any level, so it’s not like saying someone who speaks German is a Nazi. There’s a huge difference.

    Our culture is way over sensitive and it’s silly to take offense when you know someone is joking. For Heaven’s sakes, Saturday Night Live is offensive every single week and no one says anything.