All Growed Up

For overcoming tongue-thrust, circumcision, the first bath and routine diaper rashes, learning to eat with a spoon, cutting your first four teeth in one week, walking, talking, using the toilet (thanks be), and going to preschool. For that first bus ride, getting punched in the face on the playground, losing your first five teeth, and teaching yourself to sing with vibrato at 5, all I can say is…


He’s six today. I sat down this morning and watched the home movies from the day he was born. I bawled the whole way through it. Sometimes I forget just how shockingly wonderful my birth into motherhood was.

Here’s to my wonderful boy, the light of my life and the best oldest son ever. For Mother’s Day this year, he’s spent the last week and a half perfecting the art of saying, “Yes Mom!” Considering the past few weeks of serial back talking he’s been dishing, this has been an important behavioral U-turn, and not a moment too soon (there were a few times I didn’t think he’d make it to six).

At the moment he’s curled up on the living room floor clutching his stomach because it’s full of Birthday Jitters. He’s taking his Special Agent to school as his special guest today and is about to get handcuffed in front of all his friends. I think it’s a little too much for his nervous system.

Happy birthday anyway, darling, here’s to growing up with style.

Photo by Veronica

Veronica Reeve Photography


  1. He’s so handsome! Happy birthday to your boy!

  2. Aww . . . you got me all sniffly.

  3. Happy birthday to your Six Year Old! 🙂 What a great picture, too!

  4. aaawwww he is gorgeous!

    Happy Birthday to him 🙂

  5. happy birthday to Harrison from Ian!

  6. Adrianne says:

    so handsome…you are doing a great job Annie!!

    Love ya,

  7. Aw his smile is so cute. His eyes just get squished away. You obviously get every right to be proud of that sweet thing.

  8. He’s SO cute. ALMOST as handsome as my 6-year-old. 🙂 Maybe they’ll be mission comps and convert the entire female population.

  9. What a handsome guy.

  10. Wow, my oldest son’s birthday was yesterday. He is 18, but I spent the day the same way remembering how wonderful it was to become a mother. And right before Mother’s Day. How special? Huh.

  11. He rates a big 10 on the cutie pie scale. Very suave.

  12. You make beautiful babies!

    Happy Birthday!!!

  13. PS Did you know that Old Navy gives 10% discounts to military on the 1st day of the month??

    I’m just saying.

  14. What a cutie. He is such a great mix between you and Jason!

  15. My oldest is six too, I feel so close to you now! (Could that be any scarier for you?!)

    He is ADORABLE! I love him! Happy birthday cute boy!

  16. Kendra says:

    Oh Annie, he looks so grown-up! It reminds me we haven’t seen eachother for awhile, I miss you guys so much! Happy Birthday, Harrison! You are so handsome 🙂

  17. There is a certain spot in a Moms heart that can only be filled by a first son.

    Way to survive the mouthy fives, wait till he’s 8.