%$#& Legos

Is there anything worse than trying to discipline your child and really wanting to spank them, but somehow managing to keep your temper in check, and then stepping on a lego? Seriously, CPS must have so many lego related incident reports. It’s enough to make me punch holes in the wall, I tell ya. Stupid legos.

On a separate but kind of related note, doesn’t it drive you nuts when you get food out and prepare sandwiches for an entire row of children, and then quickly clean up the mess thinking, “I’ll stay on top of it. I will not let the cheese go bad today,” only to finish wiping the counter and hear, “More sandwich, Mommy!”


Yeah, it’s that kind of day.


  1. This too shall pass, this too shall pass, this too shall pass.

    I kiss your feet for you.

  2. Ya, that’s when I tell my kids to starve or that it is time for a diet. I’m considerate like that. I don’t want my kids to have weight issues, right?

  3. Oh my goodness YES! YES! and YES!

    Enjoy it though, Annie, it goes so tamn fast! And soon you’ll be like “does anyone want another sandwhich?” and “Does anyone want to send me into a rage with their Legos today?”

    Sooooon, Annie. It really sneaks up on you. You think it’s never going to end and then suddenly you’re holding on for dear life.

  4. Freakin Legos! I swear they must be made from Satan, they are the WORST! But what was that thing about keeping your temper in check? Thats crazy talk lady.

  5. Can I pretend that I know what you’re talking about?

  6. It’s a love hate relationship for me because my kids will sit and play for hours on end building and creating with legos and that is the part I love…stepping on them is the worst though, now I know why my dad hated them!

  7. Did I mention that I have the flu and I’m spending the day in bed whilst my husband takes care of things?

    Oh yeah, I think I did. It’s almost worth feeling rotten after reading this post.

  8. How exactly perfectly did you describe this in very detail? (I don’t think that sentence makes much sense). This is perfect, right down to EVERYTHING. See, it’s when you’re trying to do it right that you’re tested. Why is that? I hate that.

  9. serenity now!!

  10. Calgon take me away.

  11. I think it always happens like that. Things go from bad to worse in just a few seconds time. Maybe you should try yoga 🙂 It’s great 🙂

  12. I can’t believe I never made the CPS/Lego connection. That’s so funny.

  13. Everyone thinks those guys who walk on hot coals are so awesome, but the true test…could they last on a lego walk? I think not.

  14. The sandwich scenario gets me every time…but sometimes it’s with oatmeal, cold cereal, pancakes, etc, but it happens with all food-making in general. It drives me nuts.

  15. Two weeks ago my sister and her husband took their 3 year boy to an Insta Care because he had stuck a Lego up his nose (following his older brother’s example, of course). After three hours of unsuccessfully trying to extract said Lego they were sent to Primary Children’s Hospital where he was sedated and two doctors removed it in 3 minutes. Naturally, all this happened after hours on a Sunday.

    On a side note, I’ve heard it said shoes are the hardest part of motherhood. I would concur.

  16. And you know what’s worse??? I’ll probably never rid myself of the legos, because it seems like all ages of children, at least at my house, pull those feet stabbing toys out regularly.