What do you have to say for yourself?

I don’t put up with rude children, especially when they’re mine. Check out this week’s column for the whole sorry story.


  1. I gave my 5 year old the Respect Talk yesterday too. She wore my cowboy (girl) boots through a giant mud puddle. I told her that she should not do that with other peoples things. She then said that if they are on her feet then they are her’s. I said to her “Can I go in and get your Barbie and have her go swimming in the mud?” She did not like that….next time (better not be a next time) Barbie WILL be getting a mud bath.

    An other thing she did yesterday…she jumped into the kitchen and said “Do you feel different?”
    I said “How should we feel different?”
    She said “That God took you power away.”
    “What power?” I ask.
    “The power of NO…so that you will say YES to everything I say.” She says.
    I told her that it doesn’t work that way.

    Sounds good though…I should try that one on my husband….

  2. Loved your story…by the way.
    🙂 HAHA

  3. Amen.

  4. girlsmama says:

    Thank you! My husband is the YM president, and I tell ya, there are some seriously disrespectful kids out there. And I tell them about it.

  5. I agree. My dad always told me that he never spanked me hard enough to hurt, but he made himself seem really scary, and made sure it was pretty humiliating. I think it worked well!

  6. Thank goodness some parents out there still realize our kids are losing respect for adults. I do blame media and ‘softy-dont hurt a child’s feelings’ approach to parenting. Brody didn’t sass his teacher, but was being disruptful a few weeks back. I didn’t find out about it until we got home from church, but he did have to call her on the phone and apologize. Although I agree face to face is probably the best way (and most uncomfortable), I’ll tell ya, that phone call wasn’t a walk in the park for him either.

    Good job with Harrison!

  7. Flaired nostrils do it everytime!

  8. Oh, thank you, thank you! Too many adults laugh this kind of thing off and then their kids think they are being funny when they are talking back to people that they should be respecting. And I HATE it. So thank you for advocating a higher standard.

  9. Loved it! I’ve already told the story to a young gal in my ward. Great job, Annie!

  10. Amen, Annie. This story should be republished in newspapers all over. Kids know when their parents are being softies and they take full advantage of it later.

  11. AMEN!! I am gobsmacked at the crap they let kids get away with in primary, and how there is also no competition allowed any more because “we don’t want people’s feelings to get hurt and they won’t want to come.” Horse puckey!

  12. I work in YW’s and I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had the “respect” lesson. Its ridiculous.

    I’m wondering how we are so much alike…hmmm, are you stalking me? Or am I stalking YOU!?

  13. Loved your article. A few weeks ago, my 12 year old got in trouble at school for the first time in her life. I know, she’s a gem. I gave her a tounge lashing, and I appologized (sp?) to the teacher profusely. My Middle Schooler’s behavior improved immensly. What I failed to do (and just realized after your article) was have my daughter appologize to the teacher. . . DANG IT! I hope she messes up again, just so I can give her that important lesson.

  14. I can’t believe what kids get away with today! Good for you making him apologize. My neighbor kid shot our window with a bb gun. I know it was him, he knows it was him. dumb kid. So we confronted the parents, who by the way are never around, and they said, “he said he didn’t do it, end of discussion.” HUH???!? nice parenting. real nice.

  15. Very cool – I’m so glad you made him apologize. I agree completely. Even if people criticize or give you “looks.” Especially when those criticizing you are someone like your inlaws, and your child is disrespecting you – the mother – the supreme one. And those people, who are kind of like your inlaws, but for the sake of not starting fights, let’s not point fingers, would rather let the child treat you like some rotten banana peel, versus a respected credit card wielding adult, because HEAVEN FORBID he’s screaming during his time out. Yeah, kids need to show more respect, even if people, who might be my inlaws (or might not be) think my parenting style is too harsh by keeping my son in a corner.
    Oh, I’m sorry, is this YOUR blog, because I seem to keep ranting….how embarrassing (I may also blame this incredibly long, and self absorbed, comment on my inlaws too – or someome like them at least.)

  16. YES! Another mom teaching respect! There is hope!

  17. It’s truly hard to say much else but: “AMEN SEESTAH!!”

  18. Riddle Girl says:

    I think this should be posted on every Primary Room and school room door! I am the Primary Prez and I get the strangest looks from (some)parents when I bring their child to them from Primary telling them that they are not behaving and they need to speak with them about it.
    I admit there are a few that are embarrassed and give them their marching papers, but many laugh it off! That makes me so mad. When my own kids act up I pull them out and put them on a chair since i still have to finish sharing time.
    We have MANY “special” sharing times on RESPECT because I am appalled at how some of these kids treat their teachers and parents.
    Even though I am stern…Many still like to hang out at my house. Maybe boundaries give them a sense of security and comfort knowing what is expected (and kind of like you put it…knowing their place on the chain! ) At least that is my hope!