Bless her really nasty heart…

Have you ever noticed that you can say just about anything you want about a person as long as you tag it with, “Bless her heart”? I met a really horrid lady, bless her heart, in Costco last week. Check out this week’s column for the whole story.


  1. I hate the old crusty sample ladies who are like that! You are allowed to take as many samples as you want at Costco, including for kids. What a meanie face.
    Good for you for sticking up for your kids!!! You’re brave, maybe someday I’ll be.

  2. Wow-I’m impressed you went back. I never would have had the guts.
    I’m even more impressed that you ventured into CostCo with four kids! I’m afraid to go to that place by myself—let alone when I’m responsible for other human lives.

  3. PS-you got comments from two ladies named ‘Dayton’ in a row. That probly means you’re awesome:)

  4. Hilarious! I always knew you had the making of a southern belle. I hear those sweet girls in the south say it how it is and just sandwich it with “bless your heart”. And I’m uber impressed that you stood up to her since I’ve been at Top Foods and had a sample lady tell my son that he couldn’t have a sample because he was a child and I just whimpered away like a dog with my tail between my legs looking for something to buy my child to soften the blow. LOL

  5. Oh, and I also just wanted to say that I love your line “If someone doesn’t start sticking up for moms, then girls will stop wanting to become them.” So true. I have to admit, even though being a mother is what I am the most proud of / satisfied by, I’m guilty of wondering what was wrong with the little girls in my daughter’s class who dressed up as moms for career day. There were tons of girls wearing outfits signifying that they wanted to be doctors, cowgirls, mail ladies… You name it. Then, there were a handful of little girls wearing street clothes saying, “I want to be a mom when I grow up.” I was like, “Well, you can do that too, but what do you really want to be?” As if being a mom isn’t a “real job”. I’m dissing my own kind…

  6. This is so, so true! Or, “no offense.”

  7. You go girl! I’ve never seen that happen before . . . . interesting.

  8. You ROCK! I need to think like you more often and stick-up for myself as a Mother… is a hard job.

    Thank you!!

  9. Wow, what a witch–bless her heart… But seriously, I’m so impressed you said something, I would be too afriad! I usually just make my husbadn go up there and get as many as we need. 🙂

  10. I like your blog. I found you on twitter! I don’t even have a Costco near me, but I still don’t like the crusty people.

  11. zstitches says:

    Hooray for you for going back! That’s fabulous. I totally want to know exactly what you said. Did she then share out more samples?

  12. annie valentine says:

    She was defensive and embarrassed and tried to tell me that she never said I couldn’t have more samples (and looked guilty as all get-out and red in the face while she lied). She actually didn’t think I’d call her bluff. I looked her square in the eye and said, “You’re wrong. You looked me straight in the face and said ‘No.’ ‘No.’ (added for extra emphasis) You refused to give my children samples. And I’m sorry, but that was wrong. You need to be kind to mother’s with young children, this job isn’t easy.”

    Then she said, “I am kind!” and sneered at me. I almost laughed and almost cried, but ended up shaking my head at her and walking away.

  13. Annie you are a trooper. Not only did you stick up for yourself, but what a great example this was for your children. If children see their parents cower when people are rude, then they more than likely to do the same. Makes me want to go to the makeup counter at Dillards and tell those ladies off (that’s where I get the most crusty looks).

  14. wow. usually the sample ladies are so nice. isn’t that one of the job specifications?

  15. Michelle says:

    Annie! I am so proud of you! You are my new “mom hero.” And you’ve inspired me. While I haven’t had bad experiences with the sample ladies, there are plenty of others. I think I will now try harder to stick up for myself (and my kiddos- and mom’s in general)
    Because- unless there is a “no children allowed” sign on the door or the invitation- you have every right to be there and get what every other human being is getting.
    I would just have a hard time not either crying or cussing while I stood up for myself!

  16. Sneering while saying “I AM kind!” is like yelling “I AM NOT ANGRY!”

    Who knew handing out samples at Costco came with such a discretionary responsibility.

  17. I am proud of you.

  18. I actually find myself getting annoyed with my children at times for really just being excited. Things really would be quieter and cleaner around here if they were always calm and sedate. But what a sad childhood that would be.

    Good for you for recognizing that and for sticking up for yourself and your kids.

  19. You go, girl! I’m so proud of you, not that I’d expect anything less 🙂

  20. I had something exactly like this happen to me at a Barnes & Noble. Another customer kept sighing very loudly and glaring at me because my kids were not being silent. I was about to slink away, embarrassed that my kids were excited about all the books, when I decided to stand up for myself and them. I asked her if she’s ever tried shopping with little kids and she said, yes she had 8 herself, but she never brought them with her to the bookstore (the nerve!) I told her I thought that was really sad, took my books and marched off. I still feel proud of myself! So good for you!

  21. Amen, sister!

  22. Good for you! I can’t stand it when the sample people act as though the money is coming out of their own pockets! Way to call her out!

  23. I agree with everyone before me: good for you for going back!!! Those samples have “caused” me to buy things that I wouldn’t have thought to buy. It’s called ADVERTISEMENT and she should have been not only willing but NICE about it.

  24. YOU GO, ANNIE!!! I’m so glad you went back to her because NO WAY should she have been unkind to you OR your children! I would have just flipped the shiz about that. I can take about anything when it comes to myself but you insult my kids in any fashion and you’ll learn why they call it “mommy bear syndrome.”

  25. that is one seriously awesome bachelorette party. she is joining one amazing sisterhood!

  26. You hit the bulls-eye on this one, Annie. I’m glad you let her have it, bless your heart. Seriously, I’m glad you saw it clearly so quickly. It would have taken me too long to realize she NEEDED to be confronted. Thanks for standing up!