Genetically engineered to wear eye-makup

So the June Bug got hold of a Sharpie the other day.

We all know the dangers of Sharpies, in fact, I think some mother gave them that name, hoping to deter kids from using them because they’re “sharp”, like knives. It was a nice thought, but no banana.

So my little daughter comes up to the kitchen calling my name. She’s been quietly downstairs, playing with her brothers, leaving me peacefully alone. Yes, I should have known. (Actually, I think I did know but decided to chance the results because the “peacefully alone” part was so fantastic.)

I turn my head and what do you think I see? A little raccoon. She had used that Sharpie, not on the walls, or the couch, or her brothers, not on a book or the keyboard or some random important piece of paper, but on her eyes. My daughter had applied (rather successfully) eye liner.

Yes, she looked like a goth who’d been in a bar fight, but she was so proud of herself. You would think she’d learned to tie her shoe while playing the piano, she was so proud of herself. And let’s be honest, I was proud too. My baby…such a girl.

Here’s the part where I tell you that I couldn’t find the camera and I hate myself. Sob.


  1. It is too bad about the camera because I’d love to see your little racoon. Is it evil of me to be happy for you that she didn’t color the walls? Although WD-40 does wonders…

  2. Can you have her do it again so we can see a picture?

  3. Well if it’s a Sharpie I’m assuming it hasn’t come off straight away? Is a photo still possible, or do you not have a camera on your phone? Because THAT is some serious ammo for later when she’s a teenager… 😀

  4. It is a Sharpie Annie. I’m sure a photo today or tomorrow will have the same affect. You really need to show us. It will make all of us realize that it isn’t just our kid that does stuff like that.

  5. Wow… Meara does similiar stuff. It really is genetic. When I was watching M I thought she was playing nicely with the dollhouse but she was actually painting her face. Those Valentine girls! 😉

  6. ROFL! We should have your June and my Lauren play together. They would either destroy the house or permanently tattoo makeup on themselves. I’m so glad I’m not the only one having daughter issues!! Of course I’m having son issues too….

  7. At my house, she used the magic marker to put on lipstick. It was lovely. . .

  8. From your daughter Annie, I would expect nothing less.

  9. lol. ohhhh, even without a picture i love the visual I am having!

  10. That’s kind of hysterical. Meara, on the other hand, has a penchant for colors ranging from bright pink to fusia, preferably applied as eyebrow pencil. So lovely.

    And she does it over, and over again, until the other day I finally threw out every marker in the house.

    Oh, and I hope June looked lovely at the wedding festivities…

  11. And I was sooo hoping for a pic. Could be worse……tomorrow could be Sunday…..hahaha! I am so mean!