Crap. I haven’t got my face fixed yet.

Okay, so my technologically advanced girlfriend’s husband, Mike, insisted that I fix my blog site so it has “feed”. To be honest, I have no idea what people actually to do with “feed”, other than throw it out to cattle in the winter, but that is the rhyme behind my new front page. (Note the little “feed” sticker up there to your left? That’s the one.)

See, I’m not really fru fru-ey on the blogging front. In real life, I would happily wear sequins and heels every single day just to drive car pool, but my blog is my bling-free environment. Not because I’m really all that interested in simplifying my life, but because virtual bling is way over my head. Exhibit A: the missing side bar. I don’t even have my column link figured out yet (how did I do that last time? Oh. Right. Alison Wonderland did it for me while I was napping. Good, good blog friend.)

So if you can all bear with me, I will shortly get my act together and try to put up something colorful and enlightening up to taunt and tease you. In the meantime, I’ll try to pepper my entries with plenty of spelling errors and almost-bad words like “crap” just to keep you coming back for more.

I hope you’re feeding into this, it’s the best I can do.

ps – And the photo at the top? Now that’s my eye.


  1. I always thought you had feed. Coolness? Now that’s a different story. 😉

  2. Crap or no crap…I’ll be back. 🙂

  3. With all do respect to Mike, you DO have a feed. That’s how I read you in my Good Reader. But you can go ahead and burn one through Feedburner if you want. It’s actually kinda fun, because through them you can find out exactly how many subscribers you have through all the various readers.

  4. I have no idea how to blog bling either—hence my incredibly not-catchy looking blog. Of course, I’m not much for bling in real life either… 🙂

  5. I like you no matter what your blog face looks like. 🙂

    I would probably wear heels and fancy stuff everyday if my feet didn’t hurt so bad. tee hee

  6. Michelle says:

    Feed? Usually I’m all over stuff about food. And I keep my blog as plain as possible, because I like to think that the Content not the Cuteness are what matters (O.K. and I also don’t have a clue how to blog- except for the part where I type words in a post)

  7. I’m a certified genius, but I can’t figure out this feed mess. Wait – that’s certifiable… anywho, I just use me some Google Reader and ignore the trudging on on knowing stuff. But if you figure out something cool, I reserve the right to try and do the same thing so as to retain some semblance of coolness.

  8. My blog is like a homely girl who doesn’t date. I don’t have the bling, don’t know how to do the bling, and even if I did, it is My blog and I can choose to be the homely girl/blog. Love your blog though, I’ll be back, bling or not.

  9. You so crazy, you don’t need bling when you got the blang..
    (don’t know what that means.)

  10. It’s all my fault.

    Annette – yeah, there’s always been a feed. The problem with some wordpress templates is that they don’t make all feeds visible. If you happen to have a decent browser it will find them for you. Feedburner is always great too. Of course you have to know that feed isn’t just for cattle, right Annie? 🙂 I’m just glad to know that people actually use feeds. It’s the only way to go. This new template will help, even if it’s a pain getting Annie’s face fixed.

    Oh…I was going to go through each comment, but I just can’t do it. My whole reasoning behind this is to make sure that more people see Annie’s blog. I see it in my reader, but I wanted to make sure that the twitter and facebook universes can find it also. Every update Annie makes get automatically fed to my twitter folks. Exposure is always good, except for the bad kind.

    Just for the record, I use NewsLife as my reader.

    – The Technically Advanced Girlfriend’s no so technically advanced Husband

  11. Okay, Okay, I know you hate corrections . . . . but I must do it again . . . . I was a proofer in my 1st life!!!! Delete this comment if you must, but read your header statement very carefully . . . . you made the same mistake you made before (when last I corrected you!!!)

    Sorry . . . . .

    Your blog is awesome by the way!

  12. Oh, and your blog entries are put quite a lot of bling into your site just on their own!

  13. Noooo!! No bling!! Your blog is so peaceful which is a nice contrast to the chaos you often post about. I love it just the way it is.

  14. I absolutely adore your new look! I’m not a techie person but I do know about news feeds. I like that I can read your blog so easily now!

  15. I’ve got your back when and if you need it. I doubt that it was actually necessary to change your template to add feed but then what do I know?

    And if Tina’s talking about the period being outside the parenthesis, I say leave it. I know that in American grammar it’s wrong but American grammar is stupid and makes not sense and the Brits do it the way you did (and the way that does make sense),

  16. nope, not the grammar . . . . . I guess that is why I got paid the big bucks to be a proofer in my 1st life 😉

  17. My original thought when I read this blog post title was: “oh no, she had unexpected company come to the door and she didn’t have her makeup on yet. Her Mom would be so disappointed, lol!” But it was not about that at all. I liked the first blog you had, where you posted pictures and it had COLOR! 🙂

  18. Melissa says:

    As long as you mention your spelling errors, I just wanted to pointed out the “MIDLY” in your opening paragraph up top. I admit I am not a writer, not even an english major, but I believe the word you were tapping your little fingers for was “mildly”…
    I love you annie. It is always fun to hear your voice, even if misspelled.

  19. Hey, when you figure it out, teach me. I love you – your crap and all. Does that count for something?

    (Tell Jen that I miss her, and to get a computer SOON.)

  20. Do you feel critiqued enough yet?!?!?
    I just enjoy reading your posts, so you do your blog however you like!!

  21. Alas, I must leave all the techno stuff up to my hubby. If I want it, I ask him to do it. If I don’t have it, I rely on him to tell me.

  22. Okay, am I being the punk now? If so, I must. It’s just that these grammar corrections are cracking me up! Who does that? It’s making me laugh. Thanks for sharing your good stuff (does that sound illicit?!?), I love reading your blogg-y goodness.