Jon and Kate should never have had eight

You know the thing that really burns me about the Jon and Kate fiasco? Kate. She is kind of pukey. I haven’t really watched the show in the past (because I can’t stand the way she talks to her husband), but in light of their Big Reveal I did a little googling (which is really just virtual ogling).

Who does this lady think she is? Or the bigger question, why would anyone pay her to be alive, let alone drop a $20 for her autograph? When I think of those sweet babies and the circus their life has become it makes me want to drive a van through her front room and snatch those kids out of the lime light. (I would then deliver them to CPS or something, because no way do I want to bring all that home.)

Having children is such a priviledge. She obviously had to work hard to get them (because Mother Nature doesn’t really do that whole six at once thing), where did it all go wrong? The answer to that is simple. Money. Money money money.

It’s amazing how many people are obsessed with having and earning and hoarding money. I was just visiting with a lady the other day about her daughter. The girl and husband are in some dire financial straights, soon they won’t be able to make their Lexus and Mercedes lease payments, and the girl (who has three kids) doesn’t know what she’ll do without her clothing allowance. The worst part? Her parents want to help them. With money. By giving them more.

I gotta say, listening to this made me want to go shop at Savers. The best thing about this whole Dave Ramsey cult following that we’ve joined is the not stressing about how to pay for things. Because we’re so obsessed with spending as little as possible, we always seem to have what we need for “possible”. At the end of the pay period, I skip around the house joyfully if I can scrounge up an unspent $40 in cash to put toward The Mountain. It’s a brilliant mind shift, believe me.

Whoever said money was the root of all evil and contention really knew their stuff. (It might have been God, but I need to check on that.)


  1. Agree!

  2. Amen, sister! It’s reallly sad to see this family fall apart because they’ve shifted their priorities. It makes me want to hug my kids and my hub and make sure that they know I love them.

  3. The Jon/Kate thing just makes me very, very sad.

  4. Well, at least they got some crooked play houses in that episode. I’m pretty sure they are a metaphor for their life.

  5. the love of money is the root of of all evil. Being rich is not a sin, but putting money above all else is.
    The only problem is how is she and he going to survive their lifestyle without the support of the show? As far as I know, neither of them work, their paycheck is from TLC.

  6. Well, as much as Kate definitely has her faults, let’s be fair here. Never have I seen a situation where the husband starts cheating and wearing jewelry that it was entirely the wife’s fault. For a guy who let her treatment of him go unchecked for 2 years and refuses counseling and finally calls standing up for himself having an affair that is well documented for his children to see at any time is not someone who didn’t play a part in this situation.

    Just my take on it.

  7. Oh yes, and love of money is the root of all evil…the Duggars seemed to have been able to keep their family under control.

  8. I definitely have to say that Kelly has a point here. And the whole thing just makes me feel ill. All those kids going through such a heartbreaking thing ON NATIONAL TELEVISION! For the rest of their lives, everyone is constantly going to be judging them on how they’ve handled the fame, how they’ve handled the divorce, blah, blah, blah.

    It’s really kind of hideous.

  9. Amen to all that! It makes me sad that money makes people rotten. Honestly, to watch from the beginning and then see BOTH of them now? It’s sad.

  10. Well Money is NOT evil – my husband and I know really wealthy, wonderful, humble families. Money is not the devil – but the LOVE (aka obsession, greed, consumemt) of money is bad. We need wealthy people in our world! They pay for the churches and hospitals.

    But I agree – we could definetly do without all the stars who make money off drama. Gotta love that Dave Ramsey – who by the way is a freaking millionare 🙂

  11. I have just joined the Dave Ramsey cult myself. I am pretty excited about it. I agree with Shelle, if you have watched the show from the start, well it is amazing to see how this happened. They have been emotionally divorced for a long time, now they are just making it legal.

  12. I used to really like the show. . . back when they were two normal people slightly stressed out about having 8 kids. When they became two neurotic people slightly stressed out about having fame and fortune, that’s when I was done.

    And really, are the earrings necessary?

  13. I used to watch the show two, back when it was about the insanity of trying to raise 8 very little kids and not about how many endorsement deals they could get.

  14. I watched the show from the beginning, and to be honest I really like Kate. She reminds me of me and my husband a lot. I agree the money thing got out of control, but people are horrible. To rip apart people we don’t even know, we don’t know everything thats happened, and you’re right, I feel for those kids! But I honestly think she’s a good mom and I would HATE if somehow I was in that situation, people were saying the horrible stuff they say about her, about me. She’s still a real person, even if she’s made mistakes.

    Oh yeah, money sucks.

  15. annie valentine says:

    Martha, I couldn’t agree more, especially since I plan to be kind of insanely wealthy (and generous and humble) myself.

  16. I have no idea how I feel about these two. I watch the show a little obcessively too. Yet, I just haven’t decided what to think of Kate’s OCD rants and belittling of all who dare to get within earshot or Jon’s Peter Pan syndrome. Everytime I see that twinkle in his eyes when he talks about seperating “for the kids” and I know he’s thinking “I’m FREE! Hallelujah! I’m free and young again!” It makes me cringe. That said, I can honestly say that if I had been living under Kate’s rule all of these years I would probably be ready to Scott Peterson her bossy self. Just saying. My verdict? They’re both guilty for more than their fair share of this and probably shouldn’t have had babies together in the first place. The kids ARE pretty stinkin’ cute though.

  17. And the reason that we had four kids….

    We didn’t want five.

    Never watched it, never cared about watching a show that featured 8 kids as they developed their lungs.

  18. I’ve never watched an episode of that show, but I believe you that [the love of] money is probably what did them in. I read that they have a million dollar house. You don’t *need* a million dollar house to raise 8 kids.

    I know of a guy who says he *needs* a 6 figure salary to raise his family of 2 kids. And his inlaws are always giving him money because he just can’t seem to make it on 70k a year.

  19. They are doing it for the kids……or for the love of money. I’m sure the kids would rather have their parents work through their problems than be spoiled rotten with things.