Lemonade, anyone?

My six-year-old has decided to go into business for himself. You know, sometimes his gene pool is so transparent. Check out this week’s column for the story.

(Have I mentioned yet that my T-shirts are for sale at The Quilted Bear in Ogden?)


  1. How funny! I could totally relate! My side of the family are the entrepreneurs. My brothers all have side jobs/businesses that they try to get my husband to get in on. He has NO interest. He has one job, and he gives all he has to that one.
    My kids grow a pumpkin patch every year that they sell and keep proceeds from. They wanted to sell their pumpkins for $20 each. They must have the gene.

  2. Love it! I’m just impressed you encourage him to be that way.
    …and I will check out the Quilted Bear next time I’m in the mall.

  3. When my oldest was 6, she had a slushy stand. She made $75.

  4. Several ladies and I in my neighborhood are seriously trying to think of businesses we could start to support our traveling dreams. Tell me how the lemonade business works out for him.

  5. I like your boy, my kind of kid! Good luck to him on his business, and if he finds the magic lemons that make you lose weight, let me know alright?

    p.s. I’m totally wearing one of your stupid twilight shirts RIGHT NOW! Freaky.

  6. I’d buy your kind o’ lemonade but even if it wasn’t, I’m a big supporter of lemonade stands. As the kid who used to sell backyard rocks, I try to support whatever kids are selling. Except things like crack and bad stuff. I only support the adults in that. (I’m kidding!)

  7. I love the magic weight-loss lemon tree. And it totally works until you add a few cups of sugar. I’m still refining that recipe…