There’s good news and bad news…

You know what I love? I love that when one door slams in your face, Heavenly Father always manages to wedge open a window to help cushion the blow–even if it’s only so you can stick your head out and puke from disappointment.

The bad news first. Well, it’s good news that ends badly–for now. I got a big fat rejection this weekend for my brilliant middle reader series, Polly Presley: From Fat to Famous (it’s up on if you’ve got time and like middle reader torture).

I mean come on, what nine-year-old doesn’t want to read about me at age ten? I was so fantastically obnoxious (please do not point out that some things never change) and chubby and overconfident–it’s a masterpiece and the first of many Polly Presley books. Nine-year-old girls all over the world are going to want to read about fat little Polly trying to get famous (again, no need for the “some things never change” lecture).

So I got a big ‘ole rejection today. It’s a bigger rejection than normal because I actually met this editor a few months back and actually took his advice (which was really good). Then to have him shut me down? Talk about your personal rejection.

(I will say here that I’ve been very prayerful that I find the right agent, at the right time, so I kind of feel like it must be divine intervention. That way I don’t feel too terrible that he’s now rejected me at ages ten and thirty.)

As for the window. This weekend I got another email from an editor at The Standard Examiner, northern Utah’s main paper. It’s a huge paper, one of the biggest circulations in the state. Anyway, they want my column! They’re going to start publishing me weekly in their online “Currents” section starting the first week of July!!

So at the end of the weekend, it all kind of evened out. But let me tell you, if you’re thinking about trying to break into this industry, you should probably get yourself an industrial strength skin to go with your query letters because it can be painful. And joyful. (But really, mostly painful.)


  1. Congrats!! That is AWESOME!!

    I’m seeing green over here. You have my dream job. I’m going to go eat a gallon of ice cream now!

  2. Congrats on the column! And I know that someone will eat that story up. Rejection is the name of the game!

  3. Yeah, Annie! I’m so proud of you, who cares about the rejection of your book, it is one of the funniest things I’ve ever read and it will get picked up somehow. But awesome, awesome, awesome news on your column!

  4. Sad and yet happy. Congrats on getting into the SE! I’ll have to tell my in-laws to watch out for you–they’re in that neck of the woods and get it.

  5. OH MY GOSH! CONGRATULATIONS on getting a column – soon you’ll be syndicated all over the US and agents will be FIGHTING for your book projects. And hang in there on the manuscript – he’s just one editor. You’ll find the right agent/editor for your manuscript, I just know it.

  6. We can live without Agent Ted. Virtual hugs in sympathy.

    And yippee on the Ogden paper. Go, girl!

  7. I have a subscription to the Standard! I’ll be looking for you!

  8. Oy Yay! Congratulations Annie. You deserve it and someone will pick up it up someday, its his loss totally! Will you be writing different articles for both the vidette and the Standard?

  9. I know you know this, but I can just remind you that a rejection often has nothing to do with the quality of your book? Sometimes it’s just not what a certain company/agent is looking to sell at the time. I think it sounds fabulous.

    And congrats on your column. I really enjoy it!

  10. I, being your only true friend, am hereby offerring to call my shady relatives in low places to have above-mentioned editor taken into an alley and….. (use your imagination). Then while begging for his ________ (use your imagination again) he will agree to publish you and make the first run of your books a quantity of 500k, which he will personally purchase. This will push your book into a second run of an additional 500k. Amazon will be sold out for weeks.

    Meanwhile the SE will realize they have a goldmine in their midst and offer you $25k per weekly column. You will be loaded with cash, hire a personal trainer and then you will truly go from Not so Fat to Famous.

    Man, I’m a good friend.

  11. I ditto the comments about the rejection. You’re good and it’s all about the timing and who you know.
    I’ll look forward to reading your new column. And I might even throw out an occasional “I know her”.

  12. Wow! you are a superstar!!
    Yeah mess with those rejections. You are great!!

  13. Boo to the rejection! And CONGRATS to the column!!! I’m so excited for you! And so excited for me….that is if there will be a link to read it! 🙂

  14. I just read this week’s column. My boys run a lemonade stand and make a TON of $$$. It’s unreal. They only charge 50 cents a cup, but almost everyone tips them. The least they’ve ever made in a day of peddling lemonade was 8 dollars and one day they raked in 56 bucks!

  15. Congrats on the column Annie and I can’t wait to see Polly in print, it rivals Beverly Cleary! I love that gal, she’ll get there.

  16. Congratulations! Yes, on both. I know the rejection stings like someone used a cheese grater on your butt on poured lemonade over it BUT it takes a mighty bravery of heart to submit in the first place. You have gone further than many ever will. Yes, you’re enduring the suckiness-factor of it but don’t give up and soon, you’ll just get the lemonade instead of the butt-grating.

    The column is FABULOUS NEWS! I know that I enjoy the heck out of your writings so it only stands to reason that everyone else should also! (I mean, I’m great. Doesn’t everyone feel like I do?) Seriously, very happiest of congratulations to you!!

  17. I really am sorry about your book, rejection is so harsh! I believe in you!! And congrats on your column!!! YAAAAAYYY!!

  18. I see I’m late to this party, but I suppose I should still cover all my bases:

    Yay Annie, you’re the most amazin columnist I’ve ever known, congratulations.

    Somehow it just isn’t the same after everyone else said it first.

    But still, yay you.

  19. sorry and CONGRATS!!!

    but i have a gut feeling you will find a new agent-publisher-and kick but with polly!

  20. Sorry about your book gettin rejected. I’d totally read it.
    And congrats on the column. You like totally famous! I’m not worthy!

  21. Sorry you were sad. I just plain would take it so hard and quit. You were a super strong woman to get back up on the horse and keep ridin’.

    HaHaHa The one that rejected you is going to eat your words or is it hers. Probably the secretary’s words.

    Congratulations on the “big one” you will be a famous writer and I can wear my Edward shirt and say, “See this shirt?” “I got it from Annie!” And everyone will know that it’s not my niece, it’s you!

    I’m so happy for you to be an absolutely famous columnist! YAY!!!!!!
    And I’ll be first in line to buy your book at Walmart.

    dang, I should have had you autograph my shirt. lymi