Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood

I have a new DVR addiction.

We all know I’m fanatical about watching So You Think You Can Dance, as we all should be, but my sis-in-laws have gotten me started on Oxygen’s Tori and Dean, Home Sweet Hollywood.

Oh my gosh. I love this show. The funny thing is, I’ve always thought that Tori Spelling was possibly the worst actress network television has ever employed, ever. Seriously, have you seen the girl try to deliver a line? It’s actually painful to watch.

But in real life? I love her. Yes, she’s freaky skinny (do not ask me how), and sometimes she and Dean get a little to “I wuv you” even for me, but all in all, I actually like this family.

Maybe what I really like is watching them idealize their family time (two small children, ages 18 months and five months). It’sĀ  kind of hysterical. Like when Dean and the nanny (Heaven forbid the kids outnumber you) planned a family outing to the aquarium, he was so excited to show the kids all the fish. Because come on, we all know 18 month old kids are at a prime age to make lasting memories. Of course, the entire thing was a bust because babies couldn’t care less whether or not the balooga whale likes tuna, but hey, they made a memory. Woo hoo!

We’ve all done this. I still do this. I regularly think up these theoretically fantastic excursions that routinely bomb. (Like the time I took the kids to the farmer’s market and let them get their faces painted–no one told me they would actually turn into wild animals.)

So it’s Transportation Week at our house right now. We were going to ride the Front Runner into Salt Lake today and have lunch, then ride it home. Then I watched Tori and Dean and remembered what it’s like to take three small children anywhere, especially when one of them is three (or six or eighteen months).

And so, we instead transported ourselves to the local McDonald’s Drive-Thru where I instructed them on the fine art of getting food “to go”. Because that’s an important form of transportation, right? Food to go? They were so happy, I was so happy. We made it home in one piece.

Sometimes I think we should be a reailty tv show. We’d call it, “How to raise kids without feeding them vegetables”. CPS would love us.


  1. Kristin says:

    Ah yes, I remember those days when I knew every drive thru in a 20 mile radius. Ah seattle – drive through pharmacies, fast food, car wash, doughnuts. Did you know they even have drive through drive cleaning there? I’d really like drive through potty training, that was the worst mothering task.

  2. So, I watched the previous two seasons, and for some reason, haven’t been recording this one. I’ll have to catch a marathon. And she IS likeable! Who knew?!?!

  3. Unnnnh! You are making me want to watch!! But I refrain out of protest for how they ended the previous marriages. šŸ™

    Kind of like how we stopped eating at Carl’s Jr. because their commercials were basically soft p*rn (think Paris Hilton), and we still aren’t eating there how many years later???

    Lame, I know. I hate having principles sometimes, it’s really inconvenient!

  4. I like it too. And I don’t like reality television. But they just seem so normal. . . for the most part

  5. Michelle says:

    Sometimes I will pay more at a place if they have a Drive through. Because buckling kids in and out of their seatbelts/carseats, and chasing them through the parking lot while trying not to drop whatever you just bought is a real pain.
    Our dry cleaner is a drive through. Because of that, I will return, even though they didn’t starch the shirts last time. And Walgreens? Why would you stand in line with sick people coughing all over you when you can DRIVE thru?
    Yes, drive through’s must have been invented by a mother.

  6. I have been watching this show too! Kinda embarrased to admit it. I’m even embarrased if my husband sees it recorded on the DVR and he’s like “what the heck?!” It’s my dirty little secret. Shhh…don’t tell anyone.

    That whole aquarium scene made me laugh too. What the freak was he thinking?

  7. Yeah, I could be a regular on your no vegetable show because I’m a champ at that. Which is, you know. Sad.

  8. I would watch your show, Annie. =]

  9. What are these things you call vegetables?

    And who wouldn’t love how cute Tori is with her kids! It’s just the dogs crapping all over the house that drives me nuts. Not that I dvr it or anything! šŸ™‚

  10. Kim Haynes says:

    This is my 3rd year watching it and I’m not sure why I enjoy it so much. I guess I thought she would be a snob, but she seems so real with real problems.Her house always seems to be a mess and shes always on the go, and its just so funny.

  11. Annie I am so bummed that we don’t live in the same city so I could come and watch all the same shows you watch with you. How can we possibly be so connected and twin like in our TV viewership. I just got a DVR and wouldn’t you know the next week I stumbled onto T&D. And yes it is hilarious to watch people with small children do things that no one with any experience would even consider. Those of us sage veterans have lived through such things and know better. I guess you fall into that category now. Kudos to you and the McDonalds trip. Some things are not worth sacrificing valuable life source for. Just saying.

    And just to make you feel better Katch up is a vegetabe, don’t ya know? Also I would always count cheetos as an orange vegetable just to make myself feel better when my kids were small.

  12. I love tori and dean. Yeah their I wuv you’s get a little much. When she had a break down on set when he was at the airport and he’d be gone for 5 weeks. I was like omgosh I can’t take it. but then the next second she was fine.

  13. Ok, so I do recognize the power of drive-thru…but you really ought to get those kids on the front runner. My 4-year old has the energy of the energizer bunny on steroids, and we managed. In fact everytime she sees it she asks to go on the train. Just think at least when they are all crazed and begging for food or something, you just take care of it rather than having one eye on the road, your knee doing the steering while you reach impossibly farther back than is truly good for your shoulders, just to quiet a child!!

  14. I, too, was entertained (not quite addicted) by that show until Dave Ramsey got a hold of my TV bill. Thanks for filling me in.