Liar liar, would someone PLEASE set Wes on Fire?

Tell me there are other people in cyberspace who just got around to watching this week’s Bachelorette episode, because I think I need a support group.

When Wes duped then dumped Jillian, I kind of wanted to cheer (even though she didn’t seem to get the fact that he was ditching her hard core for his “girlfriend…uh, ex-girlfriend”). Wes is good TV. He’s a perfect example of why you should never mix alcohol and lies. When drunk people try to lie, they end up telling you all about how smart they were for fooling you. Unfortunately for him, the cameras caught everything.

And no offense to famous bad people, but the country western community isn’t usually very susceptible to slimeballs who go on national record as first-class butt heads. His band? Lame. His voice? Pitchy, twangy, and overdone to the point that I can believe that all his fans reside in another country and probably don’t get very good reception (which is why they’re his fans).

To heck with the finale, I can’t wait to watch the Tell All in two weeks. Now that’s a show I don’t want to miss. Do you think Wes’s manager will instruct him to attend? Or maybe his manager has already given him the cowboy boot and sent him and his so-called album pitch-hiking.

I kind of hope he never gets more famous than he is at this moment.


  1. My husband has banned any watching of “The Bachelor or Bachelorette” from our house so I am so out of the loop. But….I haven’t heard any called a butt head in a very long time. That made my day 🙂

  2. Hey when you have a hit in Chihuahua Mexico you’ve made it big time! I love to hate this man, I’m just kind of dissapointed he’s not coming back, because I’m afraid the show is going to take a really dull turn. I hope he does a Jake and turns up here and there during the rest of the filming! I would love to see him and Kiptyn duke it out, shirts off and all.

  3. I didn’t like Wes. BUT, I have read several insider blogs, and interviews with him where he said that almost all of his interviews and statements were completely taken out of context and spliced in with other things he said. I read the full statements he gave, and how they were misquoted, and he was made to look like a complete jerk. After reading some of the things I have, I actually felt bad for how he was portrayed.

    The Bachelor/Bachelorette is just as real as The Hills these days.

  4. annie valentine says:

    I agreed that he wasn’t a total slimeball–until he confessed to being a loser and having a girlfriend and made that comment about getting tons of sex as soon as he got home. I can’t really think of any context where comments like that would work.

  5. OHMYGOSH… I Know I know I know… I hate him! And I only have watched ONE episode of the Bachelor!

  6. I don’t watch much TV but I’m glad he got caught in his own lie. Keep us abreast of what happens huh?

  7. Kim Haynes says:

    I have watched bachelor and bachelorette and never has there been such a slim ball. I have been mad for weeks waiting for someone to out him. I’m so glad he is gone and can’t wait for the tell all. I also would not buy a cd of his even if it was wonderful. I can’t carry a tune so anyone can sing better than me. I would like to smack him up along side the head.

  8. Do you ever read The Bachelorette recaps on by Kristen Baldwin? They are the highlight of my week. I keep meaning to send you the link.

    And I’m so glad he’s out of there. I’m sure he got painted like a much bigger jerk than he is (editing, etc.) but he still gave them way too much to work with.