One more reason to support retro-feminism

My girlfriend Tricia is kind of a stay-at-home feminist. I am not. Check out this week’s column for the whole story.


  1. being home alone now I can totally see your friends point of view. Sometimes you can wait around all day for a man to decide when it is convenient for them to help you. I’ve just learned to do it myself. Annie you have been really blessed with a great man!

  2. I like you. I really do.

    I’m somewhere in the middle, there’s certain things I just enjoy doing, like putting furniture together. But I only do it because I like to, otherwise my husband can do all the manly things and I’ll stick to painting my toe nails. 🙂

  3. I like to be well informed so that I can let my hubby know how to do it correctly.

  4. Great column. You are adorable, in a feminine, girly way.

  5. Well, my husband won’t go near a bucket of paint; maybe he would for the exterior of the house. But, he was all about the mini-backhoe to dig up the front yard and attack the sewer lines back in March. I’ll paint any day- but sewer stuff- no thanks!

  6. I seriously laughed my head off at that ending line! PERFECT! I’m totally a retro-feminist. I like my man being the man and me being his woman. I mean, I’m all about equality (we’re PARTNERS) but I’m fine letting him kill the spiders and deal with dead birdies while I attempt to not start fires in the kitchen and help the kids survive to adulthood. =]

  7. Love the column. I like it both ways. Somethings I’ll jump in and do myself and for now it’s all me. If and when I remarry I’m sure to let my husband be the man and join in from time to time.