Think skinny thoughts…

I have had such a solid grip on my weight since the June Bug broke through the surface that I’ve almost forgotten what it feels like to want to throw the scale through a window.

I’m on vacation. I’m at my mother’s house. These two things do not make for good weight control (unless you’re looking to store up for the long, cold winter). And even though I know, I know, that her scale is four pounds heavier than mine (because no one can gain four solid pounds during a 14 hour car trip), I still feel violent and resentful every time I cross it’s threshold and offer up my self-esteem to the digital gods.

And so, I’m back to my good old, miserable old plan. The one that involves lots of Lean Cuisines and no eating after 6 pm. It also means spitting accidental bites of PB&J on homemade white bread into the trash and eating so many sugar-free Russell Stouver’s mint patties that I spend a significant amount of time in the bathroom. Cause I’m healthy like that.

But there is a new twist to this plan that I intend to implement tomorrow morning. I am going to start running. There, I said it. I hate running, it’s stupid and boring and not at all social. Running is for smart people who care about their hearts more than their knees (my knees are WAY more important to me). I should probably admit here that I’ve been trying to get started all week. It’s those stupid shoes. Who ties shoes anymore? Heels don’t have strings.

I do have to say that after three days on the system I’m already down a pound, and by the end of next week I’ll be back to my untoned self. When I get back next month, I am picking up my yoga classes with some seriously zen enthusiasm.

Hold on, do I smell brownies? Mmmm, chocolate.


  1. Yeah, Annie! Go, fight, jog! I started this summer – and haven’t lost any of those pounds I should, but I’m almost, almost starting to like it.

    Maybe that was a lie. But I’m definitely starting to not hate it. I did 4 miles this morning (the first one was up hill!) and even though the pounds aren’t falling off, the self-esteem is improving. For me, that will have to do.

    Good luck, sista.

  2. good for you! I absolutely loathe running as well. But I started doing it a few weeks ago. I keep loosing a few pounds, then gaining it back on the weekend. ugh. i run with some fun ladies in my ward so it makes it more social. i can’t run by myself.

  3. This is why I haven’t stepped on a scale in probably 4 years. Boooo for scales!!

  4. I’m taking up running after this baby. I’m completely serious. I’m tired of being heavy and out of shape. I used to run, way back when, and it was hard, and I hated it, but it was shockingly effective.

  5. I started running this summer, I haven’t run in seriously 10 years. I thought I was going to ralph all over the street.
    BUT, its gotten better, I feel good afterwards, its actually (can’t believe I’m saying this) WORTH IT. 🙂

  6. Exercise! Never! Just the thought of it makes me feel ill. There must be other ways to keep slim, musn’t there? This must not include starvation of any kind. When you find out please let me know.

  7. Now before you get carried away here, it needs to be said (and everyone needs to see it) that you’re a HOTTIE, Annie. Like smokin’ hot GORGEOUS. I know. I’ve seen you. And you also do your hair beautifully too!

  8. Good for you!! Show those pounds who’s boss!

  9. I’ve kind of been toying with the idea of taking up running because I figure so many people can’t be wrong.

    Then again, maybe they could.

  10. The problem at MY mother’s house is that HER scale is 4 pounds less than mine, so I think life is wonderful. Until I get home and find I’ve actually gained 8 pounds according to my stupid scale.

    I can’t do running. Maybe I should try.

  11. I wish I could figure out why so many people love running. All I find is joint pain (and gasping for breath and other pain). Really, that’s a rush? Explain.

  12. So Jason’s family broke you in eh? Well, maybe next year you can run the 5K too! It would be fun to have someone else come in over 30 minutes. I think Harry broke Heather and my time. lol. He must be a great runner, and I must be old.

  13. STOP IT!!! I just ate a piece of ice cream cake! I need to lose 4 pounds that I have gained in the past month! GRRRRR!!!!

  14. I look forward to reading about your adventures in running. I am a runner (although I don’t look terribly lean) and I love it. It clears my mind, makes me sweaty, makes me happy (love the endorphins) and I know it’s good for me. Just think, someday you’ll be blogging about some marathon you just ran….

  15. Ha Ha! You just don’t want to be out done by your kids!!!
    Admit it- that’s the real reason- right?
    O.K. we both know it’s all vanity. Nothing else would make us torture ourselves like that. And, yes, call me crazy. I started running a few months ago. I have finally shrunk out of most of my wardrobe. Then I announced to everyone who would listen that I was training for a marathon next year. That way, they would all hold me to it.
    Good luck! Maybe we can run and be miserable (and skinny) together!

  16. Annie’s running?! Yet another sign that the world is actually coming to an end.

  17. I have no idea how I found your blog, but im glad I did. Your are hillarious! (and we share the same last name!)

    I started running about 2 months ago, and I HATED running. Now, I dont mind it so much! I have found that I am a better mom the days that I run. I have no idea how that happens, but it does!