Stinky Yoga Lover

I’m feeling a shade of blue, one of the lackluster shades. Technically, I like to consider my usual mood a nice cheery turquoise, but today I am flat, like the pancake.

I’ve done some quick self-evaluation, and it doesn’t seem to be the book I just finished (a new vampire/werewolf series that I’m quite enjoying–Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson novels. The covers are trashy, but the books are quite clean and mindlessly entertaining).

It doesn’t seem to be the laundry because I just spent the afternoon catching up on it and I’m still shuffling my feet around the house like some kind of toilet scrubbing zombie.

In fact, I don’t think my house (or the piles of work that go with it) is influencing my mood one way or the other. The dishes make me apathetic, and I don’t even have the umph to get out my fall flora and fauna and give the place a makeover.

I think there’s only one thing left for me to do: Yoga. I need yoga. I need it now and I need it badly. If I don’t escape into Downward Dog soon, I’m probably going to crawl under the porch and die.

It’s a good thing I was too lazy to shower today because it would have been a wasted effort (come to think of it, a little deodorant would have gone a long way today). A few more hours and I can relax into the sweet peace of a borrowed mat in the company of all those other stinky yoga lovers.

I am now going to break into my Smore’s stash and eat the last candy bar. Wow, just the thought of that makes me feel loads better.


  1. There is nothing like something sweet to make everything better!

  2. I’ve always wanted to be a yoga person, but the few times I’ve attempted it I’m pretty sure my kidney exploded. Not cool.

  3. I hope you feel better after eating your chocolate. That is a good idea. I am typing this at 5:04 pm (Swiss Time) and am still in my jammies and apron and I think deodorant should have been my friend today too. I am going to have to check those books out, thanks!

  4. I just finished the Mercy Thompson series not too long ago. They are wonderful, wonderful books. I’m pretty sure the third one was my favorite. :o)

  5. Not that you have to listen to me since i’m just some random chick, but has a new class every week that you can stream and not have to leave your house or find a sitter or even get out of your jammas or comb your hair for. Plus the one class a week is free. (you can pick and choose from their stock for pay, but i’m cheap so i go free)

    Unless you need the getting out with other grown-ups, then by all means get out. But whatever.

  6. Yes, forget the yoga and go straight for the chocolate!

  7. Really, what wouldn’t a smore cure?

  8. I haven’t tried Yoga. The comment about the exploding kidney makes me think I’ll stick with walking. 🙂

  9. I went to a yoga class once. It wasn’t so bad until we got to the part where you have to balance a lot. Balancing – not my forte. The instructor tried not to laugh at me, but she wasn’t very good at hiding it. So I switched to a kick boxing class, because no one laughs when you’re throwing punches.

  10. Kim Haynes says:

    I think I would break something if I did yoga.I think I agree with the chocolate thing, and by the by, thank goodness someone is still blogging. Most of the ones I read are all old, and I’m not liking it . I’m bored, so thank you Annie.

  11. When in doubt I turn to chocolate. No matter the problem or the question…chocolate is ALWAYS the answer. Maybe that is why I have to exercise so much. I might have to think about reassessing my aversion to yoga. Not that I have ever done it, but I have disliked it just on principles.

  12. I was going to exercise today, but I read in Time Magazine that exercise doesn’t help people lose weight, so there went my ambition. I know that yoga is all about relaxation, but I prefer my relaxing in a jetted tub, with chocolate with a side of graham crackers.