Big Old Cheapskate

So here’s the thing. Jason loves to shop for clothes withΒ  me. This would be fun, except for the fact that he hates to spend money. That means that he wants top brand names at dirt cheap prices all the time.

This wouldn’t be a problem if he had time to shop on a regular basis, but he doesn’t. In fact, with three small kids and a Dave Ramsey budget, we hardly ever shop.

But Jason needs jeans and he needs them badly. He is not aware of this fact, since he’s taken an oath of new apparel celibacy for the next two years (again, thank you Dave Ramsey). But I can’t send him out in stupid clothes.

So I was on the internet looking for bargains for the June Bug (who has already outgrown all the winter clothes I bought her on clearance last year) when I spied an $88 pair of Gap jeans for $29, and they still had Jason’s size left. That sounds like a good deal, right?


I would like to publicly thank the Banana Republic for ruining my husband’s wardrobe. Last year he found a pair of jeans there for $17.99. Do you have any idea what that does to the life of future jean purchases? Those stupid jeans have set me back years, years I tell you. Banana set the bar so low that he’s now determined to only buy jeans if he can get the same quality for $17.99 or less.

I’m really tempted to tear the tags off these new jeans (which I ordered) and tell him I won them in an online shopping contest for women with cheap husbands.


  1. There is being “frugal” and being cheap. Being a “cheapskate” is truly being penny wise and pound foolish.
    You get exactly what you pay for.
    Those jeans selling for cents on the dollar on line, are SECONDS, defective, do you really want “your man” walking around in defective clothing? When those jeans fail, and they will, he can proudly boast,”My wife bought them online at (fill in retailer) so I HAVE to wear them.”
    Jeans are jeans,there are a few brands that actually stand up to extreme wear. Of course, YOUR ego might take a beating because they don’t have the Poofter label on them, but, you get exactly what you pay for.
    Remember the Obamafuerher’s “jean debacle” recently? the so-called “Mommy jeans” he got caught wearing? Yes,he looked like a complete dork and a poofter as well. I seriously doubt the “Leader of the Free World” wll get caught wearing Mommy jeans in public again.
    so it all boils down to this: Do you want your husband looking like a poofter in well known label jeans? (that fall apart) Or, do you want him looking ruggedly “handsome” in his manly tough hardy jeans?

    Gee, what a choice, Poofter or manly man?. Even Dave Ramsey says get the BEST quality you can afford, and that won’t be the soft, flimsy, GQ “jeans” or the “seconds” either.
    He can look like he dresses himself, or you dress him, what’s better for HIM? Seriously, that Black velvet “blazer” and poofter pink tie you make him wear, makes him look like the poster boy for the “new” Village People.
    Black and pink DO NOT go well with real men Annabelle. Little girls, yes. Their daddies? Only if they have two.

  2. Wow-I’d LOVE to find jeans for $17.99. And also-I wouldn’t cry if Shay were kicked off Biggest Loser tonight. Or Sean.

  3. Ummm, I shop at Banana a lot, and I have never found $17.99 jeans there. I have found a shirt that makes me look like a floozey, for $19.99. Well worth the money.

  4. My husband is the opposite. He doesn’t like sales and thinks if something is discounted then there must be something wrong with it. Therefore he usually only buys expensive but nice looking clothes. However he is cheap with the rest of us. The words “darling I just bought a new coat” can send him into orbit. He is naturally a calm man at heart, for some reason coats and new boots send him insane. Just so you know I rarely ever by any thing that is not on some sort of discount so he should be pleased with my shopping habits.

  5. I am embarrassed to admint I buy jeans for my man at walmart. He loves the fit (kinda like old 501’s without years of washing & wearing) and we love the price…..$8!

  6. Men. Shopping. Fashion. Money.

    They never go well, something in the combination really messes it up.

  7. Dave Ramsey, this. Dave Ramsey, that. You know what you can do with your Dave Ramsey budget?!! Wait, I’m a church-going woman and plus, I think Big Brother is reading this blog…..

    The rest of us without debt, AND and savings/investments, operate just fine without this buzzkill. AND we even get to eat out AND buy jeans. Check it out. It’s great fun!

    Annie, buy the freaking jeans and don’t look back. Eat Ramen, sell shirts, sell your organs on the black market if you have to — but you’ve got a HOT husband, don’t let him dress like he’s cheap. Moneywise, good. Cheap, bad.

  8. Well, if he’s the one that won’t buy them if the price isn’t right, you’re not the one sending him out in stupid clothes–he is. Just remember that. πŸ™‚

  9. Thanks for the belly laugh! If you want, send the jeans to me and I’ll send them to you, to support your “I won them” theory. It will be all SUBTERFUGE LIKE.

  10. You should take him to the new SUPER Deseret Industries in Harrisville!! It’s HUGE AND my friend found a 5.99 sweater made by POLO that she says looks brand new AND she found a skirt by BANANA REPUBLIC for 6 dollars (which she didn’t buy because it wasn’t the right size.) SOOOO Jason wants to find himself Banana Republic jeans for cheap-o…take him to the D.I.!!!!! It’s a TREASURE HUNT of good ol’ cheap-o-ness.

  11. I don’t let my husband shop. It’s much too dangerous. He’s more likely to come home without clothes but with a new arsenal of books or video games. πŸ˜‰

  12. send him out in stupid clothes… ha ha ha. That was hilarious. I have to admit I’m more like him. I haven’t bought ground beef in years because I used to be able to get it in Utah for .99/pound and I hate paying more than that now. (That’s sort of exaggerated, but we go without it a lot for that reason.)

  13. AFLIPPINMEN. Just because we find something awesome every once in a while does not mean it has to happen all the time. Guuuurump. Stupid Dave Ramsey.

  14. annie valentine says:

    Just for the record, YOU KNOW WHO, I have NEVER been able to make Jason wear anything that he didn’t want to wear, and I did not pick out that pink tie, he did. And it looks fabulous on him. The man’s got style, and there’s not a woman in the world who would think a buff man like my husband who chooses to wear a pink tie isn’t cool.

  15. Hilarious! I would love it if my husband would shop…maybe not, because if he does, he ends up looking pretty scary some of the time. Too bad he’s so picky about things, because I would love to put him in certain items. At least he’s given me veto power though!

  16. Ah, he’s been bumped into a higher savings bracket. It’s going to be tough to knock him back down. When I talk about my purchases with my husband, I don’t bring up the price, only the savings.

  17. Love it. I am so glad that my husband will wear anything that I stock the closet with. I feel you challenge. Try looking on ebay for teh same jeans that he already has and see what kind of deal you can come up with. My feeling in the BR jeans are a once and a life time deal. Not to damper the efforts, but BR is good quality and generally carries the price tag to match! Let us know how you do, I love hearing about a good deal.

  18. Buy him a $17 pair from walmart and see how he likes them. Then you can tell him “you get what you pay for”!

  19. My husband is a cheapskate as well. I’ve heard that you can sometimes get jeans at Aeropostal two for the price of one which comes out to be about $15 to $17 a pair. Try there.

  20. Wow, youknowwho, you seem to have a lot of kind of grumpy opinions….. I loooove some well placed pink on a man.
    PS-Annie, I think you should do another Biggest Loser post, I’d quite enjoy reading what you’re thinking about it so far.

  21. Just one question: What the crap is a poofter?

    My husband likes to go shopping with me, and I don’t want him to because he never likes what I like! He wants me to show him what I try on, so I’ll try on a dress and think “My goodness! I am stunning!” And I’ll go out to show him and he’ll just say “huh. That color kinda makes your feet look weird.” How can I buy anything under those conditions?

  22. And where can I see the pink tie picture?

  23. Great Blog!……There’s always something here to make me laugh…Keep doing what ya do πŸ™‚