My new friend

So the other day, in an attempt to avoid washing or looking at my windows, I sat down to the lap top and pulled up facebook. I stared at it for a moment, unsure of my intentions (other than professional procrastination), then decided to Find a Friend.

It only took me about 45 seconds to come up with someone I haven’t looked for yet, so I typed in her name. 64 hits. I start skimming through them and finally see a tight mug shot that looks like her. I click on it. Yep, same bones, same coloring, same teeth. Perhaps the years haven’t been so nice to her skin, but all in all, it’s definitely her.

So I friend her (don’t you love how facebook has made that a verb?). She accepts. And tonight, I finally got around to glancing at her webpage.

When finding an old acquaintance on facebook, there’s a standard procedure that must be followed. Step one, head straight for the info tab to see what juicy details they’ve got posted. She has next to nothing up, which is surprising since she’s kind of an open gal.

Step two, photos. Gotta love the photos.

And there she is. All of her. In her bikini. On the beach.

That first bikini photo kind of caught me off guard, since she’s most certainly a modest girl. And wow, she’s really let herself go. Man, that is one tiny bikini, how did she get into that…

Wait a second. My friend doesn’t carry her weight there, no way would she ever be shaped like that, I don’t care how many midnight Taco Bell runs she might make. Suddenly I’m flipping through her increasingly alarming photos for a close up, just to be sure…

Yeah. So not my friend. Not even ten hard years of child bearing could do that to my girlfriend’s face or figure. This chicka is an easy 20 years ahead of us.

SO WHY DID SHE ACCEPT ME AS A FRIEND??? And can I defriend her?


  1. Ah-I hate when I get friend requests of people I don’t know. Sometimes it kind of helps if you can see if you have mutual problems but even then it’s weird.

    I think you can defriend her if you want.

  2. I’ve accepted people as friends because I thought they were someone else too! I would just defriend her. You don’t know her. Who cares!

  3. Haha…yes you can! My oh-SO-lovely EX-sister-in-law “defriend”ed me. Boy was that a pleasant day…..NOT! Do it….. click on that little X and remove that connection.

    P.S. May I be your friend? haha 😀

  4. Best part is that when (not if) you defriend her, she won’t know it–the other person isn’t notified.

    (Not that I’ve defriended anyone . . .) 😀

  5. De friend de friend. I once had 600 plus friends. It took me two days to go through and widdle that list down to 96 people that I actually cared about enough to have on my facebook. Do it!!:)

  6. I have been defriended (I actually knew the person well, he just didn’t agree with me on religion) and I have defriended someone too (no comment) hahahaha!!!!. She’ll never know the difference! You’re over thinking this one!

  7. Ya, this facebook thing opens up a whole new world of proper etiquette. I have not responded to many friend requests because I don’t recognize them, but feel bad clicking “ignore” …. and what if I don’t want to be friends with my husbands teenage cousins? That just seems creepy… but I don’t want to be rude… my life was simpler when I could ignore people because I wasn’t on FB.

    Oh, that wasn’t me you were talking about was it? Those bikini pictures were an accident.

  8. I knew I shouldn’t have put those bikini pics on Fb. And I need to start noticing whose friendship I accept instead of just saying yes to everyone, (just like in my dating life.)

  9. Oh Annie, I LOVE YOUR SUBJECTS! I just had the craziest experience ever on Facebook. I’m going to blog-out the whole leech story in detail this weekend. My Bree (see comment above) will vouch for me. And…. my X- daughter-in-law deleted me too. I’m really nice…even though I want to kick her butt up around her huge, fake, never mind. Bree NEVER should have been deleted. My “baby Bree” is the most tender-hearted person, ever!

    BTW Going to Disneyland Friday for the big family stay at the California Hotel and 1/2 K Run. I’ll be thinking of you–every time I shut the elevator doors. hahaha!

  10. I’m a neurotic facebooker. I don’t accept “friends” on my “personal” facebook without contracts signed in blood. And an offering of a bushel of tomatoes.

  11. Since you invited her to be your friend she has been thinking, who the#*! is A.V.? and asking other friends. She is slightly afraid that you are the girl she made fun of in middle school because secretly she was jealous of you and now you are even more beautiful. She at this point has to be your friend so she can view your wall and albums and see what malicious gossip/scary bikini photos you are posting of her on Facebook. Either that or she really needs friends and was so elated that someone actually invited her! She has been doing the happy dance. When you de-friend her she will mope about for weeks, realizing she lost a friend and wonder why someone stopped following her blog (Oh wait, I’m getting my stories confused).

  12. Defriend! Defriend! Seriously – who cares? If you’re feeling particularly nice, write a quick “sorry – thought you were someone else” first. MAYBE.