Here’s something I didn’t want anyone to know…

You know how something horrible happens and you swear you’re not going to blog about it because it’s just too ugly? See, whenever I do that it’s like the little devil writer in me says, “Oh yeah? Well fine! We’ll write a column about it then LOTS of people can read it.” I hate that writer, she’s so stupid.

So this week’s column is my new dirty little secret. It’s not going to sound that bad to you, and you might even wonder why I’m so hesitant to publish it (obviously not that hesitant), so I’ll tell you. I hate the way it sounds out loud. It sounds like possibly the ugliest thing in the world, and I really try to avoid ugly when I can. In fact, I’ve refused to let Jason even call it by name. We’re now referring to it as my “condition”.

So that’s it. Go ahead, read all about it if you must.


  1. I’m sorry Annie! I hope you’re back to your heel-wearing ways soon. I’m the exact opposite of you; I wear heels only on Sunday and only for 3 hours. I am a tennis shoes kind of girl.

  2. Eeeek! How do you fix gout?

  3. THAT’S SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Gout is my husband’s word, maybe because of the King of the Hill episode where Bobby gets gout – it’s incredible if you haven’t seen it. But the word makes my husband giggle, and he is NOT a giggle person. When my dad got it last year, it was like Christmas for Jared because then he got to say gout every DAY. So I’m sure it sucks, but now all I can do is giggle 🙂 Heh, she said “gout.”

  4. Hey, it’s not so bad. Wikipedia says gout used to be called “The Disease of Kings” or “Rich Man’s Disease”. Sounds pretty fancy, if you ask me! ;D

  5. My husband has it too, and he was diagnosed at about the same age as you. Avoid shell fish and it usually doesn’t flare up too much. He takes medication for it and that keeps it under control. This is something you can live with… promise.
    Not that I have ever seen him try, but you can probably continue to wear heels with it too.

  6. I love love love wearing heels, too! One day I was complaining about my sore little feet and my roommate suggested we look on . . . which diagnosed me with gout. Ask me if she’s ever let me forget it. It’s always, “Hey, old man. How’re the joints? Your gout been acting up?” And then I’m all, “I don’t have gout! That’s a stupid website! It doesn’t even know anything!”

    Yes, I’m very mature.

  7. I’m intrigued. Heading over . . .

  8. You’re the only one! One of my writing buddies just recently had the very same thing! Check it out–

  9. Well, I have a goiter. For what it’s worth.

  10. Ummmm…. Isn’t this good news???? Doesn’t this mean you can still wear heels? Doesn’t “that” go away? At least you don’t have broken feet like me. I’ll never be able to wear 4 inches again!

  11. I hate wearing heels. But I sure hope you will be able to wear yours soon. I’m not all that familiar with gout but understand with medication it is something you can live with. That must have really been a shocker though huh? Best of Luck!

  12. I just started wearing heels in my 40’s. I was always a flats person (and I’m only 5’2″). I think I would cry…not from pain, but because I had to get rid of my cute shoes.

  13. GoUt??? And I thought (before reading it) you were…pregnant. At least you’re not pregnant AnD have gout, right? (Or am I wrong? 🙂

  14. Hey Annie- Brie gave me a thank you card for you (from the baby shower). Will you email me your address so I can drop it in the mail?? Thank you!!


  15. Wow! I hope your g…. (see I didn’t say it) gets better quickly so you can enjoy the thrills of being at a “higher” level!!!

  16. GOUT –you have GOUT?? I did not knnow gout affected feet. that has to really be a bummer –you liking the F-me pumps and all. (sorry, that’s how some of my other chick friends referred to them as——-use your imagination, F–as in Find me Pumps…..whatever)
    But gout will go away – won’t it. You’ll be up on those sexy kickers soon won’t ya.
    ME —I can wear pumps for about -a millisecond.
    I have bunions and arthritis in one foot. Flip flops would do me well all year round.
    BUT I wish wish wish I could wear sexy shoes.

  17. The real question is, do you get to wear your shoes again?

  18. My husband thinks I’m nuts when I wear my high-heeled boots all day and flat out refuse to remove them. He just doesn’t understand that every female superhero – of which I am most definitely one – wear high heeled boots! Silly boys.