My wonderful new craft room

Before I started my craft room, all I had was a big dumpy mess downstairs of mismatched, unattractive furniture. We had a huge oversized desk, filing cabinets, a broken armoire–the space was crammed with big pointless furniture. I forgot to take a BEFORE picture of the room, but here’s what my dining room has looked like for the past two months.

Do you have any idea how annoying dinner time is? We have to clean it off every single night, I’ve been going insane. So here’s the after:

I got the computer desk on KSL for $30 bucks and love it. I wanted something small that we couldn’t pile crap on. And notice what isn’t in this picture?

That’s right, I’ve moved The Ugly Piece to an empty wall in the toy room. In order to make it look important, I hung up all the BYU stuff I could find. He was totally thrilled, and I got my wall back.

The window treatments were easy to make, here’s a close up.

As for the sewing station, I found this desk at the D.I. for $20 bucks, sawed it in half, painted it green and had Jason secure it to the wall. I’m crazy for it.

Here’s another look at the cheap Ikea shelves (which I put up all by my little old self). I also made-over a cheap bulletin board from Walmart with some paint and fabric, and voila! Totally cute. I got the idea from a design blog.

And here’s the before and after of the little dresser shelf thing I filched from my MIL’s garage.

Let the crafting commence.


  1. Darling!! Perfect! Fabulous!

  2. You amaze me!

  3. It looks awesome! I want a craft room!

  4. Man, you are one crafty chick! BTW, I am going to send you a Facebook message.

  5. Impressive creativity. I LOVE the sewing table!

  6. I’m so stinkin jealous. Your creativity is awesome and your design so fun. Plus I just wish I had room to do this.

  7. WOW! You worked your butt off. How great it’s paid off for you!

  8. Just looking at this is making me tired. Can you come and organize my room?

  9. Okay Annie, I swear the BYU “Wall Art” was actually hanging on the wall in the Tintle home when I babysat there! (You know, a few years back–before my five children and 23 loads of laundry each week.) I kid you NOT! It’s almost scary. I almost laughed when I saw it. Truly a flashback.
    I do have to say you did an excellent job of making it look like it belonged.

  10. I love it! This would have been a good “PEEK”….well I guess it was a peek ha ha ha! Never mind….I’m a dork. Happy crafting.

  11. Great digs! I especially love the bulletin board–that’s a great idea to hang up the sewing instructions. I’ve been sewing a lot lately, and the instructions always get lost under layers of fabric. I’m off to find a place to hang a bulletin board in my craft room…

  12. good job Annie —every girl need her own place. I like the “finds” that you got and fixed up. My DIL shops KSL all the time and finds great things.

    now get busy and get your christmas projects done/started/

    what the BYU stuff transferred to the TOY room, such sacralige

  13. You did such a great job! I hope you are loving it! Can’t wait to see what you create!!!

  14. Oh, I love the sewing table. Such a great idea. Someday I will have a sewing table of my very own, because sewing at the dining room table almost isn’t worth it.

  15. I’m impressed with all of the “homemade” furniture. I too am SO excited, my craft room (and the rest of the basement) is getting carpet put in it as I type this. But you did make me just a touch…well…I’m not sure. I just hope I actually CRAFT even a little compared to what you are making.
    I am just so excited for all of my STUFF to have a home, I haven’t even thought of anything I am going to make!!!

  16. Jodi Clayton says:

    Love it!!! Link us to your favorite design blogs, so we can get more ideas!!! I have already become a fan of Little Green Notebook thanks to you!!!

  17. my computer desk is of a metal and wood construction, this seems to be very sturdy and it can hold 20 inch montier :-,