There is a reason men should never pick out wall art.

So I’m redoing my craft room (thanks to a little inspiration from Tanya’s post over at The Keepings and a lot of inspiration from my favorite interior design blog by this girl here). I would post pictures right now, but we’re not quite there.

Because of a stupid picture.

The thing is, Jason and I agree on just about everything as far as house and home goes. We don’t argue about color palats, furniture choices, lamps, throw pillows (with the exception of this hot pink one I love–he thinks is pukey), or bed spreads. To put it in english, he provides the cash, I do just about whatever I want to the house.

With the exception of one, stupid wall, and one stupid picture. This picture.



He loves BYU athletics. At work, he gets framed photos of LaVelle Edwards and Steve Young put up way before he even thinks about his wife and kids. I’m okay with that, it’s his hobby and out of the office passion, and I’ve come to accept that part of him.

But do I have to accept this very unattractive, expensively framed picture? Here I am, killing myself off to create a craftroom/office haven, and what is the very first thing you look at when you step into the room?

You guessed it. Steve and Company.

And the worst part? There’s no way it’s coming down. It’s THE ONLY piece of decor in the entire house that he feels passionate about, the only thing he’s ever requested, and I already let him hang it once. (That was a big mistake on my part. I thought the office would forever remain a dumping ground for the unwanted furniture in my life. How was I supposed to know I’d wake up and want to decorate it one day?)

The way I see it, I only have three options. First, do the entire room in BYU colors and paraphanalia. Unfortunately (and despite the fact that I love being BYU alum), that idea just made me throw up in my mouth.

Second, I could let him hang this photo in our bedroom (the only other not-yet-decorated room in the house). But that might inspire him to start keeping score, so it’s probably not the best place either.

It looks like I’ve only got one viable option: leave the blasted picture right where it is and pretend like I can’t see it every time I walk into the room. That’s right, BYU football wins again.

Do yourself a favor, never let your man buy wall art.


  1. i just stubled upon your blog and wanted to say hi! LOVE IT! look forward to reading more 😉

  2. Aww. You’re a great wife, Annie.

  3. Riddle Girl says:

    My hubby’s wall art goes up in the garage.
    Now the problem I have realized with that…EVERYONE that drives by sees our garage (and his “artwork”) since our kids always play out front.
    So many may never see the inside of my house and that I don’t have sports and firefighting stuff all over my interior walls.
    Good luck with incorporating his fun artwork in to your space!

  4. You should tape a line down the middle and he can decorate one side, you get the other:)

  5. Or-offer to get rid of the pink pillow if he gets rid of that picture?

  6. You could make a dainty little curtain to cover it that stays closed when he’s not around and gets opened when he’s there. (Very helpful, I know.) Otherwise, I think bargaining is your best bet. Find his price . . .

    Actually, does he have any room left on his walls at work? He gets to have that space all to himself to decorate as he wishes; you ought to have a space all to yourself. (I’m pretending I didn’t hear you say you have the rest of the house already.) Also, you might want to start bracing yourself for when he retires and his art collection comes back home with him.

  7. If my husband had his druthers, we would have deer and elk heads hanging above our bed.

  8. Why do they even care??? They’re never home anyway. We should be able to put up anything we want because we’re the ones that have to stare at it all day while listening to screaming children! (Can you tell I’ve had a bad day?? Kids are off school today…)

  9. What we do for our men! Esp when they love, I mean LOVE BYU.

  10. Also NEVER accept “art” from your father-in-law.

    • annie valentine says:

      Jessie, you still make me laugh.

      • Really, you should see what I’m stuck with. I think I have finally convince my husband to “store” them except when the FIL visits. Which is less than yearly- as he lives in Poland.

  11. Try the bathroom! It totally does not belong in your “creative”space. You can even tell Jason I said so!

  12. Sounds to me like one of your irresponsible toddlers needs to have a naughty accident. “I’m so sorry honey. I had no idea he would take a hammer to it like that.”

  13. The way we handled this problem in our house is we decorated the boys’ bedroom in all BYU colors and stuff. We even have a logo mural painted on the wall. The boys love it, my husband loves it, and every human male that sees that room leaves telling their wife/girlfriend/self, “I have to have a room like that!”

  14. At least your picture isn’t a bear rug/wall hanging.

    YUp…my hubby HAS to have his bear on the wall. It’s like 6feet by 5 feet.

    Can you put the picture in the garage?

  15. I like the idea of hanging it in the bedroom —-it is important to keep score.
    Seriously, my and new hubby have very different ideas on “decor”———-OMG I am hyperventilating even as I think of it.
    Quick, get me a paper bag to breathe through.
    He leans more towards the “white trailor trash red neck” style.
    Me———–NOT SO MUCH

  16. I am a lucky woman! My husband actually has great taste and a knack for decorating and using color and all of that. So I let him help decorate our home. He has great ideas that I love! There is not one thing he has put anywhere in our home that is distasteful in my eye. Again… LUCKY ME!! Good luck with your problem. I do feel for you…. that is terrible wall art!

  17. i have to say i agree with you, never ever let them pick out art. if i did we too could have this picture, dallas cowboys or boston red sox. i say they just earn the money and we decide where, when and what to spend it on. after all isn’t that the balance of a good marriage?

  18. I can’t wait to see what you have done! And I feel for you! There is no way I would be able to live with the picture, I hope that you can find another place to hid it;)

  19. you could always set it on fire. That is what i would do.

  20. As much as I love BYU football….no. That can’t go on my walls. Doesn’t he have some sort of man cave to put it in? Like the basement? Or the garage?

  21. When my husband was at work, I would Craigs List it, and then tell him that it accidentally dropped off the wall & shattered into 542 irrreparable pieces. Just a thought.

  22. PS: My dad would soooo buy this. for probably almost any price. serious.

  23. What? How can you not love that? There is so much symbolism, the gears above, the ladders, the cutouts…truly a masterpiece, inspiring and well, moving. For Christmas for him I think you should great a similar collage of your own family, the silhouette cutouts in action – Harrison decked out in Indiana Jones, Super agent in the front, Rex with the animals, Junie, you of course and if you need more people to cutout, go extended family, his mother for example… Imagine the backgrounds you could use, tell him it is for his office, since you were so inspired by this one for your office. He should hang it in a prominent place because he loves his family so much. Fight fire with fire. Hot fire.

  24. Or you could sell it to Terresa’s dad. Use the money for the lingerie fund, he won’t complain that much…

  25. I would definitely have to agree with you on this one. I’ll take it down if you want me to.