Christmas Card Hypocrite

This is the second week of December, and to date I have received ONE Christmas Card.

Where in the heck are all the holiday greetings?

Okay, I admit that perhaps my own cards haven’t graced the mail with their presence yet, but that’s only because I can’t think of anything to write. Yes, I’m having Christmas card writer’s block.

This is especially sad since I’m a Christmas letter addict. There have been years where my card was printed and ready by the end of October, and here I am, only three weeks left and I can’t think of a blasted thing to say.

(Actually, I’m suddenly getting inspired.)

So the big question is, where are all the other Christmas cards? Because my wall is mostly bare and awfully sad.

BTW, if we’re friends and you want to exchange cards with me, please send me an email pronto because these babies are going out in the next 48 hours.



  1. I’ve only gotten one too. I’ve addressed our envelopes, but I am lazy and haven’t sent them.

  2. We don’t have that many cards either! I always love getting cards from my extended family and seeing them on the bulletin board at home. Where are they?

  3. I wish mine were finished and ready to send, but they are still in the production stage… is your address still the same as last year?

  4. Okay, you’re back on the list after allll that whining.

    I’m lying. I never dropped you.

    If it were up to me, this year would’ve been the 2nd year without cards, but T insisted…. which I find interesting since I do all of the addressing (by hand) and runs to the post office for international postage and dropping by the bins.

    So there. So help me if you don’t send me a card. I know where you live!

  5. “If we’re friends” … classic.

    I’ve only gotten one so far, but I usually don’t get any. No one wanted to send cards to Brazil, for some reason. Of course, I never SENT any, either.

    I actually got about 2/3 out yesterday. And feeling extremely smug about it.

  6. I’ve only gotten one Christmas card, too.
    And I haven’t even thought about doing Christmas cards. If I’d been smart I’d have brought some with me this week to do. On the other hand, I’d be sending out radioactive Christmas cards.

    BTW, thanks for having us over yesterday! We’ll have to do it again, when I can eat!

  7. I haven’t gotten any either. Mine are on delay, as my crappy pictures haven’t arrived yet. Your envelope is already addressed and ready though.

  8. Well, if it makes you feel better atleast you have one, I have ZERO! 🙁 Nadda, none. It could POSSIBLY be because we moved and no one has our address, but I’m not buying that. I just finished mine up yesterday, need to print more though, and I also need to get our pictures printed up before I send them too…

  9. I’ve received four, and two are from family so they don’t count! But I send mine out on Nov. 30 so they would be the first cards people got! They were ready before Thanksgiving. All 68 of them!

  10. I haven’t gotten any but I’m okay with it. I don’t send Christmas cards so I can’t really expect anyone else to, right?

  11. I’m a Christmas card addict too. It’s the chance for all of us who were never champions at drama, sports, or music to have a “trophy” to hang on all our walls, doors, etc. that says, “Congratulations. People like you.”

  12. I haven’t gotten even ONE!!! And I never send them but that doesn’t matter. The one I’d send out this year would suck anyway.

    I always look forward to getting Christmas cards! But I agree with my sister, DeNae, who said it totally freakin’ sucks to get just a picture of your friend and their family. Really? What the *H* is that all about? Tell me what you’ve been doing this year!!!

    Good luck with your writers’ block!

  13. I haven’t received one yet, but then I haven’t sent one yet either. Guess everyone is behind schedule like me?

  14. I have received four already. Can you believe people send them all the way to Switzerland? I love getting them. I love sending them out. I love putting them on my kitchen door. I love looking at friends and family. Even virtual friends. SO I am sending you my address, my dear Annie, I would love one from you too.

  15. I’m currently accepting bribes for Christmas cards – dinner, babysitting, house cleaning, sharing-of-secret-recipes. Simple things.

  16. i’m six days behind, but please include me! as soon as i’m back in the USA, i will send you one of ours! dusty wrote our letter this year, which only means i don’t think it’s as good as mine was last year, but it’s still decent. 😉

    jane rhodes
    1338 south 1100 east
    orem, utah 84097 USA

  17. and – please give me your address!