From the depths of my craft room

Down to three days with three projects to go. Here is a highlight of some of the better Christmas projects I’ve commissioned myself to make from scratch. Next year I’ll cut off a hand before attempting this kind of work load again. (And did you all know that Simplicity patterns are still written in Latin?)

Note the unfinished feet (they will not be camel toes when I'm done). This is a car pillow monkey friend that my kids think is really cool. I wanted to bite off his nose, the face was so hard to figure out. *Do not attempt this if you are under any kind of duress, or taking prescription medication.

He's going to be Rex's. Yes, I had him model the pelt before hiding it away. Rex and Coo Coo Bird think he's awesome.

Did I mention I have two more of these animals to make, and that June found/opened/destroyed the pattern last night? I wonder who’ll be getting coal this year.

Because I've had so much time on my hands I decided to "throw together" a hooter-hider for a girlfriend that just delivered. I only had to rip it out three times before getting it right, and I only hit one child in the process.

Here's Rexy's stick animal. It was supposed to be a mythological T-Rex (because we all know dinosaurs are a hoax), but he looks more like a sea serpent (which are not mythological. I wanted to make a Big Foot stick animal but I thought that might be a little creepy.).

Harrison is nuts about “Harry Potta” (whose name he says with a British accent). I decided every boy needs a good invisibility cloak, so here you go. June is modeling it on his behalf (since he won’t get it until the 25th).

I told her to be invisible. She's freaky smart.

This is her, "Oh no! It's He Who Must Not Be Named!" pose. What an actress.

I’ve also thrown together some pajama pants for the boys, as well as my latest and greatest in the great big world of stick horses. This is Pepper, made with love for my darling niece Jane.

I'll finish her up this afternoon, but if I don't post her now you'll never see her.

And that is my craft room update. If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to grab a diet coke and start cutting.


  1. They are all fab!! I am truly craft challenged so am amazed by anything that others can do. I just love the invisibility cloak, my son does have one which was made by a friend of course. You may be busy, but at least you aren’t panic buying around town full of crazy, desperate people. Your friends and relatives will adore your presents, and you know they will never be exchanged secretly either after christmas.

  2. You are a wonder! I couldn’t begin to attempt anyone of those things let alone all of them together! I love the stick horse—brilliant!

  3. Okay…….WWWHHHHAAATTT?!?! Wow. Annie. Really. Wow. I have so many words usually, but they kind of left. Wow Santa’s workshop. I kind of want to live in your workshop/craft room. I made a paper snowflake….is that impressive?

  4. I just got paint on my computer keys reading your post. Love all the creations! You are doing awesome! My fave is the stick horses. Those are too cute. I am spray painting letters right now and taking a break…thus the paint on my hands to the keyboard (I even washed them!) Oh well.

  5. I love how you just “throw together some pajama pants.”

    I adore you!

  6. “If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to grab a diet coke and start cutting.”

    And thus Annie coined the mantra of disturbed EMO teens everywhere.

  7. dang girl, good work!

    enjoy your diet coke and crafting!

  8. I have been an avid reader for while and couldn’t NOT comment on how artsy fartsy you are! Those stick horses are brillant, adorable and one of a kind! I love that they even come with their own name and personality. Ever think of selling a few? Please email me if you might consider….. akalei2001 at yahoo dot com. Merry Christmas!!!
    Ashley W., Riverton Ut

  9. I love you!!!

    I’ve been getting all sorts of guff from friends this year for being “So Domestic.” From now on when they roll their eyes after hearing about my latest project, I’m just going to point them towards your blog and show them that I’m not the only crazy out there 🙂

  10. OK, you are truly amazing. Can I tell you what a beauty Junie looks like in that color of cloak? You’ll have to make her a prom dress in that same color 🙂 Honestly, I knew you were creative on the stage (or in the kitchen, barn, whatever), but you just amaze me with your sewing machine/craft skills! Grandma would be so proud…by the way, did you get a chance to finish the trees? Love ya…

    • annie valentine says:

      My crafty talents stopped dead at those blasted trees. I tried FOR HOURS. I could not make them look right, then I ran out of time and gave up. I need to see a photo of yours.

  11. Holy Cow! You are really Amazing! Where in the world do you get the talent cuz I definately need to find some. Good Job!

  12. The crafty bug must be going around this year. I even pulled out my sewing machine, dusted it off, and was amazed that it remembered what it was useful for! Couldn’t find what I needed for my hubby’s present, and so off to the material shop I went! How do they stay in business I wonder????

  13. Totally amazing!!

  14. Wow. You’re one talented chick-a-dee. That invisibility cloak rocks! I want one!
    How darling is all of this. You’re amazing, Annie.

  15. Dang girl! You have mad skillz! You really ARE the Renaissance woman — You can do ANYTHING!