Now this is cool.

Okay, I have a wonderful bloggy friend name Bree who surprised me for the June Bug’s birthday with these amazing pixie pictures. She does them on the side, and I think they’re so whimsical and cute and creative, I have to show you all.

Seriously, how fun is that?

And check out this week’s column for my current “why my house is in chaos” excuse. It’s a doozy.


  1. Those pictures are so sweet!

  2. Oh my holy delicious. I forgot how to speak.

  3. Very cool! Maybe she can make a poster size one of me so I can give them to all my friends for Christmas presents. That includes YOU!!

  4. You’re right! Life without a disposal or dishwasher SUCKS ROCKS. I’m so sorry. I hope Prince Charming gets you a brand new one!

    Those pictures are GORGEOUS! How fun is that?

  5. Oooohhhh…….ahhhhhhh…..and the pics look great too!

  6. Small, small, world! Bree is a darling Mom (who was just a girl when I first met her) from California where I served my mission! We taught a friend of her families the discussions for a few weeks. I love that girls and have such fond memories of her and her family. They lived in a cute little spot and had farm animals to boot! Might I add that they were so IMPRESSED by me that they named one of their cow’s “Hansen” after me:). (My maiden name). Yep, that’s right. I was so flattered.

  7. ugg, almighty! cutest pictures of your little doll!

    …and i had a week like this last summer where my air conditioning went out for about 5 weeks, my washer/dryer went bizerk, my garbage disposal jammed…its so irritating! life as a mom nearly stops. i hope prince charming worked his magic!

  8. HAHAHAHA Laurel! You are too funny!!! Love YA!